A rare international pressing of Parchis' Commando G LP available in North American regions like Puerto Rico. It kept the same track lineup with the "Commando G" and "Zark 7" songs that were related to Battle of the Planets. This edition of the LP was pressed on black vinyl instead of blue like the Spanish original. It was also issued in a standard sleeve instead of a gatefold, meaning it did not have the "Galactic Combat" board game included with the Spanish version. 1981, by Discos CBS International.


An extremely rare 45 issued in Bolivia. Although the cover indicated content from La Batalla de los Planetas (and even replicated a Spanish LP cover), it actually presented two unrelated songs; "My Crazy Return" coupled with Parchis' version of "Video Killed the Radio Star." 1981, by Discos Belter.




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