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The Cosmic Patrol has sounded an alert and Zark can see on his monitors that alien invaders are heading toward the South Pacific Island of Sytron, a desolate place inhabited only by seals. The aliens fight off the Cosmic Patrol and steal the Galactite Hydronium that’s been hidden on this small island. G.H. is the fuel that powers all of Earth’s spacecraft.

Now the capsule of concentrated fuel is in Zoltar’s hands and Zark brings the G-Force back from another mission in outer space to tackle this latest problem. Meanwhile, a fleet of ships that has been sailing by Sytron are attacked by Spectra’s Jelly Fish Subs and all but one have been destroyed. The Phoenix arrives before the subs can finish off the last ship and agree to escort it to safety. Keyop volunteers to go alone to Sytron to find out what is happening. He discovers that there are a group of men there still mining the Hydronium and that they will certainly be destroyed by Zoltar unless he can help them escape. Keyop enlists the help of the island’s seals and they swim out into the ocean carrying the miners.

Zoltar has been following the Phoenix as it escorts the last ship and he demands that the G-Force leave their ship or he will destroy it. Our heroes pretend to relent to his demands, but instead take over one of Zoltar’s fighters and using Spectra’s own weapons destroy the rest of the enemy planes.


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Spectra plans to control the earth by stealing all the badly needed galactite hydronium from the planet Sytron. When G-Force arrives to investigate the theft, they discover a large herd of friendly intelligent seals. When the situation looks the blackest and G-Force faces almost certain destruction, they receive help from a very different source.


Synopsis from UK Longman videotape release

Seals of Sytron

Spectra plans to control the Earth by stealing all the badly needed galactite hydronium from the planet Sytron. Can a large herd of friendly intelligent seals save G-Force from almost certain destruction?


Synopsis from US Rhino DVD release

Seals Of Sytron

With G-Force away on a deep-space mission, Spectra attack a crucial mining and storage island on Earth. Can the heroes return in time to thwart Spectra’s latest plans?


Synopsis from Australian Madman DVD release


Zoltar manages to steal a supply of Galactite Hydronium, a material that powers the spacecrafts and force fields of the universe. 7-Zark-7 calls G-Force from another mission in order to investigate the theft, and they discover a large pod of friendly intelligent seals on the island of Sytron. Keyop enlists the seals' help to rescue some miners still trapped on the island.


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