Week 6

Week 6 begins with Spectra stealing a major piece of Federation technology then using it against Earth. G-Force goes on a harrowing underground adventure, then Antoff, an alien from Planet Tramulus makes a deal with Spectra to attack Earth. Keyop finds his first love and rescues her from Spectra's clutches, only to have his heart broken.

Week 6 phrase counts (this week) (total)

G-Force! (3) (23)
Mark, Jason, Princess and Tiny 83, Mark 10, Jason, Princess, Keyop and Tiny 54

Transmute! (2) (18)
Mark 16, Mark 87

Big Ten! (7) (46)
Mark 16, Tiny 83, Keyop 83, Mark 10, Tiny (2X) 10, Princess 87



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