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BotP Close-up 067

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This week the team faces a huge challenge - the Phoenix is destroyed!!! (NO!! Wah!!! Not the the bluebird of happiness!! *sniff*). Oh wait, sorry about the digression. :D

This is it, Zoltar appears to have a mech that can take out G-Force once and for all. But wait! Not all is lost! Like her mythic namesake, our Phoenix rises from the ashes stronger than ever! :) It's the Raid of the Space Octopus! Enjoy! :)

The Other Jason's write-up is here:

E67: Raid of the Space Octopus

Act One

7-Zark-7 is chatting up CB talk at his monitors in the control room with a robot pilot on his way to the Big Dipper. "10-4, Big Twinkle, I copy. Pick up some motion lotion and do it to it, for home twenty. Cut some Zs on the backstroke, we gone." Zark says it's small talk they do from time to time, similar to "What do you hear from the computers over on Sagittarius?" or "Met any neat new robot on Corona Borealis lately?" He usually doesn't have time for jibber jabber because he's the eyes for G-Force keeping a constant watch for alien invaders.

Zark needs to check on Earth and everything seems to be in order. The energy plants and supply areas are running smoothly. He goes on to explain there are planets whose resources are almost gone. Earth has dug deep to tap into new sources of energy including the molten core. Everything on Earth is so far peaceful as scientists work to stretch Earth's resources to maximum benefit. So far G-Force has been able to repel all attacks but Zark is certain Spectra will strike again soon.

On Spectra, the Luminous One tells Zoltar their galaxy is doomed unless they possess Earth as a supply base. Zoltar says he understands but the Luminous One is doubtful because he has sent Zoltar down to Earth many times and has come back empty handed. Zoltar swears by the dual red suns in the sky that Earth will be conquered this time. The Luminous One is still doubtful asking how he plans to accomplish this. Zoltar has created a new weapon powered electronically and controlled by him. The Luminous One reminds Zoltar that the failure will be his alone to bear.

Zoltar is ready and the Luminous One tells him the new base is in a remote area of the Arctic where the "polar magnetic currents" will disrupt any scanning equipment. It orders Zoltar to strike at Earth's power centers and prevent Earth from making Vitalumous, thus crippling the Federation. Earth will be an easy target to conquer. Zoltar promises that Earth will be destroyed and he will return victorious.

The pair continue their conversation as Zoltar hovers above the Arctic. The Luminous One says Zoltar has succeeded thus far in avoiding detection. He should be able to complete the surprise attack. However, Zark receives an alert from Interplanetary Patrol due to an unidentified alien object orbiting near Earth. Zolar arrives at his Arctic base while Zark verifies through his Receptors that the threat is from Spectra.

Spectra's latest weapon, an octopus/hexagon-shaped mech moves in on a city where evacuations have been ordered. Zark laments about not being able to contact Mark while the mech attacks with ray beams leaving rubble in its wake. Zark contacts all of G-Force including Mark who is flying his plane. Zark tells them to "scramble" to their command ship because Spectra is attacking Earth's power centers. Mark transmutes, docks with the Phoenix and runs to the bridge. Keyop greets him, "About time!"

Mark takes his seat apologizing, he was "taking a little pleasure cruise over the islands." He also tells the team that Zark says Spectra is up to their old tricks. Mark asks what the latest is with Tiny answering that Chief Anderson is calling. The chief briefs them Spectra is aiming for their power plants, specifically those feeding the Vitalumous factories. Mark asks for the coordinates and types on his side console pulling up a map. Chief Anderson answers, "106 by 34 degrees East." He goes on to say the "space octopus" is moving north at about 350 knots. It seems to be closing in on Energy Complex AB-2. Chief Anderson tells them their orders are to go to battle stations while Zark gives them computer support to accomplish the mission.

After Chief Anderson signs off, Mark asks the navigator, Jason, what their present course is. However, Jason isn't responsive – he sits with his eyes closed and arms crossed. Mark yells at him, "Jason! Get with it! … Energy Complex AB-Z." Jason inputs the information and reports the flight path is locked in. He orders, "Activate ANL" to "get a reading on that space lobster." Princess corrects him saying octopus but the team knows something is up with the gunner. Jason retorts, "All seafood turns me off." Tiny tells him to stop because Jason is making him hungry! Mark tells them all to stop because they're approaching the "attack area" and wants the Thermodyne Booster.

The mech goes after the Energy Complex with its beams as the Phoenix closes in to engage. Princess reports "rocket missile pod ready but energy shield controls are jammed." Mark says the Spectra craft is jamming them and he tells Princess to keep working on the problem. Mark asks Jason who suggests they try the missile pod. Meanwhile, Zoltar orders his men to take out the Phoenix because G-Force is having problems with their command ship. Mark tells the team to "hang tight" as they approach and Tiny answers, "I know."

<P>The mech breaks apart into five separate vehicles that duplicate the main ship. Keyop says there's "too many." Zoltar orders, "retract Thermo-couplings and ignite Iron engines!" He wants all units to attack as a bird missile is launched but destroyed by a laser before it can cause any damage. The laser takes out the missile launch system next causing a fire aboard the Phoenix! Zoltar orders a regrouping while Mark calls off the engagement. Jason asks about Auxiliary power but Mark's only answer is "out!" He runs off the bridge with the rest of the team following except Tiny who takes the Phoenix into a climb. Mark says they have just enough time to reach the Emergency Center.

Tiny takes the Phoenix to a higher altitude to escape but Zoltar and his mech follow. Mark, in his jet, asks Tiny how much time – they have 70 seconds until "transmute." Mark wants it speeded up but Tiny says they have to wait for a power build up. They hover with the octopus mech above them while Zoltar gloats that he has them right where he wants them. Mark orders transmute to Fiery Phoenix as Tiny dives the ship straight down. Zoltar orders the mech to follow. The Fiery Phoenix emerges while "Cell Missiles" are unleashed on the Phoenix. It becomes too much to handle as Zolter gleefully watches the Phoenix go down in literal flames. He gets delusions of grandeur taking over the Federation as nothing will be able to stop Spectra.

The team isn't giving up with Mark ordering Tiny to level off by kicking in the Gravity Neutralizer and to initiate Reverse Boosters. Tiny has his hands full as the throttle won't budge and the ship falls out of transmute. The Retro engines kick in and the Phoenix makes a vertical landing but she's fully engulfed in flames. The team exits post haste when Mark tells the team, "Scramble! It's gonna blow any second!" He egresses from his jet, Jason leaps from the car, Keyop slides out of his buggy, and Tiny helps Princess out her pod. They hide behind a dune as the Phoenix explodes spectacularly. Tiny laments, "I'd never thought I'd see the day." Jason is grateful they're not all "still inside." Mark gets down to business, determined to "win the war."

Act Two

Zark's antennae are down because losing the Phoenix is a major blow to G-Force. If he had a heart, it'd be in his mouth – if he had either of those. Zark goes to his monitors to complete some "heavy work." He must design a better Phoenix than the last in time to stop Zoltar. He wonders when he'll be redesigned with the latest components.

In Chief Anderson's office, Keyop flops onto a couch, "Could be a lot worse." Mark kicks himself for not realizing Zoltar would bring his "iron coupler into play" but Princess says, "No regrets." Mark counters that they should have been able to beat him and Jason wants another round – they'll take care of him. Tiny wonders if the new Phoenix will be ready soon. Chief Anderson enters the room with a "hi" and tells G-Force the recovery team has sifted through the Phoenix's wreckage. Mark wants to know what they did with the results of their analysis. The chief answers that the results have been given to Zark's Aerodyne Computer but the new Phoenix isn't ready yet, no matter how much Mark insists that all they need is the new ship. Chief Anderson says they need to be patient.

Mark pounds the wall at Center Neptune in frustration. Mark takes responsibility for losing the ship but Jason says because of Mark, everyone got out safely and most important: "No one is blaming anyone." Chief Anderson sneaks in behind them, telling Mark to save his energy and to look. The chief opens a covered window – it's the new Phoenix being built right there in Center Neptune! Chief Anderson tells them that Zark went back to the blueprints and made some "brilliant" new additions. Princess asks when will it be ready with the chief saying another two days but the crews are working around the clock. Jason snarks, "Great! Meanwhile Zoltar runs wild." Chief Anderson tells them that regular Defense Forces will do their best to handle Zoltar until the team can get back after him.

At another Energy Complex, the octopus mech has a field day destroying the complex and the defense forces. Meanwhile, the new Phoenix is ready! Keyop says, "New model" before Chief Anderson tells the team all last minute checks have been completed. He orders them to go as this could be their last chance to stop Spectra. The chief talks to Zark over the phone passing on the new information that the other mechs are "self-energizing drones." They also know Zoltar has attacked the city and is headed toward them. Chief Anderson tells them to get airborne now!

Zoltar is having a good day knowing that G-Force and "their spaceship" will no longer be a problem. He foresees Earth as a base in which to take over the entire galaxy. A goon tells him that a ship is "coming up fast." Meanwhile, the Phoenix closes in with Mark anxious to know what the new ship will do. Tiny flies her around the multiple ships as they had just broken up. Zoltar gives chase as G-Force lures the mech(s) away from the city.

On board the Phoenix, Mark is happy Zoltar has "taken the bait." He tells the team it's time to check all the new stuff Zark put into the new ship and runs off the bridge with his teammates behind him. Tiny retains control at the main console. Once Mark reaches his jet he asks, "Ready for fun and games!?" Tiny answers, "Just lay the word on me." Princess has a bubble lock her into her bike, Keyop buckles up, and Jason does as well.

The Phoenix hovers over some mountainous terrain waiting for Zoltar who realizes they're catching up. Mark gives the go-ahead to split up and the team does just that. Zoltar wants G-Force taken out for good this time. "No more escapes!" The mechs break apart into the five units and Mark is the first to engage. Mark calls out, "Here you go, creepy crawler!" and fires the laser weapon just behind his canopy! The drone explodes. As he's driving, Jason says, "I want the one with the six bow legs!" pressing a button to separate the front of his car to reveal a Gatling gun! He shoots down the second drone in a fireball of glory! Princess is next. She sits on a cliff, "Okay octopi, in your eye!" She splits her motorcycle vertically and shoots anti-aircraft arsenal at the craft. The recoil pushes her into the rock face but all is good. Three mechs are now destroyed.

Keyop evades some laser fire, "My turn!" and brings the buggy in to drop a lighted bomb onto the fourth mech! Leaving Zoltar's command ship as the last one, the team regroups and the Phoenix gains on them and in a hurry. Zoltar orders full jets to try to escape. Mark orders the "rocket bay" open and Tiny is up to press the launch button! Two huge missiles drop from the Phoenix's belly ready to strike. Zoltar isn't sure how he's going to explain his defeat to the Luminous One but he makes a retreat nonetheless. Zoltar and Tiny press the buttons at the same time – one ejects Zoltar out of the mech, Tiny launches both missiles to the octopus mech. It blows up and Zoltar takes off in a personalized rocket ship! Zoltar vows to return, "more determined than ever" to conquer Earth.

On board the Phoenix, Mark appreciates the peaceful sky but Jason reminds him it won't last as Zoltar will be back. Tiny feels kind of sorry for Zoltar and gets funny looks from his teammates. He explains things will be kind of dull without him around, but for now, he's hungry and wants go get some space burgers! Mark is amazed that Tiny can do a dangerous mission then start eating. Jason adds, "Nothing can kill his appetite." Mark praises his teammates for each stepping up and doing their jobs in top fashion – he's proud of each of them. They fly hope ready to take on whatever is thrown at them next.

Zark knows too that Zoltar will be back because somehow his men were able to escape as well. He's still at his monitors wondering when the team will invite him on one of their missions to Mars or something. After all, he did give them all their snazzy individual vehicles. But Zark doesn't have a winged cape, he can't fly, or a boomerang like Mark has. He doesn't have an electronic bolo like Princess or Keyop, he's not as strong as Tiny or daring as Jason. He would just drag the team down in outer space.

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2021. No reproduction of any kind without permission.
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