BotP Close-up 003

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BotP Close-up 003

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Here we go again! :D This week is The Space Mummy.

The Other Jason's review is here:

E03: The Space Mummy

Act One

7-Zark-7 is still on duty at Center Neptune monitoring for any trouble from outer space. He's pretty excited today though, pacing quickly in his command room after discovering a planet hiding behind Venus, now known as Zarkadia. He flies over to his monitoring station to look in on the planet again like a mother hen to her chick. The planet is "3000 to the left and 2000 down" on the monitor and not in the solar system. The atmosphere is almost identical to the one on Earth with inhabitants that are human. However, there have been some troubling incidents with several plane crashes happening. It's enough to send G-Force and Security Chief Anderson to go check it out.

The Phoenix launches from Center Neptune on its way to Zarkadia to include its time-warp engines. Zark directs them in telling the team they don't know all the air traffic patterns. Mark video calls Zark to cool it as they landed just fine thank you very much.

Security Chief Anderson rolls out a map of Zarkadia noting the four crashes that occurred in the last four weeks. They all happened within 25 miles of each other and seemingly in a straight line. Mark tells Chief Anderson about CAT but this is "ridiculous". CAT being Clear Air Turbulence. The pilots didn't report any clouds only something "white". Mark leaves before Chief Anderson has completed his briefing but Mark says he knows what he needs to do: nose around. Chief Anderson already knows what Mark will tell him: Spectra is in town.

At an airport, a pin rolls to Mark's feet and a little boy demands it back right now! He yells at Mark that his father gave it to him before he went away. Mark chastises him to take better care of it as an older man, the boy's uncle, intervenes. Mark is put on the spot backing off. As a plane lands, the boy rushes to the railing giving Mark and the uncle a chance to talk. Turns out, the boy's father was a pilot on one of the missing flights and will likely never return home. Dr. Sweet introduces himself explaining the boy won't accept that his father is probably dead. He insists on going to the airport to greet his father when he comes home. Mark watches the boy throughout the day, wondering which is better: facing reality or hanging on to hope.

The next day, Mark flies over the territory very close to where the first emergency happened. In the distance, a flare goes up followed by a very dark cloud and Mark knows he's found something but whether it's a lucky find or an unlucky one, is anyone's guess. He keeps flying as the skies around him darken. Lightning flashes and a white streak flies near his plane. As he continues on, a wrapped arm swats down near his aircraft. A hand reaches for his airplane and he barely dodges it. Mark maneuvers around to get a better look and he's shocked by what he sees: a giant mummy! The mummy rockets above him trying to grab his airplane again! Mark ducks and dives out of the way with some close calls but eventually flies out of harm's way. Mark surmises Zoltar is behind the shenanigans.

Later, Chief Anderson briefs Mark they found Plutonium X on the surface of his airplane. Every planet stopped dealing with the element because it is too radioactive. Chief Anderson says that's true except Spectra hasn't stopped using it and he suspects they're using it to fuel the mummy. There is one thing that can neutralize Plutonium X: anti-Pluton. It's a synthetic element invented by Dr. Sweet, the same man Mark met earlier. Chief Anderson believes that's why Spectra is there, to get to Dr. Sweet and his new element. As it starts to rain, Mark also thinks it's not a coincidence that Dr. Sweet's brother was piloting Flight 5.

At the airport, Dr. Sweet and his nephew watch more planes land and take-off. When Mark asks them being worried about catching cold, Dr. Sweet explains they're immune. Dr. sweet also says his nephew is insistent, rain or shine. The boy tells Mark he had a dream where his father told him he would return on a rainy day and he runs to the railing as another airplane makes its final approach. Dr. Sweet laments about nearly giving up his work but he can't stand the idea of hurting his nephew. When an airliner parks and the final person disembarks, the boy recognizes his father immediately! He is so excited as Dr. Sweet is floored. The boy runs out to greet his dad.

Inside the terminal, Mark keeps a close eye on the goings on as the press surround pilot Sweet. When a reporter asks Dr. Sweet how it feels to have his brother back, he says it's good but not as wonderful as it is for Buddy who has his dad back. As they sit on the couch surrounded but the press, a ring flashes on the pilot's finger making Dr. Sweet take notice.

That night, Mark rides up to the Sweet residence making sure everything is all right. There's a flashlight in a room with all the lights turned off. Mark's suspicious and he's not the only one. Dr. Sweet enters the study, turning on the light confronting the individual who obviously isn't his brother: he never wore rings! During the confrontation, the imposter says Spectran research should have caught on. When Dr. Sweet says, "So you are from Spectra," the imposter tells him he is Spectra: it's Zoltar! Zoltar jumps from the window climbing into Buddy's room with Dr. Sweet following.

Act Two

Zark is concerned about what may be happening on Zarkadia to the point of fogging his screen. Meanwhile, in Buddy's room, Zoltar threatens to kill Buddy who is sound asleep unless Dr. Sweet turns over his anti-Pluton. Mark jumps into the window, without breaking it, to fight it out with Zoltar. Mark calls his latest ploy "your lowest trick of all": impersonating a father to kill a little boy. Buddy wakes up and all he sees is Mark fighting his father and his father running away, never mind that he's the enemy. Buddy is ticked off, beating on Mark with tears on his face.

Dr. Sweet explains to Mark, who has identified himself as G-Force, that he has only been able to extract a small amount of anti-Pluton thus far. He knew it was only a matter of time before Spectra would arrive looking for it. He hid it in the pin his brother gave Buddy. Buddy is protective of the gift and is not interested in letting Mark have it; that is until Mark explains Zoltar and his disguise as his father. Buddy knows his dad and that man was his dad, still refusing to give up his pin.

The space mummy descends on the airport as Zark notifies Chief Anderson of the alarm. Chief Anderson notifies Mark ordering the Phoenix in the air "on the double" because the situation is "critical". As Mark prepares to meet the team, the mummy lays waste to the airport and several aircraft as people run for shelter. A fleet of "robot attack planes" descend on the mummy but they barely slow it down. The fight keeps up even as the mummy's cloths are burned away to reveal a toothy devil.

As the airport burns, Dr. Sweet runs to Buddy's room but he's gone! Dr. Sweet asks himself if Buddy would have gone to the airport as the robot fighters lead the Phoenix into the fight. The mecha is crushing the robot planes and even grabs for the Phoenix. Jason wonders if they're saving their missiles for the Fourth of July! Mark knows the only way to stop the thing is by using anti-Pluton. Mark wants Tiny to fly in close but the swipes the thing is taking, Tiny isn't willing to go any closer than a quick flyby. Meantime, Zoltar stands on a landing rejoicing in the success of Spectra's latest weapon. He believes they can take over every galaxy in the cosmos.

As the Phoenix attempts another flyby, the mummy takes off revealing its engines. Mark now knows where to aim. But there's a problem: Princess points out a little boy running across the tarmac! It's Buddy out looking for his father. Zoltar yells at Buddy to stay put just as Dr. Sweet arrives to go out but is stopped by security. The mummy lands nearby as Mark makes a fateful decision: he's going to take his shot. Mark takes off from the top of the Phoenix loading the anti-Pluton into his sonic boomerang. He shoots hitting the mummy square in the back as Dr. Sweet reaches Buddy and Zoltar realizes he's been defeated again. The mummy is literally stopped in its tracks as Keyop wonders if it worked with Jason saying Mark always know what he's doing.

The mummy's outer covering disintegrates leaving a steel frame with one escape pod left functioning. Zoltar decides on another strategy for next time as he enters the escape ship. Buddy yells after him for saving him but Zoltar ignores him taking off for Spectra.

Mark emerges from a corner watching Zoltar take off, never failing to have an escape plan. Buddy gives Mark the what-for yelling at him about saying how his dad was a bad guy. Mark tells Dr. Sweet for now it's okay if he vents his anger on Mark because sometimes reality is hard to take when you're a little kid.

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2020. No reproduction of any kind without permission.
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Re: BotP Close-up 003

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I loved this episode. Despite the Zarkadia nonsense. It had everything and then some.
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Re: BotP Close-up 003

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Ha ha, "Zarkadia nonsense" is right. I always wondered what the inhabitants of this "new" fully-developed planet on a par with Earth, thought about being told they were named "Zarkadia." Other than that, I agree, it was a very solid episode, especially for being so early in the series' run. Great animation, good story, and one of the few with young kid as a main character that wasn't too bothersome.
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Re: BotP Close-up 003

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I love Mr Casey Kasem's performance as Mark in this episode. He could be cool, strong but also really kind and sweet. His speech about not wanting to destroy Buddy's hopes was great. God bless him. RIP.
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Re: BotP Close-up 003

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Zarkadia... Makes me roll my eyes and groan every time I hear it. :roll:
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