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BotP Close-up 057

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This week's ep is one of my favorites and I still remember the moment Jason was frozen in Fastest Gun in the Galaxy.

Vargo is a washed-up gunslinger known throughout the galaxy. He's been recently released from prison and Zoltar is keenly interested in Vargo's talents to eliminate G-Force once and for all! What happens next!? Let's see together! :lol: Enjoy!

The Other Jason's write-up is here:

E57: Fastest Gun in the Galaxy

Act One

7-Zark-7 is in Center Neptune, "computerized watch dog" of the whole universe. Zark introduces himself as a finely tuned robot programmed to respond to any interplanetary threat. His "refined" Intelligence Bank holds all the known Spectran agents working on Earth. An example is the "random" selection of Zone 30/RR. Two known agents have moved into the area for an unknown reason. It could be the maximum-security prison San Martin. Zark isn't sure what's going on and decides to look in with his scanner.

At the prison, the doors open with an older man named Vargo and a guard walk out. Vargo is being released after serving 30 years. The guard asks Vargo what he plans to do, is he going to go back west again. Vargo says he used to be the fastest gun in the world but he seems to be too old to return to the life of a gunslinger. The guard wishes Vargo good luck before a car pulls alongside Vargo as the ex-con walks. A goon drives the car while a big guy sits in the back seat.

They want to talk to Vargo and the goon explains they're from "way out west." Vargo is intrigued and climbs into the car with the promise of a new start. He trips on the way to the passenger door but the goon helps him into the front seat. The guy in the back seat tells Vargo he's going on a trip to planet Spectra. The goon tells Vargo he'll like Zoltar who has a big job for him. The guy in the back seat warns Vargo to do it if he wants to see Earth or any other planet again. They drive away from the prison with the goon telling Vargo there are good things ahead for him. The three make the trip to Spectra.

Skylab II is in orbit above Earth when Galaxy Control detects a UFO approaching the space station at light speed. The crew believes it's a meteorite and the station is hit but it's a close flyby. Later, Chief Anderson tells Mark and the team they don't know why the space station was targeted. Jason wonders what Security thinks and the chief explains that Skylab II was shot at. The UFO was a man-made meteorite and Princess says it looks like Spectra's work. Princess wonders what the point is and Jason adds that perhaps they were testing a new weapon with Skylab II being an easy target. Mark says it doesn't make any sense because where Skylab II is located there are several other, and more important, satellites that would have provided more damage to Earth. Jason points out this could only be the beginning of several targets but Chief Anderson says it's possible but Spectra is usually more devious than a frontal assault. Mark says it could Spectra trying to draw the team to them. Chief Anderson wishes them luck but warns it could be a trap.

The team launches from Center Neptune and make their way to Spectra. Zark points out that Spectra is in the Crab Nebula and the trip is "perilous." He also gave the team a read out on the old prisoner Vargo and wonders if he has anything to do with this. Zark must mull this over in his Analyzer Cells. The Phoenix leaves the Milky Way.

At the base, Vargo is sent to meet Zoltar underground. Above ground is a frozen wasteland similar to the Arctic or Antarctic regions on Earth. The guy who sat in the back seat is Vargo's escort to meet Zoltar who welcomes the old gunslinger. Vargo asks Zoltar if he has work for him and wonders what that work could be on an alien planet. Zoltar wants him for some gun work, as long as his skills are still intact. Vargo isn't sure how his fingers still work. Zoltar points out artists don't lose their talents and he's sure the same holds true for Vargo. He knows Vargo was the best on Earth and wants a demonstration. When Zoltar draws a pistol on him making Vargo jump behind his escort and draw that gun. Zoltar is pleased and can't wait to see what other skills Vargo still has. The escort is shocked that Vargo is so good. Vargo also adds that he hasn't touched a gun in 30 years when he reholsters the gun at a distance.

Zoltar then leads him to their newest weapon – the Cryno-Gun. Vargo isn't impressed at first. It's small with a large drill as its nose. Zoltar says they have chosen Vargo to run it and Brock, the guy from the back seat of the car and the escort, will be Vargo's first assistant. Brock is shocked being chosen. Zoltar climbs in and explains the gun will freeze the target when it's fired upon, it's a major breakthrough in weaponry. He goes on to say that G-Force is on their way to Spectra. Vargo's assignment is to freeze them and destroy them. Vargo calls it "another showdown at high noon." As Zoltar hands over the specialized bullets, he tells Vargo not to underestimate G-Force. They're as fast as cheetahs and very cunning. He explains they're highly trained to deal with whatever situation thrown at them. He tells Vargo they have cerebonic implants and just when he thinks he has them, they'll escape. Zoltar tells Vargo to ensure he has them in range, the cartridge will do the rest. Zoltar explains the cartridge holds a combination of cryonic crystals and liquid nitrogen. A direct hit will freeze them in their tracks. Zoltar tells Vargo he wants G-Force eliminated because they stand in his way.

The Phoenix arrives at the Crab Nebula and Spectra. Tiny says something isn't right. They keep their eyes open but someone is "beaming in on our telecomm monitor." Zoltar breaks in telling the team they were expecting them. Mark retorts that their visit will be short but Zoltar answers that they plan to have G-Force for "some time." Mark tells him, "We're not so wild about your planet" and wants Zoltar to show himself. A rotating craft hovers above the frozen wasteland as the Phoenix flies on. Zoltar can see them and tells them they have a reception planned. Through the snowstorm, the Cryno-Gun is finally seen. Tiny asks what it is and Mark doesn't really want to know.

Vargo and Brock sit ready as Zoltar takes off telling Mark the next move is his. Mark pounds the console not willing to play by Zoltar's rules. Jason decides someone has to get a closer look and takes off in the G-2 car. Mark tells him to "hold it" but it's too late, Jason is already off the bridge. Tiny observes that Jason has a short fuse and Mark says all they can do is provide him cover. Mark hopes the gunner is right, this time.

Vargo and Jason meet up with Vargo telling Jason to bring what he has. Jason is surprised to find Vargo who has "picked the wrong planet." Vargo yells at Brock to hold still so he can get a clean shot. Brock yells back about Vargo digging his heels in and kicking him in the face. Vargo calls Brock "Bucko" and to "tend to his knittin'." Brock drives out the Cryno-Gun after Vargo shoves his feet forward. Somehow, Vargo and Brock manage to get behind Jason and the chase is on. Vargo loads a bullet and has a perfect target when Jason jumps his car. Vargo hits the car on the underbelly freezing Jason and his car instantly. The G-2 car lands upside down as Vargo celebrates not being over the hill.

Act Two

Zark is at his monitors getting very bad vibes through his Receptors. He says G-Force is sitting ducks with Zoltar's Cryno-Gun and is judgmental against Security about sending G-Force to Spectra for this mission. He says he's not paid to give opinions but rather programmed to give precise computer read-outs. Zark laments he's not paid at all.

On Spectra, the Phoenix loses the signal on the Spacemobile (G-2 car). Mark tries to contact Jason with no luck. Vargo manages to break into the Phoenix's communications and tells the team they're "wasting their time." He says, "Your partner bit the dust." Keyop doesn't get the dust reference while Princess says Vargo is lying. Vargo taunts them, daring them to send another member out. He asks if they're afraid of a worn-out gunslinger. Tiny retorts, "Old, worn-out windbag." Keyop calls Vargo an "old buzzard." Mark tells the team that Zoltar and Vargo have put down the gauntlet in the form of a challenge. He tells everyone to get ready to go against a weapon they know nothing about. Mark wants everyone to split up but keeps Tiny at the controls once again.

Mark explains that if it weren't for Tiny at the controls, they wouldn't be able to do what needs to be done. He leaves the bridge and takes out his jet. The team splits up with Keyop in his buggy, Princess on her bike and Mark in their jet. Tiny takes the empty Phoenix airborne too to give Vargo a total of four targets. Vargo relishes in the challenge and makes Brock drive out to meet them.

Mark orders the team to outflank him. Keyop plans to make "mincemeat" of Vargo and Princess calls out that she's zeroing in. Vargo and Keyop spar first with Vargo calling their assault a "stampede" and Keyop calls Vargo a "buzzard" again. Keyop keeps flying in and out of the crosshairs. Vargo becomes frustrated and stomps on Brock's shoulders because the driving sucks! Brock calls Vargo a "miserable old man" and wonders how he got stuck with this crap job.

Keyop keeps flying around, never holding still long enough for Vargo to shoot him. Keyop goes underwater with Vargo and Brock following him on the surface. Finally, Vargo is able to hit and freeze Keyop inside his buddy. Tiny becomes incensed and goes after Vargo. Tiny hovers the Phoenix above the Cryno-Gun and blasts them with the retro-engines. Vargo and Brock are bucked around on the water but manage to get out from under the Phoenix. Tiny says, "That's Round One."

Brock positions the Cryno-Gun under some ice and rock. They lie in wait as Tiny dives the Phoenix underwater. Without knowing, Tiny flies right into the crosshairs and Vargo is successful in freezing Tiny and the Phoenix. Vargo and Brock resurface by drilling from their position.

Mark and Princess are the only ones left and she's next! She rides right into the crosshairs with Vargo saying, "A young filly, this is getting easier." Vargo puts her in his sights and shoots but misses! Mark decides to take action and flies his jet toward the Cryno-Gun. Brock comments to Vargo, "Some sharp shooter; couldn't even hit a girl." Princess climbs back on board her bike as Vargo loads the last bullet. He's ready t shoot but the barrel of the gun is too hot. As well, Mark forces the Cryno-Gun to topple when he buzzes the craft. As it topples, the barrel explodes.

In the aftermath, Princess gets off her bike and Mark lands his jet. Vargo somehow was thrown free of the Cryno-Gun and looks up to see Mark and Princess staring down at him. Vargo says they got him but he was able to prove he wasn't over the hill. Mark lectures him that he proved it in the wrong way and on the wrong world. Vargo says it's the only way he knows and Spectra was the only world that wanted him. He drops the five bullet inserts onto the ice. Princess kneels by him telling him they'll take him back to Earth and help him find the right way. Vargo is grateful because he's had 30 years to learn violence doesn't pay but Spectra may never learn. They've had 30,000 years and still haven't learned that lesson!

The team boards the Phoenix and navigates through a snowstorm. Mark tries to contact Center Neptune finally getting through. Zark is on the video monitor with Mark telling him that the mission was accomplished. Zark ask about casualties and Mark answers it was close with three of them being put into deep freeze. However, the effects wore off when the gun was destroyed. Jason is sullen at his radar station and Tiny looks shocked at Mark as they leave the Crab Nebula. The Phoenix flies back to Earth with Mark requesting touchdown clearance with estimated Earth re-entry at 0100 hours. Zark clears them for "semi-ballistic" re-entry.

With that out of the way, Zark is at his monitors grateful the team is arriving home in one piece. Zark can't imagine being turned into a block of ice, it sends cold shivers down his Transducer. Zark is sure Mark is right that Zoltar will have to come up with something new. Zark is certain Zoltar is working on a new monster right now. The robot calls Zoltar a "poor loser."

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