Limited Edition God Phoenix Model

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Limited Edition God Phoenix Model

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Hi all,

As they did with their previous New God Phoenix model, Academy Plastic Model Co. Ltd., is going to offer a Limited Edition version of their upcoming God Phoenix model kit. It will be sold online on December 18, and apparently only to residents of Korea. The Limited Edition Phoenix model will include an LED lighting option (which may not be available with the standard as previously mentioned - I don't know yet), a display base, an acrylic stand of the Ninja Team (or Eagle 5 Brothers as they're called in Korea), and a lounging figure of Jun. The Jun figure is unassembled and unpainted. All will be housed in special packaging. The price has not been mentioned.

Here are some photos:

The entire package

The acrylic stand of the team

The lounging Jun figure

They images are sourced from Academy's latest promotional video on YouTube.

I've had a difficult time finding any companies in Korea that will sell the kits, so I doubt I'll have much luck with this version either. I'm still looking for someone however and will post when/if I find a good source. So far, there are a couple promising leads in the US, but they charge about three times the original price. I'm sure I can do better!
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