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BotP Close-up 074

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This week has a beauty contest in it. All because Princess lost her shoe during a chaotic mech attack!

This is the week Zoltar discovers some of G-Force's secrets - such as how their uniforms work! :o Zoltar and his cronies are the ones running the contest and snares some innocent girls in the process. However, our favorite team comes out on top. This is Museum of Mystery! Enjoy!! :)

The Other Jason's write up is here:

E74: Museum of Mystery

Act One

7-Zark-7 works in Center Neptune, deep beneath the sea, is the "tireless guardian" to keep the galaxy secure from alien invaders. Zark says he's worked here since the day he was built while he flies to his monitors. His monitors spark at him due to a Red Alert caused by a strange sighting in a remote area on Earth. Just then, an Imperial Mastodon crawls out from under a bunch of ice and snow, stomping on higher ground. Zark says it "must be a practical joke" because the creature disappeared from Earth during prehistoric times, millions of years ago. Zark is still required to check out the reports, no matter how ridiculous.

Zoltar is in charge on the Mastodon mech and tells his goons their target is the Earth Resource Center, a white building on a cliff near an amusement park. Zoltar knows when the mastodon makes its appearance, people will scatter and a great panic will occur. Meanwhile, patrons and children are enjoying all the amusement park has to offer including roller coaster rides. Among the people in the park are Princess and Keyop on a Ferris wheel enjoying the view. Princess likens it to the view from the Phoenix. Keyop calls it a "bird's-eye view."

Princess is daydreaming about being a soft cloud in a warm sky when the Mastodon first emerges out of the ocean. The pair is shocked when the Mastodon first appears and Keyop believes it's an elephant but Princess is quick to notice no elephant is that big. Keyop cracks, "Large, economy size." Princess tries to contact Mark to report what's happening. Mark, in turn, calls Tiny to pick up Jason and take the Phoenix to Joyland Park. Tiny wants to know more but Princess pleads with her teammates to "get here fast!"

The Mastodon walks toward the park while Zark alerts the Earth Resource Center to evacuate at once. The Mastodon positions itself to fire a pair of missiles at the Center and blow up the building. Zoltar is relishing in the small victory saying if Earth won't share its resources willingly, he'll find ways to make Earth relent. Zoltar then orders the Mastodon to "take a stroll through the amusement park."

As people run every which way, Princess and Keyop leap from the Ferris wheel. She warns him not to land on his head, but Keyop lands on his head anyway. The Mastodon wrecks havoc and destruction. Princess runs to save people but her shoe becomes caught between the toes of the mech. She contacts her inbound teammates telling them the situation is urgent.

As Mark flies in his jet toward the park, he thinks to himself, "That's one of Zoltar's lovable pets." He shoots the thing with his lasers and makes a direct hit. Zoltar is forced to retreat just as the Phoenix arrives. Jason comments it's too late for them to do anything but at least Mark was able to hit it. Tiny asks where it came from with Jason answering, "Where else? Spectra."

The Mastodon retreats back into the ocean smoking from the laser hit. Meantime, Mark contacts Jason reporting that the mech is getting away but there's nothing more he can do. He's returning to Center Neptune and Jason says, "Check ya there."

The team gathers in Chief Anderson's office where the chief briefs them that Zoltar is responsible for the attack. However, everyone at Earth Resource Center and Joyland Park managed to escape to safety. The chief goes on to say that Zoltar will continue to harass them until he gets what he wants. When Tiny asks when will they ever give in, Chief Anderson states, "Never." After the briefing, Princess approaches the desk and is hesitant to speak. She comes clean explaining she's lost her G-Force shoe. Chief Anderson is in shock as the boys pile onto one another stopping suddenly at the door.

The chief spins and faces Princess, chewing her out. He reminds her that she can't transmute into her G-Force uniform without that shoe! He tells her she's useless to the team until the shoe is found. The boys are in shock. Meanwhile at Spectra's secret base, several goons work on repairing the Mastodon and Zoltar demands double efforts. While working on it and cleaning the mech, a goon finds a woman's shoe. He throws it into the incinerator where the trash is immediately burned, but the shoe remains intact.

Back at Center Neptune, Chief Anderson keeps chewing on Princess as the boys are now nearer the desk. He informs them that they'll have real problems if the shoe is exposed to atomic radiation. It would act as "an electronic replicator" possibly producing a three-dimensional copy of Princess! She now feels terrible and it only gets worse. Chief Anderson tells her if her shoe has fallen into the wrong hands, her cover has been blown.

At the base, Zoltar is annoyed to be bothered by a goon trying to tell him about "an indestructible shoe." The goon explains he has seen nothing like it while Zoltar says if it's true, the shoe is made of an element he is unfamiliar with. Zoltar will go to the laboratory to see for himself and orders a battery of tests for the shoe. Before leaving for the lab, Zoltar voices his skepticism about the possibility of a shoe being made of such substance.

In the Spectran laboratory, a drill attempts to tear the shoe apart but the drill has no effect! Zoltar is about to walk away but the goon shows him the drill has caused no damage. Zoltar then wants to see how it stands up to freezing cold temperatures. The shoe is frozen and then pounded to break. However, the machine bursts into a million pieces! Electric current is even applied causing the machine to explode. When the smoke clears, the shoe is still in perfect condition. The last test is radiation and the highest limit triggers the shoe to transform into a white boot! Zoltar has cracked the G-Force transmutation process!

During a rainy night at the snack bar, Princess is feeling sorry for herself and even considers resigning. She runs out into the night in another pair of shoes. At the same time, Zoltar consults with the Luminous One about what has been discovered. The Luminous One suggests now that Zoltar has discovered how the process works, their scientists should be able to reverse engineer the process and discover what "the girl" looks like in civilian attire. With that information, Zoltar should be able to lure the girl to Spectra. The Luminous One wants "the pretty thorn in our side removed" and warns Zoltar he won't tolerate another failure.

Scientists work day and night to construct what they believe the female G-Forcer appears to be. They don't have specifics as far as her facial features, but they have a good estimate of her weight, height and build. They do this because they are virtual slaves and the consequences of not following Zoltar's wishes are severe. At long last, they have an idea what the female G-Force member looks like and are hoping to eventually identify all five members.

Zoltar is pleased by what the scientists have put together and has the perfect plan to trap "the girl." Under the cover of seeking talent for Tomorrow's Woman Cosmetic line, Spectra sets up a trap to capture eligible women. The women must fit through the silhouette to be considered. While various girls try to fit through the door, a sketchy looking woman watches through the blinds in another room.

Act Two

Zark rides the vacuum tube to his Ready Room to calibrate his Strobatron Resonators to his Telemetric Potentiometer. In other words, he's going to take a ten second oil break. While Zark is lounging, Susan calls with an "urgent problem" – she's looking for a girl. Zark mumbles over his words as usual with Susan finally telling her he doesn't want to find another girl. Susan says that he's not understanding – Princess is missing! Her teammates haven't seen her all day. Zark continues to mumbles and says he'll get on it right away.

G-Force is in Chief Anderson's office where he asks them if they've seen the newspaper. He tells them about the story of Tomorrow's Woman and the silly contest they're putting on. What's worse, Princess has entered it and is even in the finals according to Keyop. Chief Anderson is at a loss and wonders, "what's got into her." Mark reminds the chief that he was pretty harsh with Princess. Keyop says she was "depressed." The chief goes on briefing that he doesn't like the sounds of this contest and it "has a phony ring to it." The problem is, there's nothing specific he can put his finger on. He explains the business owner, Madame Demain, has some questionable connections – possibly Spectra! The chief is afraid Princess is in over her head and orders the team to help her out! They chant, "G-Force!" and salute.

Madame Demain contacts Zoltar saying she has all the girls together – at least the ones that would fit the cutout. Zoltar is pleased and wants them brought on board at once. Madame Demain informs him it will only be a few moments before walking into the room where the girls are waiting. Madame Demain leads the six finalists into an elevator because the "final judging will be upstairs." But while in the elevator, they are gassed!

Madame Demain wore a gas mask and takes the knocked out girls to an airship. Madame Demain informs the goons they can now depart because everyone is on board. All the while, Princess is faking being knocked out.

As the airship departs, the Phoenix flies to the location of the contest. Tiny comments that Princess could be a million miles away by now. Mark is certain she's still talking to them and tries to contact her again. Keyop chimes in saying she could be two million miles away. Princess taps her bracelet to send out a signal while the airship and the Phoenix meet each other in passing. Madame Demain calms the goons saying there is no reason for G-Force to suspect them.

On the Phoenix, Jason asks about the signal from Princess and Mark wonders why she answered in code and not voice. Keyop suggests she may be a prisoner with Jason pounding the console. "You may be right, Keyop. We better find her fast!" Mark orders a turnaround to where the signal was stronger. He then turns to Keyop, "Try placing your Cosmic Communicator on the Detector Panel." Keyop says, "Big Ten," placing his bracelet into the console to triangulate Princess' position.

The triangulation point is a museum of natural history with several dinosaur skeletons in a garden area. The airship has landed inside the building beside the Mastodon where Zoltar and Madame Demain confer. Zoltar is ready to look at the girls one by one to see if any of them are familiar. Madame Demain goes to the girls in turn and Princess hides her bracelet. Fortunately, Keyop has nailed down her signal and the team closes in.

Mark tells them, "We'll go down and have a look around." He wants Tiny to keep the Phoenix circling in case they need him to move in, it could be Spectra's latest base. Tiny swoops in so Mark, Jason and Keyop can leap from the Phoenix to the museum. Meanwhile, Madame Demain has reached Princess and tries to force her to turn around. Zoltar wants to see her face but Princess fights them. Just then, a goon alerts them to intruders causing Zoltar and Madame Demain to leave. Princess lays face-down on the floor knowing it's G-Force.

Zoltar orders the anti-aircraft missiles deployed and they take aim at the Phoenix after shaking off the dinosaur skeletons. Tiny dodges them as alarms blare in the museum. Mark, Jason and Keyop break through a skylight and land on top of the Mastodon with Keyop rearing to go. Jason smacks him, "Steady, Tiger." Inside the Mastodon, Princess leads the other girls out while Zoltar is preoccupied with G-Force.

The girls run to an open room where the shoe is kept in a glass enclosure. Princess manages to open and switches out her shoes. When the glass falls back, an alarm sounds alerting Zoltar that someone has the shoe! He runs to the hall to find the girls and Princess, but she's in her G-Force uniform! Zoltar and his men block the girls' escape route. Zoltar offers his men to escort them but a huge hole in the ceiling reveals Mark, Jason and Keyop! Mark says, "G-Force will do the escorting!"

Zoltar is incensed. "Ever G-Force, Always G-Force, Eternally G-Force!" He orders his men to rout them but the team has the upper hand! Mark and Princess greet each other with her saying, "In both shoes!" She takes two of the girls and gets out while Jason takes another pair. Keyop grabs the last girl as Mark orders him to contact Tiny. The commander then gives chase to Zoltar even throwing his sonic boomerang. But all Mark gets for his effort is a piece of Zoltar's cape. He pounds the steel door yelling for Zoltar to keep running! "And don't come back!" Tiny calls in for the pick up asking if he's ready. Mark answers that he has one last thing to do and places a homing signal on the top of the tunnel. He then runs out.

Tiny drives the Phoenix through the garden area destroying everything in its path. Tiny rams the Phoenix into the building and the group slides down its trunk to board the Phoenix. On the mech, Zoltar orders his men to prepare the Mastodon for battle. It sheds its coat just as Mark reaches the top. He leaps aboard the Phoenix as Tiny says, "Go Big Bird, go!" firing the Retro Engines. The Mastodon takes a swipe as the Phoenix escapes through the skylight! The Mastodon fires a pair of missiles but they turn around and head back to the Mastodon! Zoltar happiness turns to disgust and he orders his men to take off on the escape ship. The missiles strike their target and Spectra's base explodes.

The Phoenix flies home with the girls worn out from their adventure. Tiny says they've done it again with Mark adding the Spectra base is gone. But Zoltar escaped and he'll be back. "He's a glutton for punishment." Jason says at least they got their contest winner safely back. Keyop teases Princess about sticking to G-Force and forget about Tomorrow's Woman. She grabs him by the collar, "Don't you start needling me, or you'll be Yesterday's Keyop." Keyop answers, "Oh no!" The team laughs at the antics.

Zark says they're making plans to welcome Princess back to the G-Force team with a big party. Zark wonders if Susan will be there even though robots look silly in the paper hats. He hands the monitors to 1-Rover-1 and tells the dog to let him know if there's an alert. Zark promises to bring back a knife or fork from the party for Rover to chew on. Zark reminds Rover he's in charge now.

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2021. No reproduction of any kind without permission.
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