BotP Close-up 009

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BotP Close-up 009

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Here we are again! This week's entry stays in our own solar system! :)

The Other Jason's write up is here:

E09: The Jupiter Moon Menace

Act One

7-Zark-7 is in the command room at Center Neptune to "keep the galaxy safe from all alien invaders". His "articulators" are full with various reports of flares and seismic activity from the vicinity of planet Jupiter. Zark surmises Zoltar is up to something again but when he tries to get a better look, it's too hot for his scanners to handle!

Zoltar confers with the Luminous One on Spectra as they have made an ally of Commander Typhon who is exiled from his planet of Scorpius, he is willing to aid Zoltar in his conquest of Earth. The catch is that Zoltar will help Commander Typhon defeat his rivals on Scorpius. The Luminous One has made this deal because Commander Typhon has the weapon it wants to defeat Earth. Meanwhile, Commander Typhon is ready to launch his weapon against Earth. Five rockets are shot from a submarine into space then is submerges again into the ocean.

In space, the rockets dismantle allowing a mech to form in the shape of a scorpion. Once formed, it goes to work digging up rocks on a moon's surface flinging them to Earth! It uses its tail to control the direction and velocity of the rocks hurled to Earth as well. While this is happening, Susan calls Zark warning him of the incoming meteors as they are heading to Capital City. Zark puts out an evacuation order and tells G-Force to standby in their Ready Room. As the meteors fall, Capital City has a lot of destruction to deal with.

The team hangs out waiting for more word from Zark. Princess and Keyop are making music as Mark and Jason play table tennis. Tiny sits and eats space burgers. Mark is pretty sure it's a natural occurrence but Jason thinks this is something Zoltar would cook up. Princess says Zark is probably keeping his mind on Zoltar's warped mind as Keyop goes into a drum solo prompting Mark to hit the ball toward Tiny knocking the space burger out of his hands! Zark calls the team as his space spectrometer has detected that the meteorites are originating on Callisto. Zark goes on to brief them that Commander Typhon has landed there and his "Mercury Vapor Sensors" tell him that Commander Typhon has teamed with Zoltar on this caper. This verifies Jason's gut instinct it wasn't "all nature". Keyop calls it "sick". They leave the Ready Room and run to the Phoenix to go to Callisto.

The ride is a bumpy through the atmosphere but they make it out to space. Mark says he'll never get use to the first 100 million miles as Keyop calls them, "murder". After making their way past Mars and through the asteroid belt, the team arrives at Callisto, the moon of choice because Earth's moon was too close and the scheme would have been detected earlier. they approach just as another batch is being flung to Earth. Tiny backs the Phoenix off, lest they be pummeled into space dust!

On Callisto, the scorpion mech does its work oblivious to the arrival of G-Force. During their flying around, they notice the mech can control where the meteorites go, pinpointing a target. However, Commander Typhon spots them and isn't surprised to see them but he has some surprises for them!

Act Two

Zark says the meteors are still showering down and the Phoenix is out flying by Callisto with nowhere to land and no way to stop more meteors from being produced. Zark believes Commander Typhon is doing something to the Phoenix's "transducer radar system" and he has to fid a way to stop it.

On the submarine, Commander Typhon and his soldiers jam the Phoenix's sensors so they can't see what the scorpion mech is up to. As Princess reports their problem, The scorpion mech strobes and curls moving from Callisto to space. Meantime, the next set of meteors plummet to Earth. The team follows the scorpion goes to Earth, causing a giant fireball upon re-entry. Jason starts shooting missiles at telling Mark if they don't it out, they are in serious trouble. No matter how many missiles they fire, there is no stopping it!

The team reports to Zark who has already detected the invader. Its target is their largest energy refinery that has already been evacuated with robot defenses being deployed against it. Zark advises the team to take on Commander Typhon as he controls the mech but Jason says their instruments don't work in finding him. According to Zark's "Thermal couple pyrometer" they should reverse the polarity to gain the use of their sensors again. Princess says there may be a problem because the magnetic tape probe was replaced just before the mission and she's not sure the polarity can be reversed but she'll try. Mark winds up doing it, finding Commander Typhon on Spectra! He orders Tiny to take them there.

The team takes off for Spectra to engage Commander Typhon personally. They go into Spectra's ocean closing fast on Commander Typhon's submarine so they coast in. They find it sitting on the ocean bottom and four of them skin dive over. As a smaller mech goes by, they hitch on to gain entry. Waiting for the perfect moment, they make their move taking out several guards. In another part of the submarine, Commander Typhon is pleased with the progress of the scorpion mech. He's interrupted by a guard but Mark is right behind him as the other three enter the control room! Princess takes out the control panel and without it, the scorpion is useless! However, there's the other problem of the meteorites still heading for Earth! Commander Typhon makes his escape while locking in G-Force.

As Commander Typhon takes the smaller mech out, Tiny decides to follow and gets the Phoenix stuck in an underwater canyon! In the control room, Mark is open to any ideas as Jason suggests Princess' yo-yo bomb to open the door. Because of the flying shrapnel, they form a single layer Whirlwind Pyramid. The door explodes and they're able to make their escape. Meantime, Tiny manages to get unstuck and pick up the team. They rush back to Earth trying to figure out a way to divert the meteorites but it's already happened with the scorpion's destruction! The meteorites reversed course. Mark reports in to Security Chief Anderson on a successful mission. Chief Anderson explains the meteorites returned to Callisto upon the scorpion's destruction. Another of Zoltar's plans has been foiled even if he teamed up with someone as "mad" as himself.

Mark reports in to Zark requesting re-entry clearance with Zark adding his psychometer shows "smooth sailing". As the team returns to Center Neptune, Zark takes a ten-second oil break. With 1-Rover-1 reminding him he had a hand in the mission success too.

This plot summary Copyright Bobbi Baker ©2020. No reproduction of any kind without permission.
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