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BotP Close-up 004

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I forgot to include theOtherJason's review!

It's here:

E04: The Space Serpent

Act One

7-Zark-7 is on duty at Center Neptune, several fathoms beneath the sea monitoring for alien intruders. Zark is dealing with a message from the Galactic Patrol about a disturbance in outer space. There's something on the way to Earth that is so massive it is affecting the orbits of stars and the planets it passes but seems to leave Saturn alone. Zark notifies security as the ground starts to shake violently at a fuel refinery.

The machine emerges from the ground spinning in a tornado-like fashion to be revealed as a giant centipede or serpent. It has two tentacle up front used to suck up the crude oil from tanks before blowing everything up. Zark identifies it as "a serpent with an insatiable appetite for crude oil".

The next encounter is with a freighter at sea as the serpent spins into a waterspout in front of the ship. Using the tentacles again, it sucks the freighter dry before disappearing and digging into the ocean floor. As it does so, the robotic commander video calls with Zoltar who tells him "your programming is complete" and to destroy all of Earth's oil supply while "creating havoc with seismic disturbances". Zoltar is very pleased by what's happened so far.

Mark runs in as Security Chief Anderson summons him. Chief Anderson tells him to slow down first. He sent for Mark because he knows of his long-standing friendship with Dr. Harland at the Borden Institute. Dr. Harland asked for Mark personally and wants to meet at the old Federal building in the city. Mark says Dr. Harland in a famous seismologist and Chief Anderson is certain he has something interesting to tell. Mark nods agreeing it'll be good to see him again. Before running out, Chief Anderson wishes him luck as Mark says Dr. Harland was like a father to him.

Dr. Harland enters a room where he and Mark talk with Dr. Harland mentioning Mark being the commander of G-Force. Mark says they're a team really, each with their own specific skills. Dr. Harland gets to the point quickly telling Mark about unusual seismic activity "all over the globe" but the new activity is not along any of the familiar fault lines. Dr. Harland is sure there is a connection between the new earthquakes and the "alien invader" plus he's certain he can locate the source. However, an earthquake strikes as they are about to devise a plan!

Mark, Dr. Harland and the staff in the building evacuate as they run for their lives. The ground still shakes and even opens up beneath Mark and Dr. Harland! Mark tries desperately to save Dr. Harland even transmuting into his G-Force uniform but the doctor swallowed up by the Earth. The only thing Mark can hang onto is Dr. Harland's watch.

At the cemetery, Mark places the watch on Dr. Harland's grave. During a quiet moment of contemplation, a young girl comes up from behind and attacks! It's Debbie, Dr. Harland's daughter, all ticked off at Mark for not saving her father. After some ducking and diving to avoid her strikes, Mark hangs on to her as she cries. He carries her from the cemetery telling her it was an accident and he wanted to save him.

Later, Debbie stays with Princess as Mark goes hunting for the serpent using "infra-scanner" to look underground. He doesn't have much success with that either until the machine sets off alerts in the airplane. Mark finally hits pay dirt as the serpent digs further into the Earth. The robotic crew on board knows they've been spotted with the commander ordering that they can't allow the G-Force commander to get away. They fire rockets at the plane and while they mostly miss, one nicks the plane and explodes nearby. Mark knows Spectra is behind this but his immediate concern is to keep control of his aircraft.

The machine surfaces and Mark transmutes into his jet fighter to take on the beast. He flies around it as it shoots lasers and nearly tangles onto itself. He takes a dive but rather than the beast crashing, it disappears! Mark is left flying circles wondering where it went.

Act Two

Zark paces in his command room wondering where the serpent disappeared and what is it up to now. No doubt causing trouble that it's causing trouble, Zark uses "infra-laser probes" to see if he can locate it. Zark is concerned because Mark has taken it upon himself to find the serpent because he's taking Dr. Harland's death "so personally". For whatever reason, this surprises Zark because Jason is usually the one who goes in head first on something like this. The probes locate the serpent 3000 feet below ground, moving exceptionally fast and heading toward one of the largest power and water complexes. Zark notifies the rest of the team to go after it.

As Mark flies, Dr. Harland's pleas and Debbie's condemnations ring through his head. When Princess calls him telling him the serpent is about to attack the complex and they need, Mark has a new determination to settle the score. He flies to meet up with the team.

The serpent shows up right on schedule unfazed by the defenses out to meet it. It shoots lasers from its eyes destroying the defense systems. Underground rockets hit it knocking off the head but as the body falls, it splits into multiple pieces becoming mechanized weapons of their own! They destroy the underground rockets and automatic guns as well, marching to their prize: the main building on the complex. When the ground forces won't do, the robot fighter jets are called in.

As the fighters move in and make strikes, the head is still out free and blasts the fighters with its laser eyes. Destruction and mayhem ensue as the robot commander has a video call with Zoltar who isn't pleased about the daytime raid. He programmed the system to emerge at night but the commander has overridden that part of the code: "Sorry, that does not compute". Zoltar is also monitoring the goings on: G-force is right on them and he wants them to regroup and attack!

The serpent puts itself back together as Mark and the Phoenix show up at the same time. Mark docks his fighter and they get to work. Mark enters the bridge to find Debbie there and he shows her the mecha responsible for her father's death. The team is sympathetic to her and they'll make sure it won't hurt anyone again. Tiny flies the Phoenix around and through the serpent causing it to break apart but it only puts itself back together again. Keyop says to blast it with Jason saying the only to stop it is the "TBX nuclear Missile". Mark and Keyop have to pull Jason back because they're too close. Princess says they "risk hitting the city" and they have to decoy it away before they can fire. However, Mark offers Debbie the chance to destroy the monster but she hesitates, shaking at the effort to even approach the button!

Outside, Tiny keeps flying the Phoenix around the serpent to move it away from the population. Mark gives Debbie one last chance at revenge but she can't do it. "Good, revenge never solves anything". Meanwhile, the serpent's weapons systems are failing and the commander orders to abandon ship. The Phoenix moves in for its strike as Tiny counts down the seconds and Jason is able to "fire one". A direct makes the serpent fall to the ground exploding into a million pieces. Debbie nearly falls over on the bridge, caught by Mark. She's grateful to G-Force and their help with Mark saying it was their "duty" but his friend's death still troubles the commander.

At the cemetery, Debbie places flowers on her father's grave as Mark has reservations about serving. Chief Anderson and the rest of the team are there too as Mark takes off his bracelet in order to resign his command but Chief Anderson doesn't want it. Debbie is shocked that Mark would punish himself like this and hands back his bracelet. The team rallies around him and they take off.

At Center Neptune, Zark is in an oil shower as 1-Rover-1 holds his towel. As he finishes up, Susan calls as she's now stationed on planet Pluto over three billion miles away. She's been promoted to the Early Warning System and can let Zark know when he's in for any trouble.

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2020. No reproduction of any kind without permission.
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