Your Top 5 Gatchaman Episodes.

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - The original 1972 series
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Your Top 5 Gatchaman Episodes.

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1-Duel On Galactor Island:

This is THE episode for Joe! He's at his best here and does what he always does best:Kicking GALACTOR BUTT! Its also a sobering episode which shows the emptyness of revenge.

2-Leona 3, The Spaceship With No Tomorrow:

This one is a major heartbreaker, some might say its filler but GOD, the performance of Leraldo Andalzua as Ken WILL get to you if you watch the ADV dub version of this episode.

3-The Plan To Assasinate Doctor Nambu:

I dunno why but I am quite fond of the good ol' Doctor (He's played by Toru Ohira and Carlos Revilla who both did Homer Simpson) and its a thrill to see the Gatchaman try and save him from Galactor's Assasins.

4-A Romance Destroyed by Evil:

This one is SAD. My bro said "Gatchaman must be pretty lousy superheroes if they let them die" but it shows just how utterly amoral Galactor is and the ending will get to you!

5-Jigokillers,The People Eating Plants(Parts I AND II)

This is it, THE Gatchaman episodes for me. I remember the despair the team felt when they had to kill their beloved team member. It DESTROYED Ken to a level not seen before!

Re: Your Top 5 Gatchaman Episodes.

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I got several, but I guess I will have to minimize towards my top faves if you are giving me this challenge, so I will do so with my underlying commitment! So lemmie see, what are my top five? Oh boy, since I write everything like a bloated essay, this won't be any easier for me!
  • 1. Farewell Red Impulse
Could be the hardest episode to watch besides the inevitable death of Joe the Condor, but this one especially takes me out of the water. This is the episode where Ken's positive stride takes a large critical hit, turning him from a carefree/ sophisticated leader to a bitter, angrier, and much more cynical as the episodes, and later as the series progresses. This also is the point and time where the series finally identifies itself by adding more in depth and conflict as now you begin to see more development in the entire team.
  • 2.Mortal Combat! 5,000 Fathoms Under the Sea
I really love this episode, and how both Ken and Joe give an insight between how the two share about their deeper connections. This is especially a rarity for Joe to be so open minded to allow Ken to know his inner turmoil, and the episode is spent learning the true origin of the Condor. One of my favorites, honestly, and great character development.
  • 3.Gatchaman in the Valley of Death
I believe my inherited childhood of growing up on spaghetti westerns partially influences this one; Ken discovers someone is trying to sell top secret information for the Science Ninja Team while being held hostage. The setting, and town wise screams such, especially Ken walking up to the swinging bar doors, committing the most deviant smile while casting his birdrang is truly something to admire. I also partially blame this episode entirely focuses on Ken being solo, which I sort of wish I saw that more with the other members rather than purely Jinpei most of the time. You get to see how each member works, and I wouldn't mind more of this. (Of course Gatchaman II tends to show this off more so.)
  • 4.Gatchaman Burns with Rage
Yes, angry Ken, blood boiling angry Ken. Ken literally becomes Joe in this to the point even the condor hates seeing a splitting image of himself. The leader finally becomes reckless, and the starting of his narrative to detain revenge for the death of his father as it starts seemingly from this, and later till Ken finally accepts that revenge isn't the answer, but it is nice to see it's origins, too. My favorite part is how Ken just alright with stealing someone's sports car, and revving it all over the highway as a James Bond-esque chase sequence unfolds with lots of explosions!
  • 5.Science Ninja Team, Number G-6
This revolves around the possibly sixth member. I have done little concepts, and figuring out if he ever joined the team and loved his overall design, and seeing Ken become greatly interested in the mysterious member they found, and trying to find his memories as he suffers from amnesia. As Gatchaman goes, all good things must come to an end and a sacrifice must be made entirely.

Hope this is a good summary, I am half awake, so if I made a mistake, you know what to blame!
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