Drop by our chat room

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Drop by our chat room

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Hi all,

I want to make sure you all know about our chat room where you can meet up with other fans. It can be reached from the navigation bar on my site's home page, or by clicking here - Chat Room

You'll have to create a nickname, and then click the "Connect" button (there is no Authorization or Password necessary).

Once you get into the room, you'll see the phrases "#gcon: Bird Go!" and "Welcome to GCon, BotP and Gatchaman chat!" So you'll know you're in the correct place.

My nickname in the room is "drazuma."

Then start typing and enjoy!

You may not be able to see who is there when you come in, but just type something in the bar at the bottom of the screen to let people know you've arrived. Or, someone may say hello if they see your name appear.

So far there is no scheduled time for anyone to meet up, so just drop in and see if anyone's around. Scheduled meeting times might be something we can organize if enough people want to make a routine of coming by. Hope to see you there!
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