Infini-T Force: The Movie US Blu-ray release!

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Infini-T Force: The Movie US Blu-ray release!

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Hi all,

The Infini-T Force movie Infini-T Force: The Movie - Farewell, Friend has recently been announced for release on Blu-ray in the US!


It can currently be pre-ordered at:

Amazon ($19.99)
Best Buy ($19.99)
RightStuf! ($22.48)

Viz released the full specs for the disc on 11/19/20.

Release date: 1/5/2021
1 Blu-ray disc (1080p HD, 16X9 aspect ratio)
Running time: 90 minutes
Audio: English and Japanese (5.1 and 2.0 stereo)
English subtitles
Special features: Trailers, art galleries
Price: $24.98
UPC: 7-82009-24599-5
By: Viz Entertainment
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