G-Force decoys

Mark and the decoys are captured

G-Force receive a signal from Mark

The G-Force decoys are destroyed

Mark floats to safety



Decoys of Doom

Written by: Peter Germano
Alternate Title: The Decoys
Production Number: 62
Airing Number: 3
Script Completion Date: 6/14/78
Episode Completion Date: 9/13/78
Preview / Trailer: Trailer
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To use their monster robot to destroy Earth's great power complex.
..To lure Spectra to attack in order to discover their hidden base on Earth.


The Cosmic Patrol has alerted Chief Anderson that Spectra has set up a secret base on Earth again. Chief Anderson wants to flush Spectra out in order to find the base and he thinks that holding a highly-publicized event honoring G-Force will be the best way to do it. He arranges for decoys to be made of the team which will be visible for all the events honoring G-Force. During the festivities, Mark secretly takes the place of his own decoy. He orders the decoy to go back and join up with the real G-Force.

Sure enough, Spectra attacks with a giant Demon monster machine, and Mark, with the rest of the phony G-Force takes off in a convertible. The Demon follows them and freezes them with a ray fired from its mouth. Meanwhile, the real G-Force is dismayed to find Mark has stuck them with the decoy. But they launch the Phoenix with Jason in command, hopeful Mark will be able to relay his whereabouts to the team.

The Spectra machine disappears in the Arctic Circle where their secret base is located. When Mark and the decoys are thawed out, he manages to send a quick signal to G-Force with his Wrist Activator. As he is doing so, the G-Force decoys attack - but they are quickly dispatched by the Spectrans. Mark is able to hide out of sight and the commander thinks he has destroyed all of G-Force. He reports to Zoltar saying they have been successful. Zoltar then orders the commander to take off in the Demon to destroy Earth's massive power complex. Mark comes out of hiding and places some explosives in his Sonic Boomerang, which he then throws into a control console in the base. The boomerang is set to detonate on a timer and Mark jumps into the Spectra monster ship as it flies from the base. When the boomerang explodes, it alerts G-Force to the base's location, so they move in.

The commander of the Demon tries to take G-Force out with his freezing beam but they're able to evade it long enough to initialize the Fiery Phoenix. When the commander orders his beam to be taken to full power, the ship's main power generator stops for a moment. Mark takes advantage of the stoppage to dump a load of Kryptolite into the generator before it powers up again.

On the Phoenix, G-Force has to come out of transmute because of the stress involved. But the Demon is still pursuing them so they send the Mark decoy out into the open to draw fire away from themselves. The commander on the Spectra ship fires on the Mark decoy and catches him in mid-air. The Spectra commander thinks he has finally killed Mark. But he wonders how the Phoenix is still flying around if G-Force is dead. He turns his aim towards the Phoenix again just as the Kryptolite in the generator blows up and takes the Spectra monster with it.

The real Mark is able to survive the blast by covering himself with the uniform capes from the decoy G-Force team. Now in the open sky, he sheds the capes one by one and is able to land gently on the top of the Phoenix to reunite with G-Force.



Name: Demon
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Humanoid
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth
Weapons: Cosmic Lasers / Cosmic Beam / Z-ray
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

This Spectra Demon would emit a black cloud before it appeared and it also disappeared into one when it leaves a scene of its actions. It could fire rainbow-colored Cosmic Laser beams from its mouth that instantly froze whatever they hit. It was housed in a secret Spectra base on Earth, somewhere in the Arctic Circle. It used the substance Kryptolite, which was loaded before it took off, for an unknown purpose. The monster was destroyed after Mark dumped the Kryptolite into its power generator and it overheated.

G-Force is famous throughout the Galaxy

In Mark's absence, Jason can be put in charge of G-Force

Note: Although not disclosed in the episode, scripts reveal the name of Spectra's monster machine to be "Demon."



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