BotP film "wish list" - the team

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BotP film "wish list" - the team

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This is what really started me writing this as some of these facts hit me just before bed last night. :)

We all hope the Russo Bros. will do justice for our favorite show, in this case being Battle. I hope they keep these things in mind. :)

G-Force overall - this team is tight!! These five "incredible young people" would do anything for each other and keep each other from doing something completely stupid or regrettable. That doesn't mean they don't tease one another or give each other a hard time - it happens all the time!! :lol: However, when push comes to shove, they're ready to pick each other up off the pavement and will always come home together. One of the best examples of this last item is from "Strike at Spectra".

The question then becomes, what do we know about the team members themselves?

Mark - He's dedicated to his job and understands he has the mantle of leadership on his shoulders. He has feelings for Princess as he has complimented on her numerous occasions. He even thinks about the situation at the end of "Defector to Spectra" after Amanda is reunited with her father. Amanda was certain there was someone else and there is! :)

What we know for certain about Mark - he loves to fly and he's the son of Colonel Cronus. It was perhaps one of the most dramatic points in the series in "The Sky is Falling!" With Cronus flying for the Rigan Defense Forces, does this make Mark at least half-Rigan? Is Cronus from Riga or from Earth and went to Riga to help fight? None of this was made clear in the series, so there's a blank slate there. :)

Jason - He's a total smart aleck and understands all too well what's expected of him. He keeps Mark in line when necessary and offers lots of suggestions on how to best go against Spectra. Sometimes, he gets himself in trouble by smarting off, but his teammates wouldn't have it any other way. :) He's passionate about racing cars and is very good at it. He's also one who believes in justice, even though he doesn't always get it. There was at least one instance that a very personal price was paid ("Race Against Disaster") when facing off with Spectra.

What we know for certain about Jason - he's an orphan and has been raised since birth to be part of G-Force (if you listen to 7-Zark-7). Essentially, Jason's backstory is a blank slate. Let's hope the filmmakers take this into account. :)

Princess - She's the glue who holds her team together. She's passionate about her family (her teammates, the robots, even Chief Anderson to a certain extent) and her friends ("The Fiery Lava Giant"). She also has a lot of friends including some who live in a space colony ("Save the Space Colony"), so this is a testament to her outgoing nature. She's also about stepping in as peacemaker when necessary and keeping Keyop in line.

What we know for certain - Princess remembers her mother ("Peril in the Pyramids"). However, how old was she? Are the memories definitive or more vague? The series doesn't say. This is the only instance her family is ever mentioned.

Keyop - He's the smallest member of the team and was made in a laboratory from a single embryo. Again, if Zark is to be believed. He has a speech impediment and his teammates are very protective of him. He tends to go off on his own to stop Spectra as seen in "Fearful Sea Anemone" and "The Alien Bigfoot". He wishes he had a mother ("Peril in the Pyramids") and wants to be accepted like the other G-Force members by their fans ("Fearful Sea Anemone").

What we know for certain - like Jason, Keyop is a pretty blank slate. What all occurred in the lab as Keyop was being formed/grew? Obviously the technology exists in the Battle universe to create Keyop. Are there others like him? Remember he was a spitting image of Ali in "Peril in the Pyramids". :)

Tiny - He's the pilot of the Phoenix and while he likes flying, he may not be as passionate about flying as Mark. He loves to eat and has occasionally fallen asleep at the wheel ("The Bat-Ray Bombers"). He's protective of his teammates but sometimes doesn't like being left in the Phoenix. He even ranted about it in "Save the Space Colony". However, he has been part of missions as seen in "Beast with a Sweet Tooth" and "Super Space Spies".

What we know for certain - Tiny grew up in a fishing village on Earth and is good friends with Captain Jack and his son Tommy. Captain Jack even says Tiny's father and he were like brothers. However, is Tiny's father still around? He knew Chief Anderson based on how Captain Jack greeted him and the rest of G-Force when they show up at the village ("The Bat-Ray Bombers"). I can't imagine Tiny's father not knowing Chief Anderson if he and Captain Jack were so close.

I'm sure there is something I'm missing and I'll add in the thread later if I come up with anything. As I've said before, I hope the filmmakers are smart enough not to cross stories. G-Force is not the KNT and vice versa. To bring the original KNT story to bear on Battle would be a great disservice to all ten characters. :)
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Re: BotP film "wish list" - the team

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Hi Bobkat,

Nice list and look at all the characters. Here are a few extra tidbits for you, mostly in the "what we know" category.

Mark - Was a member of the Space Academy with his one-time friend, Tom ("The Sky is Falling! - Part I"). He may have had a brother who died ("The Awesome Armadillo"). From Cronus' admission in "Peaks of Planet Odin," Mark also has a recently-born brother (or half-brother) named Timmy.

Jason - Takes Junior College courses in Retro-Ignition Systems and Thermal Timing Transmissions ("Invasion of the Locusts"). Also as a "world famous" race car driver, Jason is known to the public.

Princess - Has spent time before joining G-Force meditating in the Himalaya Mountains ("Charioteers of Changu"). She also has a lot of knowledge of electronics and explosives - given her numerous times at rewiring Spectra machines or bases to explode.

Keyop - Okay... this isn't a "what we know" item, it's actually more of a mystery. At one point when Dr. Carig is berating Keyop, he calls him a "child" as an insult. But Chief Anderson starts to correct Carig by saying Keyop's not a child, before he gets interrupted to explain what exactly Keyop is ("Mission to Inner Space").

He and Princess have developed a special bond, where she often treats him like a younger brother or even a son.

Tiny - He has spent time in the South Seas, probably before his time with G-Force ("Super Space Spies"). Like Keyop, Tiny is incredibly affectionate toward animals.

I wish a little more information had been given about the team and Chief Anderson. At least their full names, or more hints at their lives outside of playing ping-pong, eating Spaceburgers and playing music in the Ready Room. But at the same time, and I know I've said it before, I also believe too much information might spoil the mystery and intrigue surrounding the characters and series.

It's a very fine line, and I agree with one of the actors from Better Call Saul (I think Rhea Seehorn), who mentioned in a recent interview that things can collapse under their own weight when too much is known about a character or series. It's not always a good thing when every little detail is laid out or established.

Thanks again, and hopefully these additional bits help for what you're discussing.
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Re: BotP film "wish list" - the team

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Yes!! I knew I forgot stuff - this is what happens you think of stuff off the top of your head! :lol:

I just know that if they put too much 'sibling rivalry' into the mix, the filmmakers could essentially show the team as five individuals at each other's throats. That's not the norm, but rather the exception and my hope is that that fact will remain the same. :)

As far as Keyop goes, it would be fun for the filmmakers to explore him a bit and use what Chief Anderson said in "Mission to Inner Space' as a jumping off point. :)
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Re: BotP film "wish list" - the team

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