Another Upcoming Academy Model - New God Phoenix - Clear Version

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Another Upcoming Academy Model - New God Phoenix - Clear Version

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Hi all,

Academy Model Company of Korea has another upcoming kit release of interest. This time it's a re-issue of their earlier New God Phoenix model from Gatchaman II. However, this version will be called the "Clear Version," and will be molded in semi transparent colored plastic. Other than that feature, it appears to be the same as the previous basic kit.

Aside from the model, it will include:
- Display stand in clear plastic
- Optional firebird parts
- Miniature versions of the G-1 through G-5 vehicles molded in translucent white
- Figures of the Ninja Team members molded in translucent white
- LED kit (this one claims it is coming with the base version of the model).

The model will be priced at ₩42,000 (approx. $38.03 US). It will be released in the coming months. No specific date was given.

This is listed in the series as "No. 1c," so it is not the still-missing "No. 3" in their Gatchaman kit lineup.

Possible new box art

A couple of the LED features

The translucent Ninja Team

New God Phoenix - Clear Version, with Firebird parts

New God Phoenix - Clear Version in the dark (which does look kind of neat!)

Releasing different colored versions of existing models isn't exactly the most thrilling news. If it sells well enough, expect to see some kind of similar release for the original series God Phoenix.
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