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Presented below are the five promotional trading cards from Rhino Home Video. The Mark and Jason cards were included in the DVD and VHS releases of Volumes One and Two while the Princess and Keyop cards were released with Volumes Three and Four. The Tiny card was intended for release as a giveaway at convention appearances and for people who wrote to Rhino to specifically request it. In the end, it wasn't distributed very well and very few of them made their way to the public. While not impossible to find, it has become a difficult card to obtain.



The backs of the cards (as seen on mousevoer) read:

Battle of the Planets G-1

Mark is the daring handsome commander of G-Force! Like the rest of the team, he has received cerebonic implants that give him greatly enhanced physical abilities. Mark is a very emotional person, who can be his own worst enemy. He takes the responsibility of leadership very seriously.

In his off time, Mark works as a test pilot. The airpplane he uses transmutes to become his powerful G-Force vehicle, the Summit Jet (sic). Mark is an expert at hand-to-hand combat, and uses a specialized weapon called the Sonic Boomerang, which knocks out opponents via soundwaves.


Battle of the Planets G-2

Second-in-command, Jason is the most impulsive member of G-Force. It is this very attitude, and his dislike for following orders, that often puts him at direct odds with Mark. Jason openly wishes to lead G-Force, but he cares deeply about his teammates and can always be counted on to act in their best interest.

Jason is a well-known race car driver, and his car transforms into the Space Mobile. He has excellent fighting abilities, and is G-Force's best marksman. His weapon is a specialized cable gun that can act as a torch or drill as needed.


Battle of the Planets G-3

As the only female member of G-Force, Princess is ever alert and full of clever ideas! She is possibly the most intelligent member of the group. Her fighting skills are on a par with Mark and Jason. Princess has special feelings for Mark, and often has to settle disputes between him and Jason.

Her arsenal includes a special yo-yo that can be packed with explosives to help the team out of tight spots. She drives a motorcycle, which becomes the Galacticycle when she transmutes. Princess likes playing the guitar in G-Force's ready room during her off time.


Battle of the Planets G-4

Keyop was created in a laboratory to be a part of G-Force. He's not fully-grown and sometimes feels he has to prove his worth. He still enjoys behaving like a kid though, and his eagerness to please, plus his love of animals and insects often lead G-Force on unintended adventures!

Keyop uses a bolo-type weapon to tie up, trip, or knock out opponents. He drives a dune buggy that transmutes to become the Star Buggy. Keyop enjoys playing the drums in G-Force's ready room when he's off duty, usually accompanying Princess on guitar.


Battle of the Planets G-5

Tiny is the pilot of G-Force's formidable ship, the Phoenix. During most adventures he remains on board in case the team needs a quick rescue. But when he is along with the rest of the team on missions, he's a serious threat to Spectra soldiers! He likes to bowl them over, platoons at a time, with his incredible strength!

Tiny is big-hearted, compassionate and fiercely loyal to G-Force. he knows what his job is, and he's second-to-none in piloting the Phoenix. During his off-duty hours, Tiny spends his time relaxing in G-Force's ready room eating a never-ending supply of Space Burgers!



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