BotP Close-up 062

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BotP Close-up 062

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This week is "Decoys of Doom"! Our fearless commander takes matters into his own hands, leaving his team a little hampered. But as most eps go, all ends pretty well. :) Enjoy! :lol:

The Other Jason's write up is here:

E62: Decoys of Doom

Act One

7-Zark-7 is at his monitors in the "secret and extremely important" defense base Center Neptune. The main purpose is to defend Earth against threats from outer space like Zoltar and planet Spectra in the Crab Nebula. Zark talks about G-Force, five incredible young people with cerebonic implants formed into a "highly specialized team" since almost birth. Zark is the computerized coordinator and all vital information goes through him. He works at the top of the building at Center Neptune after he says he's at the top of G-Force. However, Mark is the commander and Security Chief Anderson oversees the team.

Zark says he's due for an overhaul soon and hopes he'll be taller afterward. He monitors the team day and night and they are currently down on "Security Level" with Chief Anderson. When Zark tunes in, the robot nearly short circuits while their own people are attacking the team! The team goes through their paces destroying all the guns, flamethrowers and huge bombs. They form up in a line only to be revealed to the real team in an observation room!

Chief Anderson introduces them to the "new G-Force." Keyop cracks that they don't need "another me." Tiny adds that they don't need them and Jason points out they're "humanoids." Zark is relieved but wishes Chief Anderson would notify him to prevent an Electrode failure. Meanwhile, the chief briefs the real team that the Cosmic Patrol has ascertained that Spectra has established a base on Earth. He goes on as the team looks down on their doppelgangers saying that Spectra is a dying planet and all previous attacks have failed to gain them the vital natural resources needed to save it.

Chief Anderson tells them that Spectra is planning an all-out attack. The plan is to use the humanoids as bait to lure Spectra out of their base. Mark has reservations about a machine able to do his job better than he can. Princess adds that she thinks it's "creepy" looking down on herself but Mark says, "I've always enjoyed looking at you, Princess." He turns back to the matter at hand wondering when they'll start working with their doubles. Chief Anderson tells a shocked Mark they'll be working as two separate units because the humanoids are expendable.

As the humanoids are lowered into another room, the chief explains that the team is scheduled to be honored at the Coliseum tomorrow in front of thousands of people. The humanoids will take their places due to the team being in a defenseless position to lure out Spectra. Mark is skeptical of the plan because Spectra doesn't fool easily. Chief Anderson concedes it's an outside chance but wants to try anyway. He asks the team if they're willing, they salute and yell, "G-Force!" except Mark, who still has his doubts.

The next day, there is a huge crowd at the Coliseum to witness the ceremony honoring G-Force. As well, the next Monday has been proclaimed a holiday for them throughout the galaxy. Different planetary delegates will be on hand for the ceremony being advertised on all satellite channels. On Spectra, The Luminous One warns Zoltar to be cautious – it considers the situation too good to be true. Zoltar says it's the perfect opportunity to take out G-Force once and for all. The Luminous One warns of a trap but tells Zoltar they are his responsibility. Zoltar proclaims they will not be a hindrance after today.

Zoltar takes a space shot to Earth while the Cosmic Patrol has warned of a strange craft heading for Earth. Zark alerts all defenses as a tickertape parade is held for G-Force. The five humanoids ride in a car behind a marching band. The real team gazes down from a tower with Keyop saying, "Hooray us!" and Princess remarking sarcastically, "Hey team, don't we look important?" Jason adds, "Not to me, my double is acting like a big hero. I've got to talk to him." Tiny doesn't mind his double, "He's got my strong macho character." Mark walks out not saying a word. Princess asks him about leaving and Mark answers he feels silly watching himself. In the hall, Mark looks back before taking off.

At the Coliseum, the stage is set awaiting G-Force. Zark mentions that he contacted Mark about the threat but isn't sure about the change of plans. Zark's programming doesn't deal well with changes. Meanwhile, all the dignitaries are ready for the team to show any second. Below the stage, Mark grabs his double and orders him to return to the team. Mark takes his place as the team doubles appear on the stage. Chief Anderson approaches with Mark trying to hide from him that he's real.

Just before Chief Anderson stands in front of Mark, Spectra make its move. The chief runs and radios the team telling them "the decoys are being attacked" and to turn on their monitor. The team watches as a giant demon-like mech has frozen everyone in sight. Chief Anderson orders them to the Tracking Room but Tiny says they can't they're still waiting on Mark. The chief tells them to forget Mark and go to the Tracking Room just as the transmission cuts off.

'Mark' returns with Jason telling him that Spectra is attacking. Tiny adds, "The Red Alert is on!" They run out with Princess being the only one to stop and realize it's the double! "You're not Mark!" Princess knows the implications are that Mark is alone with the humanoid doubles.

Defenses deploy to stop the demon mech with no success. The mech spits a beam that freezes everything on contact including the ground-based guns and the jet fighters. Zark laments about Mark being with the doubles and "not back leading his team." On board the mech, a fish costumed commander says Zoltar will be pleased. A goon mentions that G-force has strange powers and they notice a car leaving the scene. The commander chooses to give chase.

Mark drives the car carrying the doubles on a mountain road with the mech right behind them. They fire the beam several times, missing each time, but it forces Mark to wreck. The mech spits its beam and freezes the doubled G-Force and Mark. The mech picks up the car and flies away into a black cloud.

Chief Anderson watches on monitor everything that happened. There is nothing surprising and once the car is picked up, the chief tells the technician to track the doubles. As the tracking progresses, Princess calls in via video to inform Chief Anderson that Mark is with the doubles! The chief tells her that Mark "threw us a curve" but he's sending a signal and they are tracking it. Chief Anderson tells them that Jason is in command of the Phoenix and to take Mark's double with them after Princess says the double is with them.

The Phoenix launches from Center Neptune and the chief directs them to the Arctic Circle. He says they've searched there before without any success. It's now up to Mark.

Act Two

Zark paces because he's worried about Mark going off with the doubles. They're only machines after all programmed to defend themselves and not make higher order decisions, like Zark. Now that they're captured, Mark can signal out to lead the team to the location.

At the base, the frozen car sits in a bubble and is thawed out leaving the occupants unharmed. Mark signals out and Princess receives it saying the signal is strong. When Tiny asks what it says, Princess shuts down telling her teammates that Mark sometimes sends her personal messages. Keyop points to the double, "Not him." Princess walks to the double saying he looks like Mark and wonders if he would send her any personal messages. The double responds in a machine-like way with both Jason and Tiny voicing frustration. Princess says he makes her think that they still have their leader. Keyop brings everyone back to task – to find Mark!

Princess puts her bracelet into her console to triangulate Mark's position. Tiny says with the coordinates, he can take it from here. Jason adds that Mark is at least doing something right. Princess tells Tiny full jet power as they close in on the base. Meanwhile at the base, Mark and the doubles defend themselves against Spectra's forces. The commander decides to play dirty energizing a line that incinerates the double. Mark stays on the floor allowing the rubble to crash around him. After the doubles are destroyed, the commander contacts Zoltar who is very pleased and orders him to launch immediately to take out Earth's energy complex.

The commander orders all the men on board the mech except for security guards at the base. He also wants all the Kryptolite to be loaded before launch. A huge mechanism vacuums the Kryptolite on board. Mark flies into the vacuum as it retreats and sets a timed explosive into his boomerang and he shoots it into the base. Meanwhile, the Phoenix keeps up its hunt for Mark with Tiny asking for a read-out from Princess. They close in with a strong ping on the radar screen.

The boomerang blows up destroying the base but nearby the black cloud appears. The Phoenix is sucked in. The team finds they're face-to-face with the demon mech. Jason orders "full jets and climb" to get away. The mech hits the Phoenix with the freeze beam but only nicks the ship. However, the ice spreads and Princess suggests Fiery Phoenix. Jason says it's a no-go due to multiple cracks in the ship. What they need is a diversion. Princess tells the humanoid Mark that they need his help but it could mean his destruction. The humanoid says it's programmed to obey and it moves to go into the bubble. Princess says she hates to do it and Tiny agrees. Jason tells them there's no time for sentiment as he buckles in and tells everyone to take their stations for blast off.

The double takes off from the Phoenix gaining Spectra's attention as the ship flies out of range. Jason orders Fiery Phoenix as Mark's double continues to fly around while the Spectrans try to shoot him with the Cosmic Beam. The Phoenix changes into the Fiery Phoenix while Mark's double is frozen and crashes in an explosion. The commander contacts Zoltar saying he saw G-Force's destruction with his own eyes. Zoltar doesn't believe it and he orders them destroyed now.

Mark finds the main power plant and tries to figure out a way to sabotage it. The Fiery Phoenix tries to outrun the mech and it fires its Z-Ray without any effect. The commander orders the Cosmic Beam as nothing can stand up against it. The goon powers up the Cosmic Beam with the generator reversing. Mark dumps the Kryptolite into the generator before it starts up again to build Warp power. The commander tells his triggerman to not miss.

The generator fails as the team is reaching its limit of being under the Fiery Phoenix. The commander readies to leave the bridge but it stopped by Mark, "You won't have time to check that turbine!" The commander can't believe because Mark was taken out. Mark smarts off to the commander about Earth believing Spectra is gone too. The commander tells Mark he's come to the end his nine lives but Mark makes a run for it. Mark goes for a closing hatch but falls just short. The commander takes the gun to shoot the Cosmic Ray but the mech self-destructs due to the generator blowing up. The mech crashes into the mountains as the Phoenix returns to normal.

Tiny circles around to try to find Mark and they find him near the crash site, they see Mark flying covered by the wings from the doubles. Tiny swings in to pick him up on Jason's "best order you've given all day." When Mark returns to the bridge, Princess runs to hug him then pounds on him because he worried her so much. The rest of the team is relieved to see him too, especially Keyop.

Zark stands at his monitors saying that G-Force defeated Zoltar once again and now they can have some peace. Zark wonders where he'll go for his vacation then considers it a dumb question. He wonders if there's something wrong in his Audio-Phaser.

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2021. No reproduction of any kind without permission.
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