BotP Close-up 006

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BotP Close-up 006

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Here's the latest plot! Hope you guys are enjoying these - I'm trying to post one a week on Thursdays. Kind of an early kick-off to the weekend! :) I will be posting them in numerical order (Gatchaman numerical order) because that's how I'm writing them up. One of these days, I'll watch in production order. :)

theOtherJason's review is here:

E06: Big Robot Gold Grab

Act One

7-Zark-7 is on duty at Center Neptune, universally known security outpost but few know of its exact location "deep in the ocean". Zark natters on about his worries trying to watch for Spectra attacking the Federation's airfields, cities and natural resources but come up with something off the wall every once in a while. Apparently this time, Spectra is out to rob a bank.

In the middle of the night, the International Bank sits quietly storing the gold for the Intergalactic Federation to keep the economy stable. A drilling mech breaks through the floor as insect-like robots step out to break into the vault using lasers to melt a hole in the door. They steal the gold hidden inside with a robotic arm.

Zark alerts Mark to report to the Phoenix by any means necessary. Mark docks with the Phoenix in short order and he isn't the only one as the other team members show up all congregating on the bridge. Security Chief Anderson briefs the team via video telling them the break in occurred using an "underwater ramming device" attached to a submarine. Unfortunately due to soil erosion, part of the bank was left over water and that included the vault. Chief Anderson tells them somehow, Spectra found out this fact. Chief Anderson goes on to tell them about the one lead they have: sonar picked up a strange submarine heading toward the Paya Archipelago the night of the robbery. Chief Anderson makes it clear: go to the islands to check for Spectran activity as they probably just moved in and to recover every gold bar taken. This latter order is the Federation's top priority!

Paya Archipelago has over 50 islands and is located in the South Seas of the Pacific. Jason suggests they look for some recently disturbed trees as Tiny reminisces about a native girl who danced a hula for him in the moonlight! Mark gets him to focus on the task at hand, which is to fly there right away. Once they're over the islands, they try to spot anything out of the ordinary but no dice, at least no disturbed hula skirts anyway!

They investigate one island further with Mark, Princess and Keyop on the ground searching. Princess wonders how many islands they've searched with Keyop saying he lost count after a million. Mark encourages them saying it's always the last one. Duh! However, as they walk, Spectran goons jump out of the jungle with their weapons aimed right at them! They're taken prisoner as the Phoenix sits on the ocean bottom.

On board the Phoenix, Jason sees on a monitor the three are taken in. He reports to Chief Anderson the installation doesn't look temporary and suggests they use the element of surprise to knock it out. Chief Anderson puts the kibosh on it though as the first priority is to retrieve the gold. Besides, he doesn't want to lose any of the team members! Jason persists until Chief Anderson puts his foot down. Jason and Tiny have to look for the gold while Mark stalls the Spectrans.

Inside the Spectran base, the trio stick by their story as the base commander orders surveillance to uncover any other "enemy around". Remote cameras deploy with number four picking up the Phoenix. Mark knows it means trouble. Meanwhile, Jason sneaks onto the base as a missile appears above his head taking straight aim for the Phoenix! Once it's launched and explodes, the trio can't help be react with the base commander pleased he's taken out their "transportation". The commander then unleashes the army of insect looking robots of the same type that robbed the bank. The commander wants the prisoners taken to the isolation room.

The Phoenix glides under water leaving a shadow on the ocean floor. At the same time, Jason waits to make his move taking out a Spectran guard. He then runs into the base to track down the gold.

Act Two

Zark continues to monitor what's going on and he's especially concerned for the three in Spectran custody getting his "magnetronic stigmatic grading spectrograph" all in a knot! Zark is beside himself because he' lost touch with everybody.

On Spectra, Zoltar confers with the Luminous One telling it the gold is safe on the Isle of Paya. The Luminous One doesn't consider the gold safe until it's secured in its private vault on Spectra and tells Zoltar it needs to be transported there with all due haste. If even one bar is missing, it expects the responsible officer to activate his self-destruct.

Back at Isle of Paya, the trio is moved to a room with the vault. Mark tells them to transmute and they go into their G-Force uniforms! The robots don't know what to do, shooting their lasers every which way. After they destroy the robots, the base commander runs in with soldiers behind him asking who they are. Mark tells them they're "Galaxy Security" with the base commander wanting them secured and to sound the alarms. Mark, Princess and Keyop take care of the soldiers before escaping.

The alarms sound in every part of the base with the Spectrans running in one direction and Jason sneaking in the opposite. He finds the vault where the gold is being kept and breaks in using the drill attachment on his gun. Once inside, Jason opens a case, "All right you pretty babies, Daddy's gonna take you home".

Tiny surfaces the Phoenix inside the base with impeccable timing. Jason runs to the Phoenix launching his car carrying multiple cases. Mark checks in with Jason right on schedule and making a large withdrawal! Mark tells Princess and Keyop it's time to move and they prep to get out. The base commander launches more mini-robots surrounding the trio. Princes cracks, "They're not penguins". The robots close in from all sides but the team isn't lost yet as they form a shortened version of the Whirlwind Pyramid! Even without Jason and Tiny, it's still fierce knocking over men, robots and flinging weapons! As soon they break it up, the three run for it with the soldiers giving chase.

The base commander contacts Zoltar with an update and it's not good. Zoltar calls him an "idiot" for not recognizing them and allowing them to escape! The commander's last chance is to not lose the gold but it's far too late for that as the Phoenix heads home as the team outsmarted them by switching cases. However, Tiny notices a "visitor" as a submarine goes by with a large drill on its nose. Jason takes a shot but misses! Mark didn't want their position given away.

On board, the base commander orders the robots to surface and prepare to depth bomb to smoke out G-Force. The submarine goes for the surface but the pressure on the braces holding the cases of gold is too much. They give way scattering the cases and the gold around the ship. It is only then that the base commander realizes what's happened: a massive switch! Bad timing too as Zoltar appears on the video screen asking if the commander has "fouled up again?" The commander tries to beg for his life but it's useless as the mini-robots go about the self-destruction sequence! The submarine explodes as the Phoenix closes in much to the relief and shock of the team.

The Phoenix breaks the surface heading for home flying across a pretty sunset. According to Zark, the International Bank is being moved inland so it can no longer be a victim to a surprise submarine attack! Zark in the meantime shuts everything down with a mini version of Mark's sonic boomerang flying around the room as he takes a ten second oil break. He also has an invisibility switch that he inadvertently pressed. All in a normal day at Center Neptune!

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2020. No reproduction of any kind without permission.
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