Week 5

Spectra tests the Federation heavily in Week 5 by placing a base on Planet Vega to position themselves for easier attacks on Earth, plus they coerce an alien robot into helping them attack Earth, with promises to free his people if he succeeds. The Federation loses a major spacecraft when Spectra hijacks it and in yet another major coup for the evil organization, Spectra is able to use Princess' lost shoe to figure out the secret of G-Force's transmutation powers.

Week 5 phrase counts (this week) (total)

G-Force! (5) (20)
Jason, Princess, Keyop and Tiny 48, Team (3X) 30, Mark, Jason, Keyop and Tiny 74

Transmute! (5) (16)
Mark 48, Mark 30, Mark 11, Mark (2X) 68

Big Ten! (5) (39)
Tiny 48, Keyop 48, Mark 11, Keyop 74, Tiny 68



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