Week 10

Week 10 starts with Mark losing an old friend at the hands of Spectra after which, he quits the team. Later, Chief Anderson gets kidnapped by Zoltar, Mark and G-Force travel to Zarkadia to do battle with a giant mummy monster, and one of Earth's top cellular renewal scientists is forced to give up his super secret formula to Spectra. Unfortunately for 7-Zark-7, Susan receives a promotion and is transferred to the Early Warning System on Planet Pluto.

Week 10 phrase counts (this week) (total)

G-Force! (2) (37)
Team 97, Mark and Princess 14

Transmute! (5) (25)
Mark 4 (2X), Mark 97, Mark 3, Mark 14

Big Ten! (5) (70)
Tiny (2X) 97, Mark 3, Tiny 22, Tiny 14



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