A Tatsukoko Photo Album

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Kenji Yoshida, Tatsuo Yoshida and Ippei Kuri (all seated), at a very early phase in Tatsunoko's history

Ippei Kuri, Tatsuo Yoshida and Kenji Yoshida conferring about Genie Hakushon at Tatsunoko's offices. Circa 1969


Kenji Yoshida (holding art) at Tatsunoko's offices. Year unknown

Tatsuo Yoshida at Tatsunoko's animation building. Year unknown


The ladies of the cel painting department at Tatsunoko's separate animation buiilding located in Takanodai

The animation camera at Tatsunoko's animation building


Tatsunoko's office building around 1975 (left) and 2005 (right)

The full Tatsunoko office and animation staff outside the animation building, 1975


Tatsunoko's animation buildings in 1965, before they were remodeled into a single building

Tatsunoko's vacant animation building in September, 2008. It was closed in early 2007 and sadly demolished before 2008 was over


Studio founder and first President, Tatsuo Yoshida



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