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BotP Close-up 088

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Hi all! It's Thursday and that means another plot! :lol:

This week is one of the best examples of things being implied and suggested by the series through dialogue. It gives depth to the Battle universe as we know it with big time discussions about espionage and those behind it. It also gives us some insight into the inner workings of Spectra and how they show no mercy on their subjugated planets. It's very interesting and while I know there's a lot of editing from the original Gatchaman ep, I still like this one a lot. (so sue me! :lol: ) In the meantime, enjoy this week's plot: Tentacles from Space!! :)

The Other Jason's write-up is here:

E88: Tentacles from Space

Act One

7-Zark-7 works in Center Neptune, "hidden away at the bottom of the sea." He stands at his monitors with 1-Rover-1 watching as Zark guides G-Force back home after a successful mission. They go into Time Warp, which is so fast that Zark's own calculators have a tough time keeping up. Rover yips about going along and Zark tells him that he will take Rover along and they'll be "zooming" out into the "wild black yonder."

Zark speaks to Mark on video telling the team they're coming back for some well-earned R&R. However, Mark says Chief Anderson contacted them and they won't have time for R&R due to another mission. They have to see the chief in Security when they land. Zark says it must be due to a major development in the Professor Starke case. The professor discovered a formula to duplicate animal protein from common soil down to the last amino acid.

Chief Anderson briefs the team about Professor Starke of the Galactic Research Center. When Jason asks if this was why the chief asked them in, Chief Anderson explains Professor Starke is a controversial figure, perhaps even a traitor. Mark is surprised by the jump "from scientific to traitor." Chief Anderson goes on to say that they are trying to give the professor the benefit of the doubt but he refuses to say anything about the matter. Keyop calls it "a real spy thriller." Tiny doesn't know why they've been called in due to "all the crack investigators."

The chief walks to his desk and confirms Tiny's statement. However, this case is unique and right up Mark's alley. Mark balks because he has no connection with Professor Starke. Chief Anderson pulls out an envelope and hands it to Mark hoping to jog his memory. Mark takes the envelope and opens it while the rest of the team gathers around him. He flips through the pictures as the last one stands out – she's a rock singer at Spaceport 5 Disco, "the one for aliens." Chief Anderson shows them what's left of Professor Starke's formula as he explains that Spectran agent, codename "Hanna." She showed up at a stake out they had on Professor Starke. Princess can't believe it – Professor Starke working with Spectra.

Mark asks outright if the chief wants them to find Hanna and the chief confirms that's exactly what they need to do. Hanna disappeared when Professor Starke was taken into custody and that's when he shut down. Chief Anderson explains they don't want to put someone of Professor Starke's stature on trial but there's no doubt he met with Spectran agents. A friend of the professor's, Dr. Hobson, has told Security that the protein formula that Hanna tried to burn is a fake!

On Spectra, the Luminous One is about to lose his mind – it's tired of the repeated failures. It knows that Hanna has betrayed them and orders Zoltar to obtain the protein formula or make sure no one else can get it. Zoltar tells the Luminous One it will be done because he's put Korag in charge. The Luminous One asks if Korag is from Sigma Minor and Zoltar confirms this. The Luminous One is pleased with the "intelligent" choice of Korag. Someone who even G-Force cannot defeat.

Zoltar confers with Korag who gives Zoltar a lot of mouth because he doesn't think highly of either Zoltar or the Luminous One. Regardless, Zoltar informs Korag they will be watching him on this mission. Zoltar tells Korag he is to find Professor Starke and eliminate him.

The Phoenix launches out of Center Neptune to search for a Spectran invader – a spaceship Zark followed to Earth then lost when it disappeared off radar. Mark and Princess got to the Galactic Research Center to speak to Dr. Hobson while the others try to find the Spectran ship. Dr. Hobson tells the pair he'd stake his professional reputation on the fact that the formula given to Hanna was a fake, even after Mark asks if he's sure. Princess asks why would Professor Starke even meet with a Spectra agent just to hand off a fake formula. Dr. Hobson says he's been asked that before by Security but he has no idea. He goes on, saying Professor Starke was a "troubled man" since his wife died in a fire that swept through their building. Dr. Hobson explains Professor Starke stopped caring after she died – his work and his wife were everything to him. He tells them the formula only now exists in Professor Starke's head because the written formula was destroyed in the fire.

A group of pigeons congregates on an open windowsill before suddenly flying in every direction. Dr. Hobson goes to tell them Professor Starke in being held in solitary by Security because he refuses to talk. Dr. Hobson has tried to see him but the professor doesn't want to even see him. On top of everything else, the fire that killed his wife was ruled as arson but the case outcome is unknown. Dr. Hobson warns if Professor Starke dies, the protein formula dies with him.

Mark and Princess hang out near a window in one of the buildings. They watch people in the courtyard while discussing the case. Mark just knows that Spectra is behind everything while Princess laments Professor Starke being in an isolation cell. As they walk away, a pair of artillery shells flies into the Center and explode in a "storage facility" causing quite a bit of damage. Princess states Spectra has to be behind the attack with Mark adding Zoltar is seeking revenge for not gaining Professor Starke's formula. He also notes that the professor is most likely the next target. The flock of pigeons hovers outside the building while Mark talks.

What appears to be a castle in the middle of nowhere is actually a high security prison. Zark detected some abnormal activity and alerted the Phoenix so Jason, Keyop and Tiny check it out. Jason keeps his eyes on the radar screen while Tiny hopes Mark remembers to bring him a pair of space burgers. Keyop thumps the console out of boredom while Jason sits alert finally spotting something north of them and "moving in." Tiny and Keyop turn on the view screens to see if they can get a look at the target. They finally see something ugly forming in front of them – when the sand settles, it appears to be a multi-headed Hydra-like mech.

The mech closes in on the high security prison where on board, the crew notes Professor Starke is being held there. Korag rushes to the monitors to survey the prison and says they'll make short order "of them." On the Phoenix, Tiny says it's up to them and Jason orders him to take them up. The Phoenix moves into position to engage the Hydra where the crew calls it a "strange aircraft." Korag orders them to take it out rather than just surrounding it. He threatens the crew to get their act together while the Phoenix closes in. Korag moves to the periscope when the crew recognizes G-Force. Korag blows off G-Force, "G-Force. B-Force. Just another enemy to crush!" He orders everyone battle ready and the Phoenix destroyed. The heads spit missiles, which Tiny evades in quick succession.

Defense fighters fly in from the south and Korag wants those taken care of too. The Hydra moves to engage the fighters while the fighters fire their own missiles to little effect. Jason tells Tiny those are "brave men" in those fighters with Tiny saying the fighters are "in a tight spot."

Act Two

Zark paces with worry due to G-force being in deep trouble. He explains Korag is from Sigma Minor, one of Spectra's slave planets. There are only a few inhabitants of the planet but they're "mean and terribly strong." Zark wishes he could be out there with G-Force to get a few licks in. He then proceeds to practice his martial arts moves. Returning to his monitors, Zark causes them to spark! He says he needs to stop using the non-friction foreign oil because it brings out the tiger in him. It leaves him wondering if he'll be able to pull up G-Force on the monitor.

The Hydra mech closes in on the prison, undeterred by the defense forces. One of the heads even stares into Professor Starke's cell! He quivers in fear, ducking away from the door. Tiny flies the Phoenix between the head and the prison much to Korag's displeasure. He's plain angry that G-Force is interfering again!

Tiny attempts another pass but one of the heads catches a wing. The Hydra then envelopes the Phoenix keeping it at a standstill. The jolt puts Tiny into Jason's lap at the front consoles. Jason orders, "Break us loose, Tiny!" As mush as Tiny tries, he can't with Keyop saying there's too many heads, including one staring into the view screen. After several minutes, Mark flies in with his jet and Korag says he'll take care of him. Mark fires lasers at the Hydra heads to free the Phoenix without impediment. Korag is beyond frustrated while Princess skis in on her bike, cannons drawn! She takes out several heads and Jason tells Keyop for them to give their teammates a hand. Before running out, Jason tells Tiny to mind the store and the pilot waves at him.

Keyop launches out his pod and uses his Star Buggy to drop several bombs on the mech. Meantime, Jason keeps his car attached but fires his Gatling gun to take out yet another head. Tiny flies them through the debris while Korag refuses to give up. He knows he can "snap" the five between his fingers and yet they've destroyed his tentacle monster. The crew tries to explain to him that G-Force has special powers but Korag considers it "nonsense." Korag tells them that the team is only out maneuvering and out-fighting them. He leaves and threatens to feed them to the fish if they call Spectra for help. As he lowers, they salute one another by clapping their hands and holding their open palms by their ears. "Hail, Sigma Minor!"

The Hydra is left smoldering as G-Force regroups on the Phoenix only to engage a larger Hydra monster mech. Mark was a closer look as the ship climbs in altitude. They close in with Jason trying to look inside with Tele-scanner. Mark tells him to keep it up because he wants to know what they're planning inside the thing. On board the giant Hydra, the crew believes Korag has abandoned them, sets the self-destruct and makes their way to the escape ship. As the Phoenix closes in, Tiny feels they're too close and Mark agrees, ordering "Full Jets."

A massive explosion occurs in the sky as the Phoenix tries to get away. Korag, in the meantime, has climbed the walls of the prison to gain entry. Lights flash behind him as the Hydra mech blows up into a large fireball. Korag knows what it is and he salutes while calling the crew "fools." He is now on his own and knows it. He jumps down, ensuring he's not seen. He keeps sneaking around, surprising a pair of security guards and he takes them out.

The Phoenix flies to the prison where Mark wants Tiny to land in the courtyard. He wants to speak to Professor Starke himself. However, Korag is breaking into the professor's cell with his bare hands! The Phoenix lands with four team members going to Professor Starke's cell. Korag is unimpressed, "Just three young boys and a wisp of a girl." Korag had the professor by the neck and tosses him aside taunting the team to take him on. Mark tells him they have no fight with Korag and they know he's from the slave planet of Sigma Minor. Korag explains they're no one's slaves and they fought among themselves. They are few now and Keyop says, "Fewer," as he throws his bolos. Korag catches them and crushes them into dust.

Jason goes after him next in hand-to-hand combat but is thrown into the wall. Mark tries next and is tossed all the way out of the cell! Princess throws her yo-yo but Korag catches it and tugs on it hard enough to yank her onto the floor! Mark tries his sonic boomerang next but Korag crushes it with his bare hands calling their weapons "kids' toys." Jason goes after Korag again but Korag quickly gains the upper hand by grabbing Jason. Korag easily draws the cablegun and points it right a Jason's throat! He pushes the trigger only to be knocked across the cell when the projectile hits him! Jason stands still for a few seconds before kneeling down to retrieve the cable. "Funny, they always think nothing can happen when they're behind the gun." Mark says they'll need a special cell for Korag when he wakes up. For now, they need to work on getting Professor Starke out of there.

The team hangs out in their Ready Room with Princess and Keyop making music, Tiny eating space burgers while Mark and Jason play ping-pong. Mark is happy to "be between jobs again" and wonders how Professor Starke is making out. Jason hopes the authorities give him some leniency due to life handing him "a bad scene." Princess stops playing her guitar to add that she's glad Security exonerated him. She notes that after the fire killed his wife, the professor went into "a tailspin" and kind of "soured on the world." Tiny says Professor Starke did make a deal with Hanna but backed out at the last minute, deciding to hand her a worthless formula. Mark explains Zoltar sent Korag after the professor because it he couldn't have it, he certainly didn't want Earth to benefit from it. Tiny observes his space burgers have the new protein formula and he could probably eat ten! Scratch that, he did!

Zark calls into the Ready Room via video informing them that Korag has been arrested and is in jail. As well, agent Hanna has been taken into custody as well with Professor Starke agreeing to testify against her. Zark expresses his pride in the team and the good job they did. Princess tells him he does a good job too but he never gets the chance to relax like they do. She invites him down and they'll dance the "Funky FOSDIC" together. He appreciates the invitation but takes a rain check because he doesn't want to leave his post for a minute.

In the control room, Zark laughs about the image of him and Princess dancing. He practices the "Funky FOSDIC" but Rover yips that he's terrible! Zark agrees, he's an awful dancer and he wonders if when he was built, they gave him two left feet!

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