North American ratings

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North American ratings

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This is answering a question Cure DragonEagle asked in the thread about MeTV. I'm putting this in its own topic, in case the discussion goes deeper.

Most of the ratings information I have for Battle is sporadic, relating to specific markets for specific ratings periods (usually to indicate its market growth, to present to potential buyers). I don't have a lot of all-encompassing information, but this is one of the most complete lists. It shows Battle's DMA (Designated Market Area) ratings share for each reporting period for the first five years Sandy Frank offered it in North America. This list indicates the averages of all telecasts from all markets in the children's programming arena. All ratings information was compiled by the A.C. Nielsen company. I realize there are no programs listed to offer as comparison, but I might be able to dig up a few if you would like to know.


I hope this helps. Please let me know if you're curious about any more information.
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Re: North American ratings

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I love this kind of data! Its amazing and interesting. Too bad Battle seemingly never reached Voltron levels of popularity but it most certainly opened the gates for that kind of programming!

Still,very few programs can say they were the 4th biggest Syndicated show in America!!! BIG TEN!!!
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Re: North American ratings

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I'm going off memory here, but didn't Battle set some records on its initial syndication? I ask because I seem to remember when Star Trek: The Next Generation first hit the airwaves there was talk about them beating a years-old record in syndication sales. And I want to say the record was nearly 10 years old. ST:TNG premiered September 1987.
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