Week 15

Week 15 starts with a Spectra team called the Galaxy Girls commanded by Zoltar's sister Mala, that attacks a new global monorail. Spectra is also finally able to take advantage of learning the secret of G-Force's transmutation ability with a new weapon. Keyop is kidnapped along with a few other young boys by Spectra beetle machines intent on using them as power sources.

Week 15 phrase counts (this week) (total)

G-Force! (2) (55)
Mark, Princess, Keyop and Tiny (2X) 76

Transmute! (5) (36)
Jason 76, Mark 8, Mark 17, Keyop (2X, attempt, then actual) 17

Big Ten! (3) (86)
Tiny 101 (re-use from 62), Tiny (2X) 8



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