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BotP Close-up 005

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theOtherJason's review is here:

E05: Ghost Ship of Planet Mir


A freighter steams along an ocean on planet Mir through a thick fog. One the crewmen, Fuller, freaks out saying he should have stayed on Earth. The captain tells him to relax as sailing is the same there as it is Earth. The captain tells him to check the LORAN: long range navigation. So far, it's clear but the captain wants eyes on it. However, they have a ship form right in front of them!

Act One

7-Zark-7 is on duty at Center Neptune, "nerve center for universal defense and security" is a prototype of installations ordered by the Intergalactic Federation. It was one of the first installations built and there are several other projects being worked. One of the most ambitious is out on planet Mir located in Cygnus A, the first radio galaxy discovered. Along with radio communications, there is also video with planet Mir but the video seems to be on the fritz today. The Federation chose the bottom of the ocean on Mir but it's becoming known as "graveyard of ships" as three supply ships for the new complex have been lost in the last week with a fourth today! The complex is nearly complete including fish breeding farms and a submarine oil field supplying the Federation with one-quarter of its energy needs without polluting the sea around it. Zark contacted Security Chief Anderson who is meeting with President Kane of the Intergalactic Federation.

President Kane paces the floor as he demands action. The fourth ship was carrying electronic equipment needed for the complex and has pushed back completion by another month. After president Kane tells Chief Anderson of a spacecraft sighted on Mir, Chief Anderson says Zoltar will turn up anywhere and everywhere the Federation tries to establish new supply bases. President Kane says Brock, the deposed leader of Mir, may have joined forces with Zoltar to regain control of the planet. President Kane makes it clear that he's responsible for all the peace-loving planets in the Federation, not just Earth. He doesn't want this diabolical pair to be allowed to take over planet Mir. Chief Anderson agrees they need help immediately and that means G-Force.

A submarine moves amongst the rubble on the ocean bottom as Zoltar video calls Brock telling him to destroy the new complex. Zoltar's goal is for Earth to share the technology with Spectra first before building any new bases.

On vacation, the team is enjoying some sand, sun and surf with Princess and Keyop water-skiing as Mark drives the boat. They make the jumps but Keyop tumbles head first into the water! Mark becomes snarky saying Keyop is ready to try out for the Olympics! Meanwhile on the beach, Jason and Tiny keep watch as it's their turn. Jason warns Tiny they can't drop their guard but Tiny asks what could really happen. Jason is shocked, "You've been in G-Force all this time and you can still ask that?"

At an airstrip, Mark is about to take off when Chief Anderson contacts him to cut the vacation short. Mark balks until Chief Anderson tells him about the submarine on planet Mir and orders the team airborne to go there. Mark answers, "Off and winging," as he takes off. The team quickly meets up to take off for Mir quickly leaving Earth and the solar system. They engage the time-warp engines arriving at Mir in short order.

The team's first order of business is to find the submarine so they plunge into the ocean first thing. They come upon the remains of several ships as Mark orders Jason to the use the infra-scanner. Jason pinpoints the submarine and they give chase. However, Zoltar was planning on them to follow and tells Brock to do exactly what they planned. Meanwhile on the Phoenix, Jason has lost the submarine as it has vanished off the scanners. Mark suspects it's just sitting there and decides to press on.

Act Two

Zark paces in his command room worried about the team being in and near the ship graveyard. Zark makes a radio call to the team as his "sensitive interceptors" tell him the team is flying into a trap. He advises they leave the area as they are too vulnerable.

Mark orders Tiny to surface and he's all too happy to do so. However, when they break the surface, the sky is fogged in with a thick soup. They turn on the fog lights to hopefully see better and they pick up a tint of color in it. The fog appears to be man-made prompting Mark to tell the team it's a setup! An old Naval warship emerges from the fog as mark and the rest of the team can't believe what they're seeing: the ship was sitting on the ocean bottom only minutes before! It opens fire on the Phoenix and Tiny barely gets her out of the way! Mark says it's "a very live ghost ship" as they have to figure out how to tackle it. As Princess and Keyop sigh with relief, Jason warns they're not out of it yet!

Mark tells Tiny to activate the "infra-probe" to see what else is lurking out there. They find an artificial fog maker in the middle of everything. Mark wonders if it's one of Mir's defenses but Jason doesn't recognize it as such. Mark wants to make sure though before they inadvertently fire upon an ally. When Mark calls back, Chief Anderson doesn't have any information on it and tells them to "chance it". Mark gives Jason the go-ahead to knock it out. Jason gets punch happy firing no less than five missiles at it! Keyop celebrates their victory, even though it is a small one.

The fog clears as the Mir's sun quickly burns it off revealing a whole fleet of ghost ships brought up from the bottom! Jason talks Mark into letting him fire at them since they're robots. After a bunch of the ships are destroyed, the others start self-destructing! Meantime, Tiny notices smaller mechs emerging from the water as Keyop comments the old ones were better! The mechs were inside the ghost ships and they team up to go after the Phoenix. There are dozens of them and they start firing their laser weapons as Tiny takes evasive actions.

On the board, Jason asks, "Wanna play?" as he starts firing missiles until the armament is empty! A bunch are taken out but still more give chase. Tiny flies around even allowing some to take out their own ships! The team finds itself running for its life because they have no more defensive weapons. Mark orders Tiny to take the Phoenix underwater and as they're about to go in, another group of fighters show up! They're fighters from Mir! They take care of the other mechs even buzzing the Phoenix up close and personal! Mark gives a final thanks as the fighters fly off after their "finishing touch".

At the complex, President Kane is extremely pleased that the food and energy center is safe with Zoltar's and Brock's defeat. President Kane would like to show his appreciation in some way to the team as Chief Anderson suggests they would like to continue their vacation that was started on Sunset Island. That is exactly what they do including sending Zark a postcard: 'Glad you're not here'.

Zark takes the turbo lift to his ready room complimenting the team about their thoughtfulness since Zark would most likely rust and corrode in the sun and water. Susan calls from Pluto worried Zark is about to go on vacation to a glamorous gambling resort and flip for a fancy slot machine. Zark decides to cancel his vacation after all!

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2020. No reproduction of any kind without permission.
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