Keyop sees Julie from his Star Buggy

Lured to an amusement park

Spectra's caterpillar robot

Keyop is crushed



Cupid Does it to Keyop

Written by: Jack Paritz
Alternate Title: The Cyborg Caterpillar, also Cupid Does it To Keyop!
Production Number: 87
Airing Number: 29
Script Completion Date: 9/7/78
Episode Completion Date: 10/9/78
Preview / Trailer: None
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To separate Keyop from G-Force then attack them..

..To rescue Keyop and a girl to whom he is attracted.

G-Force is enjoying some time off and Keyop decides to go sightseeing in his Space Bubble. While flying around, he comes across a large castle in a forest and sees a pretty young girl sunbathing on one of the outside patios. When he swings around to take another look at her, she's already gone back in. Keyop flies back brokenhearted.

Later, Keyop sees a report on TV that the young girl he saw was kidnapped. She is Julie Leslie, the daughter of Earth's representative in the Intergalactic Federation of Planets. The press speculates the girl has been kidnapped by Spectra in order to force the Federation to admit them in as a member. Keyop goes back to the castle dispatches a few Spectran guards and rescues Julie. She is reunited with her parents and Keyop is happy, but a bit worried he will never see her again.

The Spectran guards are later interrogated by police when the police chief comes in have a few moments alone with the kidnappers. The chief reveals to them that he's a Spectra agent who has replaced the real chief. He's aware of the kidnapping plan. Back in his office, the chief talks with a very upset Zoltar. But he assuages the Spectran commander by revealing a new plan he has to trap the girl and the junior member of G-Force.

A letter is delivered to Keyop from Julie saying she wants to meet Keyop later at an amusement park. In reality, the letter is a trick from the fake chief of police, to lure them both into his trap.

Zoltar and the fake chief watch from an observation tower in the amusement park as Keyop arrives to meet Julie. The two youngsters talk for a couple minutes but Keyop notices the park is vacant except for them and he becomes instantly alert. They try to leave, but they’re sealed inside.

Meanwhile, Mark asks if anyone has seen Keyop. Princess peeked over Keyop’s shoulder and read part of his note so she knows he’s at the amusement park. Within the park, Keyop and Julie are having problems. Several police cars have joined together and transformed into a giant caterpillar robot that chases the two around the grounds. G-Force head for the amusement park.

However before G-Force can look for Keyop, they must contend with another giant Spectra monster shaped like a lobster. After chasing it from the city and underwater in a nearby sea, the Phoenix gets trapped by some mechanical kelp. As they escape that trap, the Spectra lobster monster strikes an underwater rock wall and blows up. G-Force is free to run to Keyop's side.

During all the excitement at the amusement park, Julie has passed out and remains unconscious. Mark comes up with a plan to use a dummy of Keyop to trick Zoltar into thinking the whole team is together and that the boy with Julie is not part of G-Force. When Zoltar is distracted by the dummy, Keyop changes into his uniform.

The caterpillar robot fires a missile at the Phoenix but it misses. Keyop is able to load Julie into his Star Buggy and he rejoins with the Phoenix. With G-Force reunited and his plans ruined, Zoltar and the fake chief hit a button which reveals their observation tower to be an escape rocket. The two get away and G-Force rush Julie to a nearby hospital.

Later when she's conscious again, Julie tells Keyop her father has just been transferred to the distant Andromeda Galaxy. She will be going with her family, so this is the last time they'll see each other for a while. Keyop pretends to be unfazed and okay about it in front of his G-Force teammates, but out of their sight he slumps down, deeply hurt that his new girlfriend is leaving.



Name: Caterpillar Ride
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Caterpillar
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Brute strength, missile nose
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Unknown

This monster machine was sprung as a trap to try to capture Keyop. It was was formed from twelve fake police cars that joined up and transformed into the giant Caterpillar shape. It relied mainly on its strength to cause damage, but it also had a nose missile that it fired at the Phoenix. The Caterpillar monster's fate is unknown. Zoltar and one of his assistants fled the scene of the attack after the Caterpillar fired its nose missile, but it was not seen again.

7-Zark-7 is resisting possible updates he could receive, including two additional arms and four more hands

Note: In the episode's scripts, Julie's original last name was Danners, not Leslie. She also had a couple of different first names - Dorothy and Juliet. Also, her father who was not named in the episdoe, was called Thurman Danners in scripts Finally, the two Spectra agents guarding her had names - Al (with a yellow jacket, blue shirt, goatee) and Angel (with a brown coat, white shirt, green hat, pipe and sunglasses.)

Note: The scriptwriter suggested leaving the scenes where Keyop takes out Al and Angel intact because "Keyop is such a small character taking on a huge bully. It becomes more incredible and amazing than violent." and "Again, little Keyop doing this is almost comical." His suggestions were obviously not agreed with since the majority of the action in these sequences was removed in the end.



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