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Scientists on Earth have developed the most sophisticated computer in the Universe, the Metamorphosis. It is able to transform any substance and it also contains the microfilmed blueprints to all of the Center Neptune’s computers. With this machine, Zoltar and the Spirit would finally be able to rule the world.

They enlist the help of the Juggler, a Spectra agent who has a secret machine that can reprogram the Earth’s robots. He uses it to turn the laboratory robots against the scientists and capture the new invention for Spectra. Zoltar has come to Earth in the Mesozoic Robot Dinosaur and with the Metamorphosis safely in his possession, he begins to reprogram all the Center Neptune’s computers with false information – even Zark begins to malfunction! The G-Force attacks Zoltar in the Robot Dinosaur, but using the Metamorphosis, he transforms the robot into a speeding Caterpillar and disappears into a nearby tunnel.

Keyop decides to go into the tunnel alone and recapture the microfilm. He finally reaches the underground Spectra headquarters and escapes with the microfilm. But the Meta monster has changed shape again: this time, into a flying Manta Ray. Mark pursues the Manta in the Phoenix and engages it in a fiery battle. Just as the monster is about to win the battle, Mark makes a direct hit on the computer with a neutralizing agent and the Manta Ray machine is frozen. Zoltar once again escapes capture, but his evil creation has been ruined and its remains are turned into a children’s amusement park.


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Zoltars new spaceship, which, at the flip of a switch, takes on many monstrous shapes, has stolen from G-Force the only weapon capable of neutralizing his attack: Microfilm. Keyop decided his size will be adventageous to infiltrating the Spectra craft, and he was right. He retrieves the microfilm but now it is up to Mark to invade Zoltar's control room and put the rampaging spaceship out of commission. Starring Alan Young as 7-Zark-7 and Keye Luke as Zoltar.


Synopsis from UK Mollin videotape release (unreleased)

The Microfilm Mystery

Zoltar has stolen the most sophisticated computer in the universe - the Metamorphosis. With this machine Zoltar and Spectra will finally be able to rule the world. Can G-Force stop their evil plan?


Synopsis from US Rhino DVD release

Microfilm Mystery

7-Zark-7 is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the computerized robot Metamorphosis One, which will act as both Zark’s assistant and as the master computer for Center Neptune. Meanwhile, the Luminous One sets out to capture this new machine once he learns it contains a complete set of microfilm blueprints for all of Center Neptune’s computers!


Synopsis from Australian Madman DVD release


The Luminous One wants the new Metamorphosis One computer because it can transform any substance, and it holds blueprints for all of Center Neptune's computers! With the help of Juggler, a Spectran agent, Zoltar gets the Metamorphosis and installs it in his new Dinosaur monster. Now Zoltar's robot can transform into many forms, and G-Force must stop it and neutralize the supercomputer before Spectra can gain too much information!


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