Tatsunoko 60th Anniversary Visual Acrylic Stands

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Tatsunoko 60th Anniversary Visual Acrylic Stands

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Hi all,

To commemorate their 60th anniversary, Tatsunoko is releasing a series of 60 acrylic stands depicting characters (and the occasional vehicle) from nearly every one of their major productions. Of interest to us are the five Gatchaman stands with members of the Science Ninja Team, as well as one of Hajime Ichinose from Gatchaman Crowds (and Crowds Insight) and one of Emi Kaido from Infini-T Force. The bad news is they can't be ordered outside of Japan. But I thought the pictures and news of their availability would be of interest to some at least.

The advertising banner

Ken, the Eagle

Joe, the Condor

Jun, the Swan

Jinpei, the Swallow

Ryu, the Owl

Hajime ichinose (Gatchaman Crowds and Crowds Insight)

Emi Kaido (Infini-T Force)

Each stand will include a full color image of a character on a base with their appropriate series logo, as well as Tatsunoko's 60th anniversary logo. Although each will be die-cut to the character's likeness, they are all said to measure about 150 x 150mm (approx. 6 x 6 inches). The price for each stand will be ¥1,800 (approx. $15.80 USD)

They will be available exclusively on Tatsunoko's Official Mall online store. They will be sold on a made-to-order basis from January 25 through February 7 only. Final items will be shipped in March, unless large volumes of orders delay the production.
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