BotP Close-up 026

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BotP Close-up 026

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Another Thursday, another full plot! :)

This week, Tiny falls asleep at the wheel with not so good consequences. Is this the end of G-Force as we know it!? On top of it, Zoltar is up to his usual no good. This time targeting Earth's shipping. Stay tuned! :)

The Other Jason's write-up is here:

E26: The Bat-Ray Bombers

Act One

7-Zark-7 keeps an eye for any alien invaders has just scanned the Milky Way and given it an "all-clear." Zark is in his Ready Room taking a ten-second oil break. 1-Rover-1 bothers him looking for food even though he just had "kibbled carpet tacks" less than two hours ago. Zark gives Rover a wrench to chew on until "din-din." Rover takes the wrench and walks away. Zark says he needs to stop giving Rover the wrenches because the robot dog has figured out how to unscrew nuts and bolts! Zark's Ready Room collapsed yesterday. Zark receives an Emergency Alert from Mark.

Mark reports a "weird UFO" and tries to signal Tiny who is literally asleep at the wheel. Worse yet, Tiny's bracelet is on the control panel and off his wrist. Mark keeps trying, saying there is an unidentified aircraft in Tiny's area. Mark is alone in his fighter as the craft moves in for an attack on an unsuspecting ship sailing along. The craft is in the shape of a large manta ray. It has a killer beam it uses to destroy at least one ship. Mark has notified all ships in the area to abandon their vessels. Mark keeps trying but Tiny never responds.

Later, Tiny stands in front of Chief Anderson's desk with his bracelet on the desk. Chief Anderson is appalled Tiny fell asleep and didn't respond. Tiny explains he closed his eyes for a couple of minutes and next thing he knew, Mark was callng him. Mark is a mix of angry and worried – he had been trying to contact Tiny for 20 minutes. Mark tells the pilot they thought something happened to him! Keyop says Tiny scared them and Tiny confesses he wasn't wearing his bracelet, which is against G-Force rules and shocks everyone. Chief Anderson has no choice but to suspend him. The suspension is another shock for the team.

Tiny takes a high-speed train on his way back to his fishing village. He chides himself on the ride including Jason calling him "stupid." Tiny finally arrives and stands on a hill by a tree overlooking his hometown. Near the harbors, several people are talking about the recent attacks on ocean going vessels with many saying they aren't sailing, even to fish. Just then, Tiny walks up with a boy telling his father, "Look who it is!" The man welcomes Tiny home and tells him of the town's predicament with the fisherman refusing to go out for a week now. Tiny calls the man "Cap" and finds it weird that none of the fisherman want to go out, especially this time of year. Other men inform him that ships have been wrecking or disappearing altogether. Cap says the issue isn't going to ruin Tiny's vacation and asks how long Tiny is planning to stay. Tiny answers honestly that h doesn't know.

Back at Center Neptune, Chief Anderson studies fragments of several of the ships that had been sunk. The fragments and water samples of the areas where the ships were attacked and sunk are put through a spectro-analysis. One conclusion is found: a trace element only found on Spectra is in all the samples. Chief Anderson says that Spectra is only one answer and they have new two new issues: they have to find the base and they have to stop Spectra. Princess laments to Jason Tiny's absence because they could really use him.

In the ocean, Tiny and Cap's son go diving. They happen upon a manta ray mech and Tiny recognizes it right away. On the surface, Tiny says, "That wasn't no manta ray, little buddy. And it's important you don't say anything to anybody about seeing it. Understand?" The boy agrees. Meantime in town, Chief Anderson shows up with the other members of G-Force. Captain recognizes the chief right away and the two men know one another. Chief Anderson has a case with him, which he places on the ground. The men have talked on the phone and the chief says they are there to investigate the ship sinkings. Captain tells him that he's notified everyone in town but the town is finished unless something can be done and quickly. Chief Anderson assures Captain they have some answers and introduces G-Force. During the introductions, the team sees Tiny who is returning from the dive with Captain's son. The boy is super excited to see the team. Mark calls out to Tiny and follows him to a shed where Tiny becomes defensive. Mark says they'll remain friends no matter what but Tiny runs out pushing Mark aside.

Captain's son, Tommy, is left in the dust and is very upset about it. He tells Mark that Tiny promised to take Tommy with him to stop the "bat thing." Mark wants to know what bat thing Tommy is talking about but Tommy said he made a promise not to say anything. Mark gets Tommy to tell him what's going on – it'll help G-Force. Mark asks Tommy if he wants to help G-Force, "I'm G-Force, just like Tiny." Tommy agrees to tell Mark what's going on because "we G-Forcers have to stick together."

Tiny goes off on his own using a powered sled to where he and Tommy saw the giant manta ray. Mark follows him using another powered sled. When Mark arrives at Tiny's abandoned sled, a giant ray returns to its base. Mark swims in under the ray wondering what happened to Tiny and is nearly sucked back out to sea! There are several rays inside the base. Mark drops his wet suit and changes into his G-Force uniform. He sneaks around the base, but he's being watched the entire time by a bug-looking captain. Behind the captain, Tiny is tied up and the captain relishes that he has two gifts for the Great Spirit. When the vehicle Mark rode on top of parks, the commander is gassed and brought to the captain. Tiny is not happy about these turn of events.

Act Two

Zark paces in Nerve Center worried about the team. They're one person down with Tiny's suspension and that leaves the piloting of the Phoenix to Jason, but it's not really his job. However, Chief Anderson is with the team but their overall plan is "snafu" without Tiny. Worse yet, Zark can't contact any of them and they apparently can't contact each other. Zark keeps trying to establish contact while the Phoenix plows through the ocean.

Jason breaks the surface and flies the Phoenix through the air. He continues to try to raise Mark with no success and wonders if Mark turned off his homing beam. Chief Anderson tells him to try other channels but there's still no success. Jason mentions that Tiny's sled has stopped signaling as well. They come upon a boat in the water and it's Tommy. Jason lands the Phoenix on the ocean surface near Tommy. Once everything is settled, Chief Anderson tells Princess to bring Tommy on board because he wants to speak to the boy.

Princess leads Tommy to the bridge where he's at first shy then awed. Chief Anderson tells Tommy they've been trying to find Tiny and Mark but have had no luck. Tommy becomes upset but the chief says they only want to find Tiny and Mark. Tommy remains upset because he broke Tiny's promise to tell Mark what was going on and now they were both gone, it's his fault and now he'll never see them again. Chief Anderson and Princess look at each other in understanding.

In the underwater base, Tiny is held in a cell until a green goon comes to take him to the captain. Tiny pretends to just be somebody who is willing to tell the captain whatever he wants to be released but the goon quashes the dream of freedom right away. Tiny says he can't stay here, which makes the goon laugh and underestimate Tiny who takes him out by throwing him into another goon. Tiny calls the goons "clumsy" and seeks out the lead guy.

Zoltar praises Gola, the bug-looking captain, for catching "the commander of G-Force himself." Zoltar says the Great Spirit will be delighted. When Gola asks if he should interrogate the G-Forcer, Zoltar tells him that is a privilege is he is reserving for himself. Zoltar is almost giddy and hopes that Mark will refuse to cooperate. Zoltar points out that the information Mark possesses will make Spectra's invasion of Earth much easier. On the video monitor, Zoltar can see movement near "the cage" and warns Gola. It's Tiny!

Tiny grabs the case that Mark is held in and fights off goons in the process. After flipping one goon, the controls are hit that controls the case and frees Mark. Then Mark pulls down a lever closing the room. While the goons can't get to them, Mark and Tiny are trapped inside. Mark thanks Tiny for rescuing him. The video call is still going with Zoltar who tells them there's no escape. Tiny has heard enough and throws a chair into the screen, shattering it. Mark is more pessimistic about the situation.

The only thing left is to destroy the base and Mark floods the base. He then calls the Phoenix with Chief Anderson answering. Mark tells them he and Tiny "have been tied up" and will be unable to join them. The chief refuses that answer and asks where they are located so they can be picked up. Everyone encourages Mark to maintain contact so they bead into their position, including Jason. He tells "Skipper" not to be a hero and they're ready to join the party. Keyop points out bubbles near the sea floor while Mark says it's too late. They opened the doors so Gola and his men couldn't escape. Chief Anderson refuses this while looking at the bubbles. The chief is determined to get both Mark and Tiny out.

Jason moves the Phoenix into position for pickup but the opening is far too small and ramming isn't feasible. Princess suggests using the "widget" and wonders if three people can be jammed into it. Chief Anderson turns to Keyop to take his vehicle out and the fact that he's the smallest. Meantime at the base, water floods into the room forcing Mark and Tiny to tread water. They each apologize to one another with Mark calling it "a bummer." They shake hands knowing that time is running out.

Keyop maneuvers his craft into the base, removing obstacles as he goes. Air is running out but Keyop arrives just in time with an oxygen tank. Mark and Tiny climb aboard Keyop's buggy and they head back to the Phoenix. Back in town, Tommy waves goodbye to Mark and G-Force as the Phoenix flies away. Tommy is super excited because the team said he can join one day when he grows up. On board the ship, Chief Anderson reinstates Tiny to G-Force by putting his bracelet back on Tiny's wrist. Jason teases the pilot to take over the controls after everyone applauds Tiny being back on the team. Keyop calls Jason "a terrible pilot."

Zark says his Primary Electrostatic Pentodes were rattled after this adventure. He's glad Tiny is back on the team and at the controls of the Phoenix. He also adds that the team is once again a well-oiled machine ready to repel Zoltar's future attacks. "All's well that ends well" is one of the wise sayings stored in Zark's Memory Banks. Zark makes his way to his Ready Room with some good news – he's scheduled to go to planet Pluto to inspect the Early Warning System. He's excited to finally be able to meet Susan but she'll be on vacation on Earth because someone will be inspecting her station. Disappointed, Zark says he's going to erase all those wise sayings in his Memory Banks!

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2021. No reproduction of any kind without permission.
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