Gatchaman Collectors Edition Blu-ray - Out Of Print

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Gatchaman Collectors Edition Blu-ray - Out Of Print

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Hi all,

It appears that Sentai Filmworks' Gatchaman Collector's Edition Blu-ray set (15 discs) has gone out of print. The $149.98 set was released in April 2019 to replace their earlier Gatchaman Complete Collection on Blu-ray (14 discs) and DVD (22 discs) sets.

This follows their Gatchaman II and Gatchaman Fighter collections (both on DVD), and their Gatchaman Crowds Complete Collection (DVD), all of which went out of print at earlier dates.

As of this post, the Blu-ray and DVD versions of Gatchaman The Movie (the animated feature from 1978) and their issues of Gatchaman Crowds Insight Complete Collection (DVD) and Gatchaman Crowds Seasons 1 & 2 Complete Collection (Blu-ray, with both Crowds and Crowds Insight) are still available. However, if this is hinting at the end of Sentai's license with Tatsunoko, these final items probably will not last long.

For anyone interested, all of Sentai's remaining Gatchaman titles can be found here.

If you missed the chance to get Gatchaman on Blu-ray (and I recommend it, since it looks amazing), this might be your last chance to do it at close to retail price levels. Expect it to increase sharply on the secondary market once people realize the collection is out of print.

Re: Gatchaman Collectors Edition Blu-ray - Out Of Print

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Crazy that only last year I received this for my 32nd birthday after digging up my original ADV dub, then grabbing this. I wonder what is going to happen now, and how obscured it is going to obtain the others after they fully lose their usage with Tatsunoko.

Thankfully I have required the other initiatives under good offers before they went into higher prices again, and with the film coming out, makes me wonder if the licensing would be shared to another company.

I have seen Amazon listings already clocking this collection over the 200s already, which maybe a bit of a worrisome to some wallets. But if someone obtains it, well worth the purchase! I don't believe you won't be able to see a collection like this ever again very soon, or at least in the near future.
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