Week 13

Week 13 begins with Keyop finding out, for a brief amount of time, what it's like to have a real Mother. Then G-Force heads off to put a stop to "The Great Spectra Offensive" before it can even get started. Then, after stopping a plot to blow up a massive bomb in the middle of a baseball park, G-Force have to contend with a seemingly unstoppable black sphere unleashed by Spectra.

Week 13 phrase counts (this week) (total)

G-Force! (5) (48)
Team 69, Mark, Princess and Keyop 69, Team 93, Team (2X) 51

Transmute! (2) (29)
Mark 23, Mark 51

Big Ten! (3) (79)
Jason, Princess and Tiny 69, Princess and Keyop 63, Tiny 23



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