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BotP Close-up 051

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This week, the team goes to one of the their favorite places - planet Odin! However, Zoltar and Spectra aren't far behind at the Peaks of Planet Odin! We also learn a little bit about Colonel Cronus in this ep. Enjoy! :D

The Other Jason's write-up is here:

E51: Peaks of Planet Odin

Act One

7-Zark-7 works in the defense complex for the Intergalactic Federation keeping an eye out for hostile aliens. Zark paces in the main room because Susan sent out an Early Warning for planet Odin in the Herald Galaxy. He says he has a "disturbing flutter" in his FOSDIC – aka a hunch – that trouble is brewing and Spectra is behind it. Zark flies to his monitors saying he's in a "quandary" because he doesn't want to alert G-Force until he has solid evidence but he doesn't want to wait until it's too late. 1-Rover-1 yips at him a vote of confidence. Zark decides to notify Chief Anderson.

The team waits in the chief's office in their uniforms. Chief Anderson enters telling them that Zark just contacted him and he asks if the Phoenix is ready. Mark stands answering that they're ready. Chief Anderson says it may be nothing but he would like them to go and look around – on planet Odin. The team exclaims in surprise due to Odin being one of their favorite places, especially Keyop. The chief asks if there are any objections to spending some time there and no one disagrees. Tiny wonders if they're really going on a mission or a "long overdue vacation." Chief Anderson tells them it's certainly a mission unless they consider it a vacation looking for Zoltar.

The team salutes, yells "G-Force!" and launch out of Center Neptune. "The moon is a ony a hop, Saturn a skip and the edge of the Milky Way a small jump." Zark wishes he were human because he wouldn't have to worry about his Oscillator burning out or dust getting into his Micro-Modulators. He love to blast through space with them. He says they're in hyperspace traveling faster than light and soon faster than thought. They hone in on planet Odin and Zark is with them in spirit but wants to be there in the flesh, if he had any!

Upon landing at Odin, the team gets into their activities: Princess and Keyop take a boat ride, Jason and Tiny are on paddle boats. Tiny invites Mark but Jason knows Mark's got something on his mind and challenges Tiny to a race. Mark watches his teammates feeling weird with "cold fingers crawling up and down his spine." He knows there's going to be trouble but he doesn't know what it will be or from where it's coming from. He kicks a rock into the water and Colonel Cronus shows up identifying Mark as "the G-Force ace himself." Mark says, "I knew trouble was coming." Colonel Cronus is in civilian clothes introducing himself, "Cronus. Gentleman, scholar, and fantastic jet pilot." Mark retorts, "And every time I'm with you I get into trouble." Colonel Cronus says that was the old him – he's a new man leaving Mark skeptical.

When Mark asks if Colonel Cronus promises not to cause trouble, he says he won't but a large gang of thugs breaking things and scaring people might. They surround Colonel Cronus and Mark with a fight ensuing but Colonel Cronus escapes. The thugs are undeterred because they tell Mark he's going with them. Mark says they have a problem when one of the thugs shows a badge. Jason and Tiny show up beside Mark to lend a hand but Mark is confused that they're police. Suddenly, a police motorcycle with sidecar shows up with a superior officer asking the sergeant what's going on. They answer that the boys are friends with Colonel Cronus but he got away. The superior officer tells them to go after Colonel Cronus. After the police leave, Mark says, "I knew it. Cronus in trouble."

The police motorcycle drives to a castle where the Police Chief consults with Zoltar who passes on greeting from the Luminous One! The Police Chief reports that the people suspect nothing and it's only a matter of time before the takeover will be complete. Zoltar show the Police Chief the latest mech, in the shape of a wheel, being built to help him in the conquest. Zoltar also reminds him that the chief has been chosen to rule Odin once Spectra has conquered it. The chief says that Colonel Cronus is still loose but won't be for long – the plan is to sweep him up with the rest of the trash. Zoltar is pleased and says they knew they picked the right man before ending communications.

Mark is flying in his plane looking to see if he can find anything. Soon, there is a fleet of robot planes surrounding him and firing upon him. Mark cracks, "This is just great! How am I gonna get out of this one!?" Mark keeps flying and suddenly several of the Spectran fighters are destroyed from behind. A red and white fighter fires air-to-air missiles to take them out. Mark watches it fly by and decides to tangle with it. He transmutes and follows the fighter landing in the mountains.

It turns out to be Colonel Cronus who says he was almost too late to save Mark's life. Mark tells him he can take care of himself. They discuss saving each other's lives and they're not quite even since Colonel Cronus has saved Mark but Mark has saved Colonel Cronus three times. Mark asks him what's going on with Colonel Cronus explaining that Chief Albin is selling out Odin to Spectra. Colonel Cronus is the last man standing who can point the finger to Chief Albin. Mark says, "What I like about you, it's very dull when you're around."

That night, Colonel Cronus takes Mark to a cabin and explains what happened. A small group organized and each member has disappeared including his wife and child. He's certain Albin was behind it. Marks tells Colonel Cronus if he's sure, then they should go but Colonel Cronus is determined to keep Mark out of trouble this time. Besides, it will take more than two of them to defeat Spectra. Colonel Cronus laments about losing a lot of good friends and he doesn't want to lose anymore. Mark asks if he's giving up and urges him not to. Mark says if Spectra captures Odin it will give them the foothold they need. Colonel Cronus assures Mark that he's not giving up rather he just needs time to think. He draws the curtain and tells Mark to get some sleep. During the night, Colonel Cronus sits up thinking of his son Timmy wondering if he'll see him again.

Act Two

Zark paces in Nerve Center because he hasn't heard from Mark since the commander went on a secret surveillance mission. He hopes Colonel Cronus hasn't sucked Mark into another trouble-making experience. Zark flies to his monitors and sees a million planes moving in on planet Odin except that it's dust particles on his monitor! He cleans it to get a clearer picture. He says the monitors are his windows to the galaxy and why he takes good care of them.

Colonel Cronus tries to rouse Mark from a deep sleep to the point of pulling the blanket completely off. Colonel Cronus tells Mark that he had to accomplish a lot and Mark would be safer at his hotel. Mark stretches and gets up telling Colonel Cronus he should be more concerned about Spectra and Odin. Colonel Cronus says this is his issue and he needs to handle it. Mark gives him crap about thinking on stuff rather than doing. Colonel Cronus tells Mark to back off because he's worried aobut his family. Mark says there's more at stake with the whole planet of Odin under threat and Mark is going to ensure Spectra won't get away with their plans.

Mark and Colonel Cronus sneak into the castle that Chief Albin has taken as his own. Mark, in his G-Force uniform, throws his sonic boomerang to unlock the main doors to Albin's office. They find the safe and break into it. The explosion gains the attention of the large security detail. Albin walks in behind them and digs out a box of cigars. Under them lies the tape holding the plans for conquering Odin. Mark and Cronus are hiding above the group in the chandelier and on the ceiling. When Albin exposes the tape, Colonel Cronus jumps down and takes it. The security detail shoots at Colonel Cronus only to be stopped by Mark. Colonel Cronus hands Mark the tape and they make a break for it by jumping into the adjacent river.

Zoltar isn't pleased to find out about the break-in. Albin explains that the robbers weren't just two men one was the G-Force commander. Albin says it was impossible to stop them. Zoltar says he'll take over and that the next mistake Albin makes will be his last. Albin tells Zoltar he will remain where he is and await further orders. Zoltar ends the communications saying the Great Spirit doesn't tolerate mistakes.

The next day, the largest holiday on Odin is being celebrated. All the people of the capital city have gathered in the plaza next to the Presidential house. G-Force is in attendance in civilian clothes with Tiny and Keyop eating like crazy. Princess asks Mark about the tape from Albin and he's about to hand it to her when an explosion happens near the Presidential house. Mark says it can only be Spectra and that Zoltar has probably changed his plans. He tells the team they can't wait any longer and they take off.

The wheel mech comes ashore after slicing a ship in two in the harbor. The wheel literally crashes the party as it stops in the plaza wrecking everything. Zoltar emerges stating, "Resistance is useless!" and urging Odin surrender to Spectra. The people of Odin fight back with the defense unit firing their weapons. Zoltar intends to "teach them a lesson" and attacks the city starting with the Presidential house by lifting it off the ground. He threatens to turn Odin into rubble but Mark yells out, "Not yet, Zoltar!"

Zoltar stops, wondering who would question him. G-Force flies up from a crater and gives him an answer in a chorus. Zoltar is not pleased to see them again and Keyop calls him, "Purple pirate." Zoltar give thanks to "the Shining One" for the "double pleasure" for taking out G-Force and taking planet Odin. Mark tells Zoltar to gives thanks now because they're "about to put out its light!" Zoltar takes that as a direct insult to the Great Spirit and wants the team destroyed straight away. The building they're standing on crumbles and they land in formation for their Whirlwind Pyramid. They start up and Zoltar decides to retreat but not without taking some swipes at the team before leaving – Jason and Keyop nearly fall out a leg while Tiny is nearly crushed by a claw.

Still on the ground, Mark orders the team to "take cover" from the blast. Mark watches Zoltar take off and he's frustrated beyond belief. Mark calls back to Headquarters with Chief Anderson answering. He tells Mark they all did a great job and to convey his thanks to the rest of the team. However, the chief has bad news: Colonel Cronus has been missing since the first attack. Mark is shocked by the news because he thinks the worst. Chief Anderson repeats that Colonel Cronus is only missing. Mark becomes determined to find him. Princess calls to Mark after the commander runs off but Jason stops her, "You can't help him with this, he has to do it alone."

Zark says that human friendship is a wonderful thing. He's certain that if Colonel Cronus is alive, Mark will find him. Zark admires Mark wanting to help his friend and makes him proud to be part of the G-Force team. Zark is in his Ready Room taking a ten second oil break and reads a book titled "The Power of Positive Computing." He says it gives him calm circuitry and he won't worry again. Except when Susan calls and he's all jumpy. She knows how jangled his Triaxial Connectors get when he's worried. Susan reports that Mark has found Colonel Cronus and together they rescued Colonel Cronus' wife and baby son. Zark says he's going to return the book he's been reading because he only needs Susan to give peace and calm.

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