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My goal is to present the most comprehensive look at the television program Battle of the Planets as possible. These pages are the result of years of study into the series. Keep looking because I'm always updating and adding more information.

My enjoyment of this series started when I first saw it in late 1978. I was able to follow it for two years before a move took me to a location where it wasn't aired. For many years after, I was left with little more than my memories of a fun show plus the small amount of merchandise I'd been able to find. But I never forgot about it and I continued to seek information about Battle of the Planets whenever and wherever I could.

In the late 1990s I contacted the series' rights holder, Sandy Frank Entertainment about a Battle of the Planets project. Due to fortunate timing, persistence, my background in advertising and knowledge of the show, I was able to help see the project - a Battle of the Planets soundtrack - to completion. Following its production, I was hired by Sandy Frank as merchandising director and in-house specialist for the Battle of the Planets property. The position allowed me the opportunity to write about the series in numerous publications and projects around the world, as well as to complete two book projects; The first, a long-time dream, was the co-authored G-Force Animated: The Official Battle of the Planets Guidebook, and the second, the Battle of the Planets - Battle Book for Top Cow Comics.

Not only was working nearly a decade with Sandy Frank Entertainment an exciting and fun dream job, it also allowed me insight and access to materials about the creation and development of the series. For an information junkie like me, nothing could have been better. So I'd like to share my fortunate experiences to tell what I can about Battle of the Planets and give some recognition and respect to a series whose place in television history is often overlooked.

This site is my way of saying thank you to Tatsuo Yoshida, Sandy Frank, Alan Dinehart, Jameson Brewer and everyone who had anything to do with the creation of Battle of the Planets. It's also a thanks to fans who keep the show alive today. My deepest gratitude goes to Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd.,who now own Battle of the Planets and allow me to maintain this site.

Please write if you have suggestions or contributions that can help make the site even more complete and interesting. I'll be glad to hear from you.

Thanks again for visiting and enjoy!

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