These pages present examples of worldwide Battle of the Planets merchandise. They include images, information and descriptions of both classic and modern era items. Each of the major countries listed to the left have the following sections:

- Books - Comic books, magazines, storybooks and activity books
- Games - Any type of board game, skill game and videogame
- Models - Unassembled plastic model kits
- Paper Items- Mainly posters, but also includes other types of paper goods
- Home Video - Film, videotape, DVD and Blu-ray
- Toys - Any toys, whether plastic, metal, vinyl or other
- Music - LP, audio tape and CD
- Various - Anything not able to be included in the above categories

Please note that not every country has merchandise examples in all sections. The final "Various" section to the left includes countries where only one or two Battle of the Planets items are known to exist. This includes Australia, Canada, Israel and Japan.

Keep an eye on this section for updates as I find time to scan and photograph more items to include. Your help is much appreciated if you know of something that is not listed here.



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