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BotP Close-up 045

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This week, we watch Keyop in action as he completes his mission to warn miners and complete an evacuation in Seals of Sytron. This ep is pretty fun and the ending cracks me up with Spectra's mech literally hitched to the Phoenix! :D

The Other Jason's write-up is here:

E45: Seals of Sytron

Act One

7-Zark-7 mans the "hotline" of the universe meaning Center Neptune. He says they stay in constant contact with various worlds in the galaxy but he does get breaks. Susan calls while Zark is off-duty and the robots go back and forth about being bothered but liking it. Susan tells him he's wanted on monitor due to the Cosmic Patrol picking up something. Susan says Zark is needed to analyze it "lightning fast." When Susan hangs up, Zark says her voice is so thrilling – it sends his Audio Receptors up a 1000 decibels.

Zark rides the vacuum tube to Nerve Center in response to the Emergency Alert. He keeps on about Susan turning on her tweeter taking out his woofer. Zark flies to his monitors and gets to business tracking some invaders from Spectra. Zark follows their trajectory to a remote island in the South Pacific called Sytron. Its only inhabitants are seals but it's also the location of a secret project code named "Project Zulu." It's a very important place on Earth as the only source of Galactite Hydronium is mined and stored on the island.

A Spectra ship scouts the island while evading anti-aircraft defenses. The two green goons on board decide to teach Earth a lesson after a long search. The ship takes out multiple defenses. Zark says that Galactite Hydronium is used to fuel their spacecraft and keeps their force fields together. He adds that Spectra now has all of it!

Zoltar confers with the Luminous One holding a sample of the element. The Luminous One is pleased and tells Zoltar he holds Earth's destruction in the capsule holding the element. The Luminous One explains that without the Galactite Hydronium, Earth will be defenseless and easy prey. He says that without the concentrated element, their spaceships will be grounded and their cities vulnerable. This is the perfect moment to strike. Once Earth falls, the rest of the galaxy will follow. The Luminous One tells Zoltar not to return until the task is complete. Zoltar complies.

Various Spectran ships in the air and ocean run amok on Earth as Zark has a fatalistic point of view. The issue is enough for G-Force's response but they're out in space on another emergency mission. The team is on their way back with Zark breaking the bad news of taking on Spectra after he clears them for re-entry. He gives them the orders to proceed directly to the island of Sytron and warns of reports of strange alien submarines in the adjacent waters.

The Phoenix flies to Sytron and sees a group of Earth sub chasers. Princess remarks they don’t' look hostile. Mark explains the sub chasers are theirs and they're "sniffing out" Spectra's craft while Jason is sure Zoltar's men are doing some "sniffing" of their own. Meanwhile, the captain is aboard a submarine that looks like a huge jellyfish. The goon co-pilot reads out a contact "bearing zero nine zero." The captain orders all ships into a combat formation and increase speed to 60 knots. On the surface, one of the sub chaser officers reports unidentified objects at zero one zero. The sub chaser captain orders hard right when he sees a torpedo in the water!

On board the Phoenix, Princess reports that the sub chasers are being torpedoed! Mark surmises that Zoltar is up to his old tricks and orders them down. Most of the ships are on fire or sunk. G-Force boards the last ship afloat where the captain reports that they were able to pick up all the crews but if the Phoenix didn't show when it did, they would sunk too. The captain isn't hopeful about stopping Spectra but Mark assures him that they've always found a way. The captain tells the team if they can't stop Zoltar, Earth will be lost and so will the galaxy.

The sub chaser gets underway with the Phoenix escorting from above. However, above the Phoenix is Zoltar bout his latest mech in the shape of a dragonfly. Zoltar is happy that G-Force has been handed to him on a plate and orders his men to ready for attack. Princess sees the blip on the radar screen reporting the ship is not squawking Solar System code. Mark says it has to be Zoltar and tells Tiny to use the Repeller Screen. Tiny releases a yellow colored mist from the front of the ship in front of the G-2 car. When Spectra fries its missiles they turn back toward their own ships and take out several. Zoltar orders the rest of the ships out of range and they'll deal with G-Force later.

On the Phoenix, Mark notices the Spectra fleet is heading off probably toward Sytron. Keyop worries about the miners there but Princess points out they can't abandon the sub chaser because Zoltar may want them to do just that. Jason says there is something they can do: one of them makes the run to Sytron in the mini-sub. Mark says it's only a question of who will do it. Keyop jumps at the chance but Mark isn't so confident and warns the smallest member that he'll be alone. Jason studies a map looking at the route. Once past the Mindanao Trench, Keyop will have a straight shot to Sytron. Keyop isn't worried, calling himself a "one-man tornado."

Keyop launches inside his buggy out of the Phoenix and makes his way underwater. However, he runs into the jellyfish mechs that shoot missiles at him. "I volunteered!" he says as he evades the missiles. A bunch of them tie him up and he deploys the saw to free the buggy. Keyop continues on literally sawing through most of the mechs. He even digs into the sea floor to get away from others. They explode when they impact his entry point. Keyop is now mad and more determined to finish his mission.

Zoltar is still in the main dragonfly mech wanting all the humans on Sytron to be driven underground and captured. The mech fires beams from its eyes leaving destruction where they hit. The automatic defenses kick in but they're taken out by Spectra. Zoltar wants to makes sure nothing can survive on the surface and they plan another pass. Meanwhile, the miners are huddled in underground caves desperate for the rumbling to stop.

That night, Keyop makes it to Sytron and runs into a seal colony in the fog. The seals like him right away with several licking him. Keyop makes them stop and refocuses – he's there to warn the miners. He runs to find them.

Act Two

Zark sees that Keyop has made it safely to Sytron and comments that he took on a big job by himself. Zark says if Keyop can devise a way to evacuate the miners, "he'll be a real genius."

Back on Sytron, Keyop makes contact with the miners but nearly gets his head blown off being mistaken for Spectra! When Keyop identifies himself, the miners are skeptical because Keyop is so small. He tells them he may be small but has "big ideas." He knows he has to put his brain to work to figure out how to get the miners to safety. Keyop calls back to the Phoenix where Mark says, "Run it down for us." Keyop answers that it's a "bad scene" as the miners look at him sideways. Mark tells him they don't have much time because they've intercepted Zoltar's communications. The intent is to wipe Sytron off the map! Keyop then comes up with a brainstorm.

Zoltar is still on his main mech ordering the last attack before they land. Spectra starts carpet bombing the island as the seals take off. The automatic defenses kick in again even as Zoltar and his men land on the island. The goons discover the automatic systems but they find no miners to take as prisoners. Zoltar is not happy – he wanted prisoners. The lead goon says they have searched the island and there are no Earthlings to be found. Zoltar wants the island searched again but more thoroughly this time. He says the Luminous One does not tolerate mistakes!

In the ocean, the seals continue their trek away from Sytron but they're not alone. The miners swim under the seals to complete their escaape! Keyop's idea was brilliant as the seals deliver the miners to the sub chaser. He also has a friend in his buggy as the escape proceeds. Meanwhile, on the island Zoltar tells his men that punishment is swift when they fail the Luminous One. In the ocean, the seals bark as the miners wave their thanks to the seals.

G-Force stands on the nose of the Phoenix watching the results play out. Princess praises Keyop for using his head. Jason cracks, "Wow! Now we have to live with a genius." Mark tells them they have to escort the sub chaser home before Zoltar returns. Meanwhile, the Spectrans regroup their mech and put it back together. The sub chaser gets underway as the miners and seals say their goodbyes. When the Phoenix takes off, the seals turn back to their home. Tiny comments that the seals were pretty awesome because the miners would have been stuck without their help. Princess tries to comfort Keyop about missing his buddy seal but she discovers that he's snuck the seal on board! Princess tells him, "The first we get, you're sending him back to his mother!"

The Phoenix and sub chaser proceed on with G-Force still using the Repeller Screen. Zoltar wants maximum magnification of the Laser Search Beam. A goon reports contact with the sub chaser and the Phoenix still using the Repeller Screen. Zoltar dares G-Force to repel their submarines but the team sees them and dives in to take them out. The submarines fire missiles but Jason destroys them by firing bird missiles. Other bird missiles take out more. Tiny then drives through the group causing them to crash into one another. Once their job is done, they resurface only tofind Zoltar's ship is above the sub chaser!

Zoltar and his men stand on the deck of their mech demanding G-Force deplane unarmed. He threatens to destroy the sub chaser and Mark knows there are a lot of lives in the balance. He leads the team to the bubble of the Phoenix with their weapons on the floor. The baby seal goes with them too. As G-Force emerges, all the Spectran guns are trained on them as the crews and miners look on in horror. Zoltar natters on about the wrath of the Great Spirit (Luminous One). The team stands by ready for anything when the baby seal dives into the water. The distraction I enough for G-Force to grab their weapons and fight Spectra!

In the chaos, Zoltar runs for it and Tiny takes over the main Spectran mech. On his way out, Zoltar orders the other Spectra craft to attack "Spectra Unit 369" – the mech in the shape of a dragonfly. The team realizes they're in trouble and Tiny struggles to get them out of it. He doesn't know which button to push but is able to break apart the mech and fly the main body away before the other craft destroy it. They're able to take the missile hits but the team gets jolted around pretty good. Jason tells Tiny if he doesn't find the magic button soon they won't need it. Tiny finds it and presses it. The killer beam is activated and takes out the Spectran craft. Zoltar barely gets away ordering what's left to take evasive action.

After the fight, Tiny flies the mech and gets it put back together. The crews and miners cheer from the sub chaser at G-Force's victory. The Phoenix then takes the Spectran mech in tow and escorts the sub chaser home. On the Phoenix, Keyop asks if his seal buddy will get a medal and Princess says he earned it. Mark agrees before Keyop dances around the seal and promises him lots of fish. The Phoenix makes its way home with the mech in tow.

Zark says all of G-Force deserve medals because they defeated Zoltar, captured his ship and crew, and managed to resecure the supply of Galactite Hydronium. Zark stands with 1-Rover-1 saying they also saved the miners, the sub chaser and crews and adds that Keyop has a new pet. Rover asks if he's adorable too and Zark says yes. Zark wonders if Rover can be taught how to swim like a seal. Rover flashes his eyes and Zark says not to worry. They won't try until Rover is rust-proofed.

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