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BotP Close-up 089

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This week's ep is all about "Island of Fear"!! (I apologize for being a day late, been a busy week). :) Keyop plays a big part as we see him completing some earth moving at the start. The entire team is involved in this one at various times. It seems to have it all: booby traps, moves and countermoves. :)

The ep also has a unique ending compared to the rest of Battle. It shocked me when I was writing these plots out. Enjoy this week's outing - "Island of Fear". :)

The Other Jason's write-up is here:

E89: Island of Fear

Act One

7-Zark-7 is reading a book in his Ready Room even though he's on "constant alert" for strange goings on in the universe. The book is "The Care and Maintenance of Your Pet Robot Dog," which gains 1-Rover-1's attention immediately. Zark goes on about the book giving good ideas and tips to prevent costly breakdowns or returns to the factory. Zark gives an example that if Rover's tail antenna doesn't receive interstellar signals, Zark will need to unscrew Rover's nose, remove his ears and he stops when Rover lays on the floor unable to take any more instructions to fix his tail! Turns out, the writer is a robot himself. Rover yips at Zark that there's a strange signal on his monitor and Zark decides that Rover's tail is working just fine.

Zark takes a gander at his monitor noticing some strange activity on nearby Witch's Island. He wonders what could be going on there. The island is barren with the exception of a few palm trees but Keyop is there completing some earthmoving and is very focused on his work. Tiny drops by in the Phoenix and he asks what Keyop is doing. Keyop answers, "Playing football!" Tiny tells him to take a time out and lands to visit. Keyop is studying a map of the island and Tiny wonders what's going on. Keyop explains they could be on top of a Spectran base! Tiny laughs like a maniac, knocks over and breaks a palm tree. Tiny boards the Phoenix and takes off.

Zark says Tiny may laugh, but Security isn't. Chief Anderson has Keyop working on Witch's Island because of "suspicious" activity of late around the island. Keyop attempts to mend the palm tree that Tiny broke. Meanwhile, Chief Anderson summons the team to brief them on the mission on Witch's Island that was so secret, they didn't even know about it. The chief tells them they've long suspected Spectra has been trying to establish a base on Witch's Island and they believe Spectra has succeeded. Mark asks if it's just speculation or do they actually have proof. Chief Anderson shows them a sample of water that Keyop gave Security from around Witch's Island. When "RC Factor" is added, the water turns red.

Chief Anderson then goes to the radarscope, showing the blip making out a square shape. Princess surmises the water around Witch's Island has a special quality but Jason wonders how that "special quality" got into the water in the first place. Tiny answers that it's the work of Spectra and Mark agrees, "That red water means danger, Zoltar at work." Mark adds it's "underhanded" as well with the chief saying it's underwater to be specific. He explains Spectra is building submarines and their only defense is the red mist torpedo system. The team needs to contact Keyop now. They salute, chant "G-Force!" and launch.

A skinny green goon runs through the base where Zoltar and another goon wait by a large glass map. The skinny goon says he has something to report and Zoltr tells him to "hurry!" The skinny folds out the poster of Witch's Island that shows its topography and when light is shined through it, it reveals the distinct crescent of Center Neptune! Spectra is within striking distance of the base! The skinny goon says Witch's Island is perfect because the Earthlings won't be expecting an attack from underwater. Zoltar's goals are lofty, he knows without Center Neptune the galaxy will be his for the taking. The skinny goon warns of a trap if they've been detected. Zoltar tells them the attack will proceed as planned due to the element of surprise being on their side!

A major submarine launches from the base followed by several smaller subs while the Phoenix flies in the skies above. Zark advises G-Force to proceed with caution. He then informs Keyop that Center Neptune is their target. Princess sees a reading and they've made contact with Keyop through a communications console hidden in the top of a palm tree. Mark tells her not to lose that connection while Tiny speculates Spectra may be leading them down the wrong track – having radioactive water around Witch's Island when they'll really strike from somewhere else. Mark says, "I smell a rat" while acknowledging that Tiny may be right about the diversionary tactic. Tiny agrees, "That Zoltar always shows up when you least expect him."

The goons are nearly giddy when they move into position to strike. They believe no one knows where they are but Zoltar cautions he's seen this before. He tells the goons to expect the unexpected from G-Force. Zoltar orders the crew to prepare to fire due to Center Neptune being in their sights.

Keyop has been hanging out on the sea floor fighting off sleep and suddenly see fish moving here, there and everywhere. He looks through his periscope and finds Center Neptune's gunnery tower. He then radios Mark to report he's keeping his eyes open for "Zoltar's fish" while the rest of the team listen in on their wrist communicators. Mark tells Keyop, "You've got the ball, buddy."

Thousands of Zoltar's mini-mechs sit on the sea floor near Center Neptune. Zoltar snaps his fingers, "Soon, Center Neptune will be only an unpleasant memory!" The submarine mechs fire torpedoes and Keyop orders, "Fire!" for the red mist defense. However, the torpedoes get through! They destroy what looks like Center Neptune but is actually Witch's Island. Keyop's buggy is thrown into an ocean trench while Zoltar relishes in the effectiveness of his Wildfire torpedoes. While he's celebrating, one of the goons reports that Center Neptune has countered their attack with "hundreds of torpedoes" of their own! Zoltar is shocked and at a loss as to why his plan failed so badly! The torpedoes close in on Zoltar's ships.

Act Two

Zark is at his monitors while they spark and spit. He says they are under a "Triple Red Emergency Alert" after Zoltar's torpedo attack. Fortunately, their Feral Electron Understructure is still intact and even launched a counter-attack but the blasts have left his Voltage Regulators rattled and Oscillator Relays unhinged. Zark always wants to be part of the action but now that he has a taste, he considers it ridiculous. He says if Zoltar isn't stopped, he's going to be one big pile of jangled circuitry.

Center Neptune's torpedoes close in on Zoltar and his many mechs. However, the torpedoes don't explode, they release the Red Mist. Zoltar believes that fortune has smiled on them and is ready to cut and run. The skinny goon is sure they should stay because they've proven to be unbeatable but his buddy points out they could be hit with something else. A third goon reports the water around them is turning red and Zoltar knows immediately they've been hit with Red Mist, a "dangerous disintegrator." The mist shows as multiple targets on the radarscope.

Zoltar orders all ships to surface where they meet the Phoenix. On the Phoenix, Mark observes, "The mouse is coming out his hole" and Jason adds, "With all of his other rats!" Tiny calls out, "Rats portside!" Keyop calls in saying he has radar contact with "Zoltar's fish." He then reports "a smoking island," which is Spectra's base. Mark tells Keyop they see it too and will take care of it soon. He orders Tiny to make it happen but Tiny sits with his eyes closed. Princess prods him, "Are you planning to join the party?" Tiny answers that he was meditating then moves the Phoenix into position. As they close in, Keyop tells them the lighthouse is "a phony." Tiny wipes his brow not surprised with Zoltar's tactics after Mark calls the villain "sneaky."

The team decides to split up with Princess on her bike with her protective cover, Jason in his car and Mark in his jet. The commander orders, "Go!" and they separate. Mark is the first to strike with his lasers taking out the phony lighthouse and several mini-mechs with goons riding them. Jason takes out another facility with his Gatling gun while several goons try to shoot him to stop. Princess is next taking out a major infrastructure bridge before being picked up by the Phoenix.

When Princess walks onto the bridge, she says, "So much for the light tower." Jason cracks, "Hate to have their clean-up bill." Mark refocuses them after praising their "good work." They still have to find Zoltar and Mark asks Tiny if he's ready. Tiny answers, "Big Ten." Meantime, Keyop flies along the ocean surface when Mark asks if he's seen Zoltar when Keyop suddenly stops – the main mech is on the ocean floor.

Aboard the mech, Zoltar, with his ears down, confers with the Luminous One. The Spirit is not pleased with yet another failure and Zoltar begs for forgiveness. The leader explains he listened to the advice of "underlings" but the Luminoous One doesn't care. It moves on, saying their base must be abandoned due to the walls being breached and Witch's Island must be destroyed. The Luminous One tells Zoltar to lay his plans carefully and above all else, save himself. Zoltar opens a panel where a self-destruct mechanism is kept.

Zoltar presses a button to start the timer saying that G-Force thinks they have him but they are in for a major surprise. He then contacts Colonel Goar praising him on the good job he's done on this mission, even promoting him to "Supreme Commander" of their troops. Zoltar tells him there are many triumphs in his future before ending the communications. He then makes his escape in a small ship out of the mouth of the main mech.

Keyop watches him leave and reports to the team. Mark acknowledges the message and Jason states it's Zoltar. Princess warns that Keyop needs to stay clear and Mark conveys to Keyop to keeps his eyes on Zoltar but let them do the "heavy work." Tiny flies the Phoenix to pursue the escape ship. On the ship, Zoltar is quite pleased with his narrow escape and leaving Colonel Goar in charge of "a disaster!" Zoltar then notices his radar screen and that he has a follower.

The Phoenix follows the ship until it lands outside of beachside city. Jason and Princess jump up to go investigate. Mark follows suit, flying his jet to the landing site. The three arrive with Mark warning the two on the ground it could be a trap. Jason is giddy, "He's all ours!" He and Princess walk to the jet with Jason making the closest approach. When Jason gets close enough, he realizes it's "fake!" He runs, warning Princess, " It's a dummy Zoltar booby trap, let's split!" They take off as the jet explodes leaving Tiny lamenting about being left behind on the Phoenix wondering about Keyop now that the other three are safe.

Underwater, Keyop gets too close to the main mech and Colonel Goar orders a pair of missiles fired. The explosions turn Keyop's Buggy upside down and it begins filling with water! Keyop reports he's in bad shape and Tiny responds, "Hold your nose!" Tiny takes the Phoenix on a rescue mission for the smallest G-Forcer. As Tiny makes his way down, more missiles are fired at Keyop who manages to turn his Buggy over. Tiny uses the Phoenix to block other missiles while Keyop loads. Keyop makes it to the bridge where Tiny tells him, "Hang on to your helmet!" Yet more missiles are inbound when Tiny takes the Phoenix up. Just as the Phoenix passes the main mech and clears it, the self-destruct engages and the mech explodes making a huge splash in the ocean.

Tiny steadies out the Phoenix and Keyop asks him what kept him. Tiny answers, "First, I fell asleep and then I stopped off for a nice Space burger." Keyop retorts, "Figures." The team reunites on the Phoenix with Princess, Jason and then Mark reloading their vehicles. As the team heads home, Zark says the team had some tight scrapes with Jason and Princess nearly getting blown up and Keyop almost drowning. The Phoenix closes in on Center Neptune when Zark decides he needs to lie down to take a load off his Trigatrons.

The team then relaxes in their Ready Room with Princess and Keyop playing music, Mark and Jason playing ping-pong while Tiny wishes everyone wasn't so active because they're making him hungry! Zark then calls in with Princess lamenting another Red Alert. Zark has something important to pass on: he tells them they did an "incredible job" during this last mission and wanted to tell them rather than through an impersonal note. He also adds he's honored to be a part of "G-Force" as he salutes. The team salutes and chants, "G-Force!"

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2021. No reproduction of any kind without permission.
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