BotP Close-up 077

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BotP Close-up 077

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It's Thursday and that means another plot! :) This week is one of my favorites: The Duplicate King. We really see the team work together and meet danger head-on. We're also introduced to Frankfurter who has to be one of the creepiest, weirdest and downright strange minion ever seen! :lol:

How Mark figures out the ruse is entertaining and while I drink tea, I have never had "beef tea". Like what is it? Bullion? And while our fearless commander was clever here, in the later part of the ep, I know some fans are not crazy about his actions to stop Spectra. Regardless, enjoy this week's plot! :) I want one of those little white flags too!! :lol:

The Other Jason's write-up is here:

E77: The Duplicate King

Act One

7-Zark-7 keeps a constant eye on the universe from Center Neptune, sitting deep beneath the sea. However, a lot of his time is taken up to keep an eye on planet Spectra and their evil plans. Zark laments they have a serious case of ubiquitousness – being everywhere at once and Zark has to keep his guard up for all of it. He flies to his monitors as 1-Rover-1 watches. Zark turns on his monitors in time to see several launches from Spectra. One is heading to Saturn for reasons unknown, but it can't be good. Another is headed for Barnard's Nebula (Barnard's Loop), again for reasons unknown but Zark says it's a "black hole." The launch that concerns Zark the most is the one heading for Earth, specifically the country of Beldania.

Zark video calls into G-Force's Ready Room to alert them on Spectra's latest plans and how a UFO was landing in the Kingdom of Beldania. The team is to report to Chief Anderson immediately. Mark and Princess voice the team's puzzlement as to why Spectra wants to go there. The team chants, "G-Force!" and salutes before being lowered out of the their Ready room. Zark natters on about the "good question" of why Beldania. The robot wonders himself why Spectra would want to go to a small, old world country.

The team reports to Chief Anderson who briefs them about the Kingdom of Beldania. The chief tells them that Beldania is "terribly rich" with crown jewels that rival those on planets Zyr and Riga. He goes on to say that Zoltar has had his eyes on Beldania's jewels for some time and now Spectra has landed. When Princess asks if they're to protect the jewels, Chief Anderson answers, "Yes." The chief says the king and his people has always been loyal "to us." He wants the team to protect the king if he's still alive but Keyop asks, "If he isn't?" Jason cracks, "That's a great sense of humor you've got there." Tiny adds, "Look who's talking about a sense of humor, the great stone face!" The chief ignores the trio, telling the team that the king is 92 years old and credits his longevity to being a vegetarian. Keyop says "Only looks 90." Chief Anderson hopes he does as well as the king when he reaches that old age. Mark wonders if the king is the primary target, which Chief Anderson says they can probably still stop Zoltar. They chant, "G-Force!" salute and leave.

The Phoenix flies to Beldania with Mark saying they need to be ready for "cold formalities." But they're shocked at the sight on the dock – throngs of people have turned out waving team flags with the distinctive birdhead symbol. Jason gasps while Princess notes, "Nothing cold about that welcoming committee." Mark agrees that if this is their idea of a welcoming, then they shouldn't keep the people waiting. However, he notices several Spectran agents in a VIP box – something isn't right. He also states no one should have known about their arrival and it somehow leaked out. Mark wonders how they can avoid the crowd with Tiny suggesting they circle for an hour until everyone leaves. Jason says the Phoenix is amphibious so why don't they dive into the water? Tiny doesn't wait, answering, "Big Ten!" and dives.

The Phoenix waits out the crowd among Beldania's "fishy" marine life. Zark says the harbor is one of the most beautiful in the universe. The Beldanian flag is also flying over the king's residence, which signals he is in. Zark surmises the king must still be alive. Inside the palace, one of the aides is bewildered at G-Force's reluctance to land at the airport. The aide turns to an older, yellow-eyed, hunched over butler named Frankfurter to ask if preparations have been made to make the team comfortable. Frankfurter tells him the red carpet is out for G-Force. The aide is surprised the team left no message and checks his watch. Suddenly, a voice calls out – it's Mark! "I apologize for our rudeness."

The team stands in the rafters and jump down to the main floor. The aide tells the team that he's glad they're safe but they inconvenienced the king due to skipping the airport reception. Mark asks if they can see the king with the aide answering the king will revise his schedule. He aide orders Frankfurter to take G-Force to the king's quarters.

Frankfurter leads them through the open palace where a chandelier nearly falls on them and the rail where Mark and Keyop land crumble under their feet. While Keyop tries to recover from his fall, a statue nearly takes him out! He runs to Mark and nearly hides saying, "Maybe termites. … Big ones!" When Frankfurter explains many things in the palace are "old" become "feeble" and tend to break. Mark spins to him, "Yeah! Well see if you can make them break on other people!"

Frankfurter continues leading them to the king's quarters and the team is on edge, especially Jason and Tiny watching everything that moves. As they climb some stairs, Mark steps up and a series of machine guns emerge from the walls! The team leaps out of the gunfire onto a higher railing and Princess hangs on to Keyop. Mark at the end of his rope. "Those things weren't a bit old or feeble." They jump back down to Frankfurter and demand to be taken to the king. Mark, Jason are NOT amused. Neither is the rest of the team but they have more neutral expressions.

Frankfurter leads them to the king's quarters where the king greets them after turning from a large window. The king is thrilled to meet the "legendary" team and Princess says he's "too kind." The king goes on to praise them for keeping Spectra at bay and not allowing evil to rule the universe. He also says he's the last monarch on Earth and there's at least one left standing. The team sits on a couch with Mark directly across from the king. The king invites them to join him in a cup of "beef tea," which immediately raises Mark's suspicions. Frankfurter doles out the cups saying there's nothing more "refreshing" than beef tea. Princess thinks it smells "super" and Keyop is about to take a drink until Mark knocks it out his hand! The cup falls and discolors the carpet while Mark states that it's poison! Princess says the rug looks terrible and Mark adds, "And think of your stomach." He faces the king, "Now, if you'll join me in a cup of poison, Your Highness!" and THROWS the full cup at the monarch! The king is insulted, but Mark calls "the king" on the idea of drinking beef tea while being a vegetarian! Mark throws his boomerang cutting into the facemask. The imposter is soon revealed to be a Spectran agent named Ganarp wearing a black and yellow dark helmet/visor.

Ganarp isn't sure why he introduced himself because they won't know each other very long. He reveals himself fully telling the team that taking over King Saarnin's palace was only one part of their mission. He leaps to the rafters and taunts G-Force saying they'll need every trick they've ever been taught. At the end of the fight, they'll feel like they're still in kindergarten! More agents dressed like Ganarp appear and G-Force has their hands full with Mark throwing his boomerang and Princess uses her yo-yo. Tiny tackles four of them throwing one into a suit of armor where the agent is punched in the stomach. Keyop backs up and finds a secret door into another massive room.

The team makes a break for it running into a brightly colored circular room. Spikes emerge from the walls, ceiling, and floor – they fly to avoid them all. Mark throws some explosives to give them a good spot to land. Suddenly, the walls start moving! Mark lets out his frustration, "This whole place is one big booby trap!" Tiny becomes dizzy, "Am I goin' around, or what?" Keyop corrects him, "The walls, dum-dum!" Glass walls fall down, enclosing the team into some tight quarters. It then becomes worse! A gas is sprayed into the area causing the team to pass out. Mark makes one last desperate call to Center Neptune before succumbing.

Ganarp reports to Zoltar who is elated at the current state of G-Force. Ganarp says they're dreaming sweet dreams while Zoltar happily plans to steal Beldania's crown jewels in order to finance his conquest of the universe. Ganarp informs Zoltar that he doesn't know exactly how long the team will be out because the gas they used works differently on different people. In order to have something more precise, they would have had to used blood samples, which G-Force would probably not give up voluntarily. Zoltar wants them "out of the way, permanently!" Ganarp salutes and starts on that task.

Ganarp and his men open the glass walls saying the team is at the end of the line. Zark tries to contact Mark but he's out. Oblivious, the robot tries another frequency.

Act Two

Zark stands at his monitors trying desperately to contact the team and find out what happened. Susan calls from Pluto but Zark cuts her off because he's trying to keep the line open. Susan's feelings are hurt and abruptly hangs up. Zark then realizes too late that she may have information on the team! He then natters on about how Susan shouldn't let him cut her off. He says it was 90 percent his fault, but ten percent hers! Zark tries to discover what's happening in Beldania!

Ganarp and his men soon realize that G-Force isn't where they're supposed to be. The team jumps down and Mark tells the men their "crude devices" won't work against them and their cerebonic superpowers. The two groups fight it out with a G-Forcer blowing a hole in the wall. The team escapes and jumps into a jeep below with Ganarp and his men hot on their heels and firing! Princess yells, "Pour it on, Jase!" because the Spectrans are chasing them from above in a helicopter. Jason doubts they can shake them but hits the gas. "They didn't build these things to outrun ray shots!" As Jason keeps driving, Mark orders them to "bail out" and they take off in five different directions including Jason and Keyop leaping behind a statue. The jeep explodes into a million pieces after a grenade is thrown at it and the team runs. One of Ganarp's men says G-Force has "scattered" into the woods.

Ganarp has had enough and speaks to "Communications Control" to implement the next part of his plan. He orders the Radiotronic Disorientation Module activated and it sends out electromagnetic waves throughout Beldania. The team is stopped in their tracks and they hold their heads. It slows down and stops with the team feeling no ill effects. Keyop calls it, "Electronic massage." Princess adds that her brain feels washed and Mark says she's not alone. The people of Beldania turn into unruly mobs bent on destroying G-Force! They surround the team and Jason knows right away the waves did brainwash them. When Mark tries to reason with them, the crowd hurls sticks and rocks at them – quite the opposite of their earlier greetings at the airport!

The team leaps high to escape rather than fight the people. The team runs through several construction projects moving swiftly through the city, but the mob catches up! Mark notes, "They're quick!" Princess says, "I guess with a mob, the worst thing to do is show fear. … How do I look?" The mob closes in and it looks as if G-Force has no way out. A manhole cover opens with a little boy asking Mark is he wants to "cool off." Mark literally jumps at the chance of escape followed by the rest of the team. Jason closes the cover and begins to weld it shut, "Don't get nosy."

Underground, Mark wonders how long it'll be before the mobs figure out where they went. Princess hopes the brainwashing effect wears off soon. The boy explains he was trying to get home but got stuck underground and he really misses his parents. He clings onto Mark's wings while Jason muses that the kid could lead them out if he's been down there long enough. The boy introduces himself as Joe while Mark answers, "I'm Mark and these are my friends." They pinky swear and Joe promises to show them how to get out and avoid the "bad men" above ground. Princess is touched by the moment.

In the abandoned city, one of Ganarp's men patrols but Mark is able to sneak by him but snaps a twig as he runs off. The guard turns around to see a cover moved off the opening into the underground lines. Keyop is at the top of the ladder with Tiny right behind, "You wanna knock me off here!" The pair nearly topple. However, when Ganarp's man approaches, he doesn't see anything but knows the cover was closed! The rest of G-Force have hidden out of sight but a drop of water hits Keyop in the face and the man demands that whoever is in there to come out. However, Mark returns, knocks out the man, and orders the team to move it.

G-Force runs for it as Spectra keeps up the surveillance. Ganarp wants to contact Zoltar and expects a promotion after what he tells the leader. Mark and the team interrupt his plans. G-Force and the Spectrans fight again with Princess using her yo-yo, Tiny tackling and throwing some of them and Mark throwing his boomerang. Chaos ensues and mark tosses explosives at the control panels. Ganarp whines about how everything went wrong – "it was such a glorious game plan!" Mark lectures Ganarp that he was unsuccessful because they scrambled the brains of decent people!

Zoltar appears on video monitor not the least bit surprised that Ganarp failed and G-Force succeeded. However, Zoltar is about to make off with the crown jewels of Beldania. Mark says the trucks will never arrive. Zoltar isn't keen about the commander's cockiness and tells them the base where they are will self-destruct in 30 seconds! When Ganarp asks about not having a chance to escape, Zoltar says he does have a chance, "You have 20 seconds," and discontinues the video! Ganarp's men head for the way out, "Nineteen seconds now!" Princess throws her yo-yo, "Don't go away mad!" The team runs out while the base rumbles around them. They fly out of a skylight.

Outside among the rubble, Mark does a head count with Keyop chiming in first. Princess is next with Jason and Tiny says, "Don't forget me." Mark answers they won't and neither will Zoltar. Jason asks Mark what he meant about the Spectran trucks never reaching the vault. Mark says he mined the road! Just then, the road explodes. Princess wonders when he had time and Mark explains he did it when he ran past the guard. Fortunately, he got back in time before the guy discovered them. Meanwhile, Joe is reunited with his parents and he tells them a fantastic story about meeting G-Force underground. His mom is suspicious about Joe meeting "friends" underground and the Phoenix flies overhead. Joe waves and yells goodbye to his newest friends.

The Phoenix heads for home with the team upset that Beldania was Zoltar's latest victim in universal conquest. A lot of destruction was wrought in the latest endeavor. Zark says G-Force won't get over it easily. He lounges in his Ready Room pretty certain that Susan is still "miffed" at him for cutting her off. He believes she has him on "disconnect" but he soon receives a call from her. Susan tells him she's been trying to call for hours finding his circuit busy and wonders if Zark has been avoiding her. He says no but suddenly she has an alert on another circuit. She hangs up saying she'll call back. Zark is left befuddled because she didn't say why she called this time. He goes on to explain the team rescued the real king and when they return they'll find they're going to be awarded medals that will include some of the crown jewels. Zark says they've earned them.

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