Princess is sent on a solo mission

Keyop follows Princess out of worry

The charioteers attack

G-Force takes out the charioteers



Charioteers of Changu

Written by: Peter Germano
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 95
Airing Number: 83
Script Completion Date: 1/8/79
Episode Completion Date: 1/19/79
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: A
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To use an ancient legend to gain a stronghold in the Himalaya..

..G-Force splits up to find out the story behind recent attacks in Changu.

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G-Force confronts a weird, new enemy! Do these robot charioteers possess the power to defeat the G-Force team?
"Up to some more tricks!" (Jason)
Has G-Force discovered the mysterious secret of Changu? Will they survive the attack of this robot giant from outer space? Can the Cerebonic super-powers of the G-Force team help them withstand the devastating effects of the robot giant?
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Princess is sent to the Changu village by Chief Anderson to discover if the reports about ancient roman-style charioteers terrorizing the vicinity were true. She is familiar with the area because she studied meditation there. Keyop follows without authorization in order to protect her. But Chief Anderson thinks if he could blow Princess' cover. So he dispatches rest of G-Force to get Keyop.

When Keyop arrives in the village he finds and old blind man named Akkadan. A group of Spectran robot charioteers are actually after Akkadan. When they attack the old man, Keyop decides to help. The charioteers' attack levels the old-man's cabin but he and Keyop escape through an underground trap door. Mark, Jason and Tiny also fight the charioteers outside without knowing Keyop and the old man are inside the cabin. After the fight, they see Keyop's vehicle outside the ruins and realize that he is somewhere near, but their wrist communicators can't get through to him. Mark suggests using the horses left behind by the charioteers to lead them to whomever has sent them out.

Meanwhile, Akkadan tells Keyop the secret of Changu... Long ago, a legend from his people tells of people who came from the stars and were worshipped as gods. But too late they found out they were evil. They enslaved the villagers and made them build a giant stone idol, which they called Changu. The leader of the enslavers came out of the stone idol - who turned out to be Zoltar. Zoltar claimed that through Changu he would remain in power over the people and that the idol also had the power to transport Zoltar and his men back and forth through outer space.

Keyop exits the cabin and throws his weapon at a shadow outside... but the stranger turns out to be Princess, perplexed at what Keyop is doing there. Nearby, as Zoltar is chastising his robots for allowing a blind man and a kid turn them back, he reveals that he wants Akkadan stopped so no one else will learn about the Changu statue being part of his invasion plans. As he turns to leave, more chariots approach, but these are driven by Mark, Tiny and Jason.

After some tricky maneuvers and tactics by the charioteers, including joining together to form a giant robot, Mark, Jason and Tiny get captured in an electrified net and are about to be killed. Princess and Keyop show up to save them and the team forms the Whirlwind Pyramid to defeat the robots and break up the stone Changu idol. Their mission complete, the team is able to return home.



Name: Charioteers
Type: Mechanical Devices
Body Shape: Humanoid
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Chariots, brute strength and .........transformation (see below)
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed

These armored robot warriors first appeared in the guise of Roman charioteers to menace the Changu region in the Himalaya. They had spiked rams and bladed wheels on their chariots, and also set their wheels ablaze to crash them into structures. But the human-shaped machines were able to join up to transform themselves into large edged weapons and finally a giant-sized humanoid monster machine. The giant machine could breathe fire, shoot edged weapons and deploy electrified nets. It was finally defeated by G-Force using their Whirlwind Pyramid technique.

Princess previously studied meditation in the Himalaya

If Akkadan's story is factual, Zoltar may be quite old



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