A Spectra machine digs into the ground

Dr. Carig and Cindy

Tiny pilots the Phoenix 2

Dr. Carig shows his true colors



Mission to Inner Space

Written by: William Bloom
Alternate Title: The Beast From Below, also Beetle Vs. The Bubble
Production Number: 83
Airing Number: 27
Script Completion Date: 8/23/78
Episode Completion Date: 10/9/78
Preview / Trailer: Trailer
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To use Dr. Carig, disgruntled Federation scientist, to defeat G-Force..

..To stop an underground explosion and neutralize Dr. Carig at the same time.

A giant three-section robot resembling a beetle arrives from space, burrows underground and causes major damage to Nuclear Complex 9 on Earth.

Chief Anderson tells G-Force what appeared to be a hit and run attack was actually a calculated plan to cause even more damage. During the attack a powerful explosive was sent down the complex's main drilling shaft. If the explosive reaches the magma stratum, it could cause a magnitude 9 Earthquake. Knowing G-Force are experts in outer space, not inner, Anderson arranges for Earth's top geologist named Dr. Carig to lead the underground mission.

Carig is very opinionated and he isn't impressed that G-Force has a woman and a chile on the team. When Keyop shows interest in Carig's pet chimpanzee, Cindy, Carig insults Keyop again. G-Force is cold to Carig after that, but they know they have a mission to accomplish.

Chief Anderson moves everyone to the city of Excelsior to start the operation. The city has a population of five million and will be the most directly affected point. Keyop takes the lead on the mission in his Star Buggy with the rest following in a special underground craft. As they dig, they are attacked by a robot beetle vehicle. Keyop is able to trap the beetle and escape.

They soon arrive at a crucial point in the mission. They are near the magma and are ready to intercept the explosive. But the beetle breaks through the roof of the opening and comes after Keyop. Mark joins Keyop inside his Star Buggy while the rest of the team go on their mission. The robot swings its giant mandibles at Keyop's Buggy, sets a timer on one of his Sonic Boomerangs and jams it into the robot's back.

In another part of the underground caves, the rest of the team has come to an area they can't fly past. They have to plant a charge in the roof but they can't get to it unless they can have Cindy attach a cable for them to climb. But Carig refuses to let Cindy out of his arms. After arguing about it a few minutes, Princess uses her Yo-yo to lasso Cindy and forcefully pull her from Carig's grasp.

Just as Jason is about to send the chimp up to attach a cable, Zoltar's voice comes from a communicator on her collar. Carig then pulls a gun on Tiny, Princess and Jason and admits he's been working for Spectra. he says Spectra understands his feelings for animals and G-Force has been completely insensitive towards him and Cindy. he has G-Force throw their weapons down, which Cindy collects and returns to Dr. Carig.

Keyop and Mark rush up the tunnel to intercept the explosive. But when they get to it and try to force it back up the tunnel, they find out it is too heavy. The explosive crashes through the main viewing port of the exploration ship and pushes it backwards.

Meanwhile, Zoltar is berating the commander of the robot ship again and he sends him back in to finish the job. Carig realizes the only way they can survive is to have Cindy climb outside and destroy the electronics on the explosive's reactor to disarm it. The Spectra robot beetle closes in, but as it gets close the boomerang detonates and destroys it. The force of the explosion shifts the trajectory of the explosive just enough that it wedges in the shaft and stops descending. Unfortunately, it also traps Dr. Carig underneath it. Cindy returns to the ship, having successfully disarmed the explosive and Zoltar is frustrated that his plans have been defeated by G-Force again.

Later, G-Force and Cindy look on as the disarmed explosive is safely pulled out of the mining shaft. 7-Zark-7 reports Dr. Carig will survive and once he gets out of the hospital, he will come back to work on G-Force's side.



Name: Beetle
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Beetle
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Razor sharp mandibles, laser beams
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

The massive Spectra Beetle caused major damage to a nuclear energy complex on Earth, while simultaneously setting up a potentially deadly situation with a Federation drilling operation. The Beetle was able to spin its razor sharp mandibles incredibly fast to act as a drill, which allowed it to burrow underground. It could also fire powerful laser beams from the sides of its head and launch its head section like a guided missile. The Beetle was destroyed after a time-delayed Sonic Boomerang Mark stuck into its hull detonated.

7-Zark-7 says he can read a whole book at a glace

7-Zark-7 claims he isn't programmed to blush, but he did blush earlier

Dr. Carig is Earth's top geologist

Chief Anderson begins to explain that Keyop's not a child, but Dr. Carig interrupts him

Note: Although not named in the episode, the exploration ship Tiny pilots is called the Phoenix 2 in scripts.



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