Zoltar taunts G-Force again

Keyop attacks Spectra alone

A roughed-up Keyop returns

Mark and Zoltar struggle


Microfilm Mystery

Written by: Kevin Coates
Alternate Title: The Microfilm Mystery
Production Number: 16
Airing Number: 26
Script Completion Date: 9/8/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Trailer*
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To capture the Metamorphosis-1 and use it to gain control of Center Neptune.
..To get the Metamorphosis-1 back from Spectra's control. .


7-Zark-7 is looking forward to receiving a new assistant, the Metamorphosis-1, that will help to run Center Neptune's operations more smoothly. The Metamorphosis is still under construction at the Robot Center but it will include detailed plans to all of Center Neptune's computers to help it expedite its tasks.

The Spirit wants the Metamorphosis-1, also called the Metamorphosizer, to use it to reprogram Center Neptune’s computers and force Earth to surrender to their own technology. Robots at the center where the Metamorphosis is being constructed fall victim to Spectran control and attack the laboratory. Zoltar arrives jubilant now that he controls the Metamorphosizer and all its plans.

G-Force arrive as Zoltar commands the Metamorphosizer to change from its original lizard shape to a centipede-like high-speed train. He then uses the machine's transforming abilities again in order to escape into a mountainside tunnel where his base is located. Keyop enters the tunnel alone to find it.

Chief Anderson thinks the last hope is to reprogram the Metamorphosizer with a microfilm neutralizer, and he hopes Keyop can find the Spectra base and the film. Inside the base, Keyop finds the armory and uses a trail of gunpowder to cause an explosion. On his way out, he steals the microfilm. After taking the film, Keyop makes a hasty escape from the base meeting minimal resistance.

Back at Anderson's home, G-Force awaits to hear from Keyop. Anderson's door opens and Keyop falls exhausted into the room. He reports he found the microfilm and the Spectra base. Anderson praises Keyop's heroic actions. 7-Zark-7 designs a tape to neutralize the Metamorphosizer. All they need do is insert it into the computer.

G-Force head for the Metamorphosizer again. When Zoltar reprograms the Metamorphosizer to change shape again, Mark sneaks on board before it finishes transforming. Inside, Mark makes his way to the control room and confronts Zoltar. After a brief struggle Mark inserts the neutralizer into the Metamorphosizer's computer and Zoltar escapes through a hole in the floor. Mark watches helplessly as Zoltar gets away yet again.

7-Zark-7 explains the Metamorphosizer has been made into an amusement park. While he laments that Zoltar destroyed what would have been his new assistant, 7-Zark-7 is glad in the end because he feels too much importance is placed on bigger and more complicated hardware anyway.

G-Force has the authority to arrest people in the name of the Federation of Peaceful Planets

*A preview for this episode was listed in the script, but it is unknown if it was ever created. Also, DVD versions of this episode do not include the trailer



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