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BotP Close-up 002

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Here we go again with a Full Plot write up. :D

For clarification, the numbers in the episode follow The Other Jason's numbering system on this web page (the Gatchaman ep numbers).

The Other Jason's review for this show is here:

E02: Rescue of the Astronauts

Act One

7-Zark-7 continues monitoring all threats through the galaxy as "top dog" unless 1-Rover-1 is counted as the top dog and Zark is top robot. Zark has a similar getup as the team with face shield and cape. He flies to his controls ready to monitor a pair of astronauts returning on a mission vital to the security of the galaxy. Modern ships like the Phoenix can travel "millions of light-years in a day or two" while shorter flights used the traditional re-entry method used by the Apollo and Soyuz missions. This is the type of flight happening now.

The astronauts are completely suited for every eventuality as the commander radios the retro engines are set looking for a "wig wag" so they can proceed to splashdown. Mission Control takes over as their trajectory "is on the nose". The engine fires, slowing the ship down as Navy ships patrol the splashdown area while the Capcom tells the astronauts they can swim home by now after doing this a "hundred times". The helicopter launches from one of the Navy ships as the capsule begins re-entry. The splashdown is picture perfect as the helicopters fly to the point.

Under water, two mechas in the shape of stingrays close in on the space capsule. They suction on and pull the capsule with them to an underwater submarine!

Mark lounges at his place with a baby turtle crawling around on his wrist. When his bracelet beeps, the turtle retreats into its shell. The team is already assembled when Zark alerts Mark on the astronauts' disappearance. He runs to his airplane and takes off transmuting en route to the Phoenix. Shortly after, Mark docks and is lowered into another part of the ship.

Mark enters the bridge with Jason greeting him right away, "We're honored you finally decided to join us". Mark counters that they're lucky he didn't just let them go on their own since it was his day off! Keyop notes it's "round one" from the front seat! Mark calls into the Security Chief who tells him Jason can brief him on the astronauts' disappearance. The Chief goes on telling the team as the astronauts were surveying Mars, they found activity of alien bases being built and used on the planet! Keyop muses they must be underwater but Princess points out there is no water on Mars. However, that is exactly what the astronauts found and recorded onto a cassette! It's up to the team to rescue the astronauts and retrieve the cassette.

Meantime on the submarine base, Spectra's forces have the capsule and the astronauts to prevent a reporting of their findings. One of the men brings the cassette to Commander Gorak who tells the man to put it into the computer to find out exactly what the survey mission found. Commander Gorak recognizes the data right away as every secret Spectran base on Mars. He says Zoltar will be pleased they have the evidence.

Commander Gorak then reports what they have to Zoltar via a video call. Zoltar demands a readout and a punch tape then scrolls in front of him. After taking a quick perusal of the tape, Zoltar tell the Luminous One what has happened and it isn't happy at all with "tidings that are not good". The Luminous One wants the Mars bases to be made operational at once so that the conquest of Earth can occur more rapidly. It will only rejoice when this has happened.

G-Force arrives at splashdown with Mark ordering Tiny to submerge and he dives the Phoenix in. Once they level off, the beauty of the ocean can be seen with Princess taking note. Mark admonishes her that they're not on "a pleasure cruise". Mark is serious and wants everyone else to be as serious in finding the astronauts. Jason and Princess take their positions watching radar and sonar as Tiny cruises near the ocean bottom. An explosion in front of them causes all sorts of chaos with the instruments jumping every which way. Tiny is having issues controlling the Phoenix with various forces around them. Mark knows there's spinning their wheels as he makes Keyop move out his command seat. Mark orders the "blast off system" they use for going into space. Tiny has to be ready to pull up on the count with Jason engaging the turbo jets. As the Phoenix nears a whirlpool, Mark orders his team to make ready. Mark counts down from five and the three engage the systems as they enter the whirlpool to escape to the surface.

After the Phoenix flies out of the whirlpool, Mark looks over the coordinate tape Zark sent to the communications panel manned by Princess. Mark tells them they have to go back in but they're a good 60 miles from the volcanic eruption. Keyop is concerned about running into Zoltar but Mark assures him that Zoltar is no worse than the volcano.

Act Two

Rover yips at Zark who is on a "ten second rest" immediately calls for a red alert but then realizes it's only Rover. Zark assures Rover he'll never be asleep at the FOSDIC: Film Optical Sensing Device for input to Computers. A call then comes through from Susan with an urgent message from Security Chief Anderson who wants Zark to contact the team. They're having issues finding the alien's secret base. Zark takes his vacuum tube down to his command room to activate his phase discriminator amplifier to see if he can't uncover a lead. Zark sends a message to the team to try infrared to see if they can uncover the base.

On the Phoenix, Mark tells Tiny to activate the "infrared beam projector" to see what they come up with. The base shows up right away! Along with a giant spiny ship, there are crab shaped mechas working along the ocean floor as ships go to and fro. Tiny gets ready to ram but both Mark and Jason stop him, they have to get the astronauts back safely first. If they ram in, they could crash the whole works. Mark orders everyone to "hang loose" as he prepares to go over alone even with Keyop volunteering to go with him. Keyop is dejected but Jason tries to soften the blow.

As Mark is lowered into the Phoenix, he transmutes out of his bird uniform into his street clothes. He leaves the Phoenix, skin diving to the base where he hitches a ride on the underbelly of one of the crab mechas. Mark makes his way into the base where he's surrounded by multiple crab mechas parked and ready to go. Behind them, he finds the capsule, jumping in to find that the Spectrans have torn it to bits.

Outside the capsule, spotlights turn on highlighting the capsule with Mark in the doorway! Commander Gorak again taunts his "visitor" with Mark extremely unhappy about being caught off-guard. Mark transmutes as his back is turned to the enemy. He comes out swinging taking out some of the Spectran goons as he tries to remain in the dark. He takes out another goon and a spotlight with his sonic boomerang. Commander Gorak asks, "You wish to play?" ordering the lights on and the drill to be activated as Mark runs!

The drill is started and chases the commander around the room striking like a coiled snake. Mark successfully evades the drill even with several close calls, standing on a hook as it is raised from the floor's rubble. Commander Gorak can't believe his eyes, especially after Mark rocks the hook taking out the drill controls. However, Commander Gorak has the one thing Mark wants; the two astronauts. Commander Gorak orders Mark to be taken to the same holding cell as the astronauts.

On the lift down, Mark has a guard on either side armed with automatic weapons. At the bottom, a set of bolos take out one of the guys while Mark flips the other out of his way. The lift goes back up where he's met by Keyop! Mark tells him to grab the cassette as they go about rescuing the astronauts and destroying the base.

Commander Gorak orders his men to abandon ship as several things start exploding! The four escape as Zoltar contact Commander Gorak for the last time. Zoltar gives him one last chance to redeem himself by taking one of the smaller craft to search out the Phoenix to destroy her.

The Phoenix is heading home as Mark and Keyop return to the bridge with the astronauts safely in Sick Bay. Meanwhile, Commander Gorak launches into his suicide mission. As the Phoenix breaks the surface, so does Commander Gorak closing in ever so slightly. Mark realizes they're in trouble with the front of the terrapin fills their view screen. Mark orders an immediate transmutation to the Fiery Phoenix! Commander Gorak's vessel melts as it goes against the ship!

In the aftermath, the team eventually comes to with Mark and Princess being the first to awaken. The strong bonds of the team is ultimately, the secret to their success with this mission being a successful one. The astronauts and the cassette have been retrieved and the Spectran bases on Mars abandoned due to their locations now being known.

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2020. No reproduction of any kind without permission.
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