New LP with Bob Sakuma music!

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New LP with Bob Sakuma music!

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Hi all,

Independent Italian record label Tava Tava Rare has been releasing small batches of Japanese television soundtrack LPs for a little while, and their most recent in their TV Original BGM Collection series is called Yukuzo! (meaning "Go!" In Japanese).


The LP features the work of Bob Sakuma (with one track by Hoyt Curtin) and his compositions for three Tatsunoko television series - Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Space Knight Tekkaman and Gowapper 5 Godam.

There are 7 tracks from Gatchaman and Battle of the Planets on Side A, including:
1 M-1 - Stable, Lifting Wings (1:10)
2 M-14 - Zero Angle (1:38)
3 M-18 - Into Dark Depths (0:35)
4 M-16 - The Hidden Devil (0:24)
5 M-27 - Pursuit / BP-100 [edited] (1:29)
6 M-34 - Surrender to Fate (1:16)
8 M-15 - International Science Organization (0:38)

The rest of side A, tracks 8 through 15, feature music from Tekkaman. Side B has 5 more from Tekkaman and ends with a selection of 10 tracks from Godam.

Two versions of the LP are available - a standard black vinyl, and a limited edition red vinyl that includes a two-sided art print signed by cover artist, Ali Riccardo. Each version of the album includes an "obi" strip on the left side with Bob Sakuma information and quotes in English.

Prices for the LPS are:
Standard black vinyl - €30,00 (200 copies)
Limited edition red vinyl (with signed insert by cover artist Ali Riccardo) - €35,00 (100 copies)

Artist Ali Riccardo signing art prints

Label: Tava Tave Rare
Release: December, 2020
Catalogue: TTLP-07

Tava Tave Rare ships worldwide and they can be reached through their Facebook page.

These are released as LPs (vinyl) only. No CD versions are being made available.
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