Legends meet!

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Legends meet!

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Hi all,

I wish I could have been there (and did almost all I could to be), because the Northern National Collector's Convention arranged for both Mr. Katsuji Mori, and Mr. Ronnie Schell to attend their show. I asked Mr. Schell to try to get a photo with Mr. Mori (and explained why), and this showed up online this afternoon.

Ken and Jason meet!

That is incredibly awesome, and I wish I could have heard what they had to talk about. I'll add more information if I hear anything. Both gentlemen posted the photo to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, with additional comments.
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Re: Legends meet!

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I came here just to share this but I knew the Other Jason would beat me to it and I was right! God I wish Casey Kasem was here! This is epic!

I really want Me TV to air Gatchaman in some form.
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Re: Legends meet!

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I can't even tell you how much I LOVE this!! So awesome and they look great! So happy they were able to meet. :D
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