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BotP Close-up 071

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Hi all! This week we have a jam-packed ep with The Alien Bigfoot. Keyop tries to take on Zoltar and his Spectra goons all by himself (are we really surprised!?) :) But his teammates back him all the way!

We also discover there's a mystery surrounding Zoltar and who the true leader of Spectra is. The LO is not a nice character!

For me personally, this was the last ep I watched in the mid-1980s. I remember because of the discussion about Zoltar and the long, blonde hair. I wouldn't see Battle again for 14 years when I happened upon this fandom. It didn't hurt that G-Force (the Turner production) was airing on Cartoon Network at the time (1995ish). Ah, memory lane - got love it!

On another personal note, if you guys read these plots and see something amiss, please let me know and I will fix it!! :)

Enjoy this week's plot! :)

As always, The Other Jason's write-up is here:

E71: The Alien Bigfoot

Act One

7-Zark-7 travels in his vacuum tube to the Control Room saying it's a rare moment when everything is peaceful and quiet. However, he was only able to enjoy two seconds of his ten second oil break due to "an intriguing mystery." Landing in the control room, Zark says there are reports coming in from Tibet about an "alien bigfoot." Zark finds it incredible that the story of the abominable snowman has lived all the way into "our time." Zark flies to his monitors commenting that two top scientists, Cameron and Ward, have gone to the area to investigate. The two are experienced in mountain climbing, nearing the area of the sightings and if there's any truth to the rumors, they'll find it. Zark will try to tune in to the area but Polar Magnetic disturbances are messing up his Intermediate Frequency Transformers.

In the Himalayas, the scientific party drives to the region where the sightings have occurred. The scientists make camp and Zark decides to contact them in the morning. A brutal snowstorm rages outside as the scientists discuss the Yeti stories they've heard over the years – getting wilder all the time. One (Ward) proposes that it's a wild yak and then wonders if the thing is real. Through the blinding snow, a giant with red eyes moves on the camp as the scientists continue to talk. They don't expect to see anything, except the giant steps on their tent! As one of the scientists (Cameron) signals for help, the giant picks up a truck and throws it causing a big explosion.

G-Force is hanging out in their Ready Room with Princess and Keyop playing music, Tiny eating space burgers while Mark and Jason play ping-pong. Both boys complain about the music. Jason says, "This is the first time I ever danced to a game of ping-pong." Mark asks Princess to pick up the beat because the current one is too slow for his game. Princess counters, "Sorry, we play for music lovers, not muscle men." Keyop starts a drum solo based on the "faster" request causing Mark to misfire his ping-pong and know the space burger out of Tiny's hand. After he's done, Keyop says, "Muscle builder beat."

Zark calls in with a Red Alert explaining that Cameron and Ward sighted an alien bigfoot in the Himalayas and "got out fast." Zark says the scientists are on their way back and tells the team to standby. He goes on saying Chief Anderson will make a decision soon on whether to send the team or not. The team salutes and chants, "G-Force!"

Later, Keyop packs everything he has to go to the Himalayas and jumps into his buggy to go. He's determined to capture 'Bigfoot.' Mark's in bed asleep when he's awakened due to his bracelet chiming. It's Princess reporting that Keyop just took off to capture the alien bigfoot. Mark tells her to get a hold of him to turn around but she's tried and she can't get through. Mark blows it off and goes back to sleep. Princess tries Jason next with pretty much the same results. Jason doesn't believe Keyop will go all the way to Tibet alone.

Along with the bigfoot sightings, there are now reports of several ships mysteriously crashing during Earth landings. The team shows at Center Neptune reporting to Chief Anderson who notices they're "one short." He asks where Keyop is with Princess telling him that Keyop went to the Himalayas to capture Bigfoot. The chief calls Keyop's actions "rash and impetuous" because he reminds them they work as a team! Tiny wonders what the emergency is due to Zark telling them it was another Red Alert.

Chief Anderson briefs the team that three spacecraft have crashed since yesterday! Mark finds it unbelievable, "The Space Landing Entry System has been perfected for years." Jason says it would take Zoltar five minutes to mess it up. The chief agrees that Zoltar could be behind it. The chief tells them the latest ship went down in the Himalayas when its inertial guidance system went out just prior to re-entry. Chief Anderson also briefs them that all three ships reported the same problem just before Zark's Receptor went dead. He goes on to say that they said a beam was playing havoc with their controls and points to the position where two Alpha Centauri freighters went down. The chief says the survivors are being questioned now and that Zark feels Spectra is behind these crashes too – engineering them from a secret base in the Himalayas. Mark surmises that Bigfoot could be part of Zoltar's operation with Jason adding, "That means little Keyop is walking into a big bundle of trouble." Mark concludes there's no way Keyop can handle all of it on his own and tells the team to go.

Keyop arrives in the Himalayas as Zark finally tracked him down and can tell G-Force where he is. Keyop drives into a town where he meets a man with a hotel room for "500 gold yenkels" with the bathroom down the hall and the meals are extra. He even drops the price to 450 but when Keyop tells him he has no gold yenkels, the man brushes Keyop off telling him to "get lost" and goes elsewhere to sell his room. Keyop calls the man "rent gouger" but the place is so crowded, the man can be price gouger.

Keyop improvises and put wheels on his pack to climb the trail saying he needs a mule. He gets to the end of the line and there are people lining all the ridges up and down the mountain! Meanwhile, the Luminous One lets Zotar have it because the last thing it wants is a lot of attention. Zoltar's intent was to keep people away until they perfected the Disruptor Beam. The Luminous One admonishes Zoltar because the Inter-frequency Disruptor was perfected! The Luminous One tells Zoltar they only need a few more crashes and Earth will be ready to surrender.

That night on the mountain, there are hundreds of tents set up. Keyop sits in his tent during a snowstorm lamenting that all those people are trying to spot Bigfoot. Their wishes are about to come true when the giant appears again with its red eyes. When the ground shudders, Keyop sneaks a peak out of his tent in time to see the giant stomping around, taking out tents as it goes. Keyop screams and goes back into his tent calling it "King Kong!" The attack gets underway when Keyop calls his teammates who are on their way. Mark answers wanting Keyop to speak up and just as the smallest teammate answers, his tent is ripped apart! "Don't ask!" Mark tries again as Keyop watches a giant hand move towards him. Princess desperately tries to locate him but she doesn't have any success However, Jason has better luck finally "getting a fix on the little guy." Mark tells Tiny to "bank north" to buzz some mountain peaks "with full jets."

The next morning, the devastation is apparent with debris all over the mountain. A goon rides a snow machine to the site assessing if there is anything worthwhile to take. A second goon joins the first and they soon spot Keyop in the snow wondering if he's a dog or a human. The walk to him, kicking him over and he immediately recognizes them as Spectra! Now the goons have no idea what to do with him!

Act Two

Zark stands in the control room with 1-Rover-1 by his side saying G-Force is on their way to Tibet to investigate the bigfoot mystery. He flies to his monitors praising his skills and expecting to be able to go to outer space one day because he's so good at it. Rover helicopters over. Zark tells Rover that he can accompany Zark to outer space because he wants to visit Canis Major, the Dog Star, one day. Zark works to bring the Phoenix onto his monitor to see how G-Force is progressing.

The Phoenix flies in over the massive campsite, but it's deserted. Mark tells Tiny to land and they disembark to look around. Mark recognizes Keyop's tent and Jason walks over to peer inside. Thankfully, Keyop isn't there but Jason notices it looks like Keyop left in a big hurry. Mark asks if there are any signs of trouble with Jason saying that leaving all his gear behind isn't a good sign. Princess comments that something made everyone clear out with Tiny adding,, "Bigfoot or Zoltar. I don't know which one of 'em is worse." Mark says he hates to think that Keyop is out there running blindly in the snow. Scanning the mountaintops, it's desolation as far as the eye can see. Suddenly, the team gets an alert – it's Keyop! Princess answers with Mark commenting that it sounds like Keyop's underwater.

Keyop is in the middle of washing dishes as the two goons decided to take him back to the base. They have completing mundane tasks and his latest is to take a tray to Zoltar. After Keyop wheels the cart out, two goons talk about where Keyop was found. The goon that brought him in thinks he's from "a weird, far off galaxy because talks funny and acts spooky." Keyop keeps going, now in an oversized goon uniform toward Zoltar's chambers. He stops just outside as the Luminous One is still not happy about Bigfoot being used too soon. He tells Zoltar that not has G-Force been alerted, but the whole world seems to know now. The Luminous One cautions Zoltar that G-Force has arrived and will be ready for anything. Zoltar is confident that they won't stand a chance against Spectra's Disruptor Beam. Keyop talks to himself, but a little too loud because Zoltar is alerted to his presence. Keyop rolls in the cart in and Zoltar chews him out. "Knock first!" The leader then kicks Keyop out after the G-Forcer lingers too long.

In a repair bay, Keyop works on a snow machine for the two goons who brought him to the base. They have another job for him because he's handy with tools – to work on their two-legged mech in the storeroom. Keyop opens the door and runs into Bigfoot! One of the goons laughs saying it's nothing but "a pile of junk" run by zicronian batteries. When Keyop says the mech scared him, the goon explains that's what it's supposed to do – scare people to keep them from nosing around. He then wants Keyop to get the engine working again.

Keyop has had enough and throws his goon mask on the floor. He signals his teammates again and the Phoenix flies out of the snow. Meanwhile, the Luminous One appears telling Zoltar that G-Force is on its way and to assemble his men. Zoltar wants the "assembly alert" sounded. With his men gathered, Zoltar tells them the Great Spirit has informed him that G-Force has discovered their secret hideout but they will fall to their defenses. He orders his men to their stations to ready for the assault by G-Force.

On the mountainside, snow and ice fall away to reveal anti-aircraft gun placements. Meanwhile, the Phoenix is flying in hot and Mark orders Repeller Force Field activated. Mark wants Tiny to get in as close as possible while Zoltar gives the order to fire. It's a free-for-all in the mountain pass as the Phoenix flies through. Tiny is glad to be out of it but Mark tells him to get ready to go again. Tiny can't believe it and Jason reminds Mark that Keyop is still down there – somewhere. Mark believes that Keyop wouldn't have given the signal to attack if he didn't have a plan but Princess is worried because he'll be in the middle of it. Mark tells Tiny to make another fly-by with Tiny saying he hopes Keyop knows what he's doing.

Zoltar is beyond frustrated not knowing how they skirt by him every time. Mark gets an idea to use nature in their favor. There's "a lot of snow" on the mountain and Tiny maneuvers the Phoenix in such a way as the explosions start an avalanche! The Phoenix continues to fly around as snow makes its way into the batteries firing at G-Force. The snow stops the batteries and Bigfoot activates breaking into Zoltar's chambers. Jut after, the Phoenix rams its way into the room as well. Zoltar tries to make a break for it but is tripped up by Keyop's bolos thrown from inside Bigfoot.

Keyop emerges from Bigfoot, "Got him!" Mark, Jason and Princess stand in the bubble on the Phoenix. Mark tells Keyop good job as Keyop brags about getting both Bigfoot and Zoltar! Mark approaches Zoltar who is extremely nervous and begs to be released. Zoltar tells Mark that G-Force has won. Mark grabs Zoltar's collar and says this is what they've all been waiting for! Mark takes off Zoltar's mask only to see long blonde hair and an incalculable energy that renders G-Force helpless. The Luminous One reveals itself taunting G-Force about Spectra's true leader and unstoppable "mystic power" it possesses. It also tells them that one day it will succeed in conquering "your planet." The team collapses as the Luminous One does not show any mercy.

Later, the team awakens to find Bigfoot, Zoltar and whatever the Luminous One is gone. Tiny slept through the whole thing. When they come to, they're disoriented at first. Jason speaks quietly likening the Luminous One to a weird ghost. Mark isn't sure if he was dreaming or not – did he actually see Zoltar with long blonde hair? Princess backs up his assessment but she wonders if they were both dreaming. Keyop wonders if Zoltar was wearing a wig. Mark doesn't discount the possibility but finds it hard to believe the leader of Spectra is actually a woman but he swears he saw one.

The team boards the Phoenix where Tiny (Mark's voice) laughs at the rest of them. Tiny can't believe the story telling them they need a long vacation or "they're gonna start lookin' into your heads." Tiny apologizes for the last remark when no one reacts. The Phoenix heads home as Zark says the mystery of Bigfoot is solved and the Disruptor Beam lies in ruin in the bottom of Spectra's secret base. He adds they have an even bigger mystery on their hands – was that actually Zoltar with long blonde hair? Zark wonders if they'll ever know. He moves on to the Bigfoot, almost being ashamed to be a robot since Bigfoot was a robot too. Zark pats Rover who's trying to hide but Zark tells him he's friendly and intelligent and nothing like the Bigfoot. Susan calls in, wondering too. Zark confirms she's friendly, intelligent but he's not sure about "loving." Susan says, "Try me." Zark asks her to call back later, when he's alone. Zark now wonders if being kissed by a girl is anything like being kissed by a dog.

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2021. No reproduction of any kind without permission.
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