GatchaFan Chat - Meet and Greet

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GatchaFan Chat - Meet and Greet

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Hi everyone!


One of the goals with reopening my chat room was to encourage more frequent gatherings like many fans used to enjoy. But I also know the times are different and lives are complicated, so dropping into a chat room isn't usually the first thing on anyone's mind. The recent series of special video events has reminded me how much fun it is when fans get together, and I'm hoping to promote more of that.

Therefore, I would like to try scheduling a regular, or semi-regular, meeting time in the chat room. Those who have attended any of the online events in the past couple years know what it's like, but for any who have not, it's a simple old-style, text-based (IRC) chat room. There is no video or audio, although I will definitely consider those options if they're desired.

For this first chat, I thought I would simply leave it open for people to say hello, introduce themselves and get comfortable if they're new to talking with the group. Future chats can possibly be themed around a specific topic, or series, or anything else that may be of interest from the world of Gatchaman, Battle, and (slightly) beyond. If things go well, I may even be able to include some special guests.

After the last online viewing event, I asked the participants what the best time would be for a scheduled chat. The majority agreed to Saturdays, 7pm Eastern US time, so that's what I'm going to try.

Please join us if you can on Saturday, May 21st at my chat room. It is accessible through my home page, by clicking here, or by pasting this link into your browser: ... lJjExPTA51

Despite what the screen says, no authentication or password is required to join. Just enter a nickname and click on "Connect."

Here is a chart for international timings:

4PM to 6PM Pacific (Los Angeles)
7PM to 9PM Eastern (New York)
Midnight to 2AM (London)
1AM to 3AM Sunday morning, May 22 (Amsterdam)
8AM to 10AM Sunday morning, May 22 (Tokyo)
9AM to 11AM Sunday morning, May 22 (Sydney)

I know these hours may not be the most convenient for everyone around the world, but we can see how it works and maybe adjust in the future. Or even schedule others specifically at better times for our international friends. Also, the two hour time is just a suggestion, we can be there as long as people like.

Please remember the chat room is always open! A few friends and I can usually be found there nightly from about 11PM - 4AM Eastern.

I hope to see you there, to talk with old friends and meet new fans!
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Re: GatchaFan Chat - Meet and Greet

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Don't forget this is next week!! :)

Looking forward to it! :)
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