The Space Terrapin's first attack

Commander Gorok

Mark stops Jason from firing a missile

The Fiery Phoenix saves the day

Attack of the Space Terrapin

Written by: Peter Germano and Jameson Brewer
Alternate Title: Attack of the Space Terrapins
Production Number: 1
Airing Number: 1
Script Completion Date: 1/5/78
Episode Completion Date: 5/5/78
Preview / Trailer: None*
Credit Version: Pilot and B**
Title Card Version: Pilot
Official episode synopsis

..To steal the Federation's Vitalumous for themselves..

..To stop Spectra's Space Terrapin and recover the stolen Vitalumous.

Off the West Coast of the United States lies Center Neptune and its computerized watchdog, 7-Zark-7. Center Neptune is the mining and refining site for one of the world's most precious minerals - Vitalumous, which is given freely to anyone who requests it. The main use for this mineral is to restore worn out soil on Earth and other planets. Without it, nothing can be grown.

Despite the free availability of Vitalumous, Zoltar, the ruthless leader of planet Spectra, is determined to steal the essential mineral. He sends the giant Space Terrapin robot monster under the control of Commander Gorok to Earth to attack and destroy one of the Vitalumous storage vaults. A red alert is quickly sent by 7-Zark-7 to summon G-Force into action.

G-Force - a team of five extraordinary youngsters is charged with the protection of Center Neptune and Earth from space pirates and alien invasion. They respond to 7-Zark-7's alert in their mighty command ship, the Phoenix and begin tracking the monster. When they locate the Terrapin in flight, Mark and Princess make a daring mid-air leap from the Phoenix to the Spectran ship. On board the Terrapin, Princess heads for the control room while Mark does his own recon to find the stolen Vitalumous.

Commander Gorok spots the Phoenix and aims the Terrapin's laser cannon at it. But Princess has been busy reprogramming the weapon. When Gorok gives the order to fire, the cannon self-destructs. Meanwhile, Mark opens the bottom hatch of the Terrapin which allows the Phoenix to fly on board. Mark and Princess meet up with Jason, Keyop and Tiny in the Terrapin's landing bay and inform them that they can't locate the Vitalumous on the ship.

Just then, Keyop notices they're surrounded by a platoon of Spectra troops. The team quickly resorts to one of their special maneuvers - by climbing on top of one another's shoulders and spinning faster and faster, they are able to create the Whirlwind Pyramid. The move generates high wind gusts and disorients their enemies long enough for G-Force to get the upper hand and disable them. Meanwhile, Gorok informs Zoltar about G-Force and Zoltar in turn consults The Spirit, the mysterious true leader of Spectra. He orders Zoltar to set the Space Terrapin to self-destruct and Zoltar passes the order along to Gorok, telling him to evacuate and return with what he has in the escape ship.

G-Force realizes what's going on and rush out of the doomed ship. But as they're nearly out, the Terrapin's massive hatch closes on part of the Phoenix and traps it. G-Force is caught in a deadly spiral as the Terrapin plummets toward the sea. The only hope they have to survive is by using their ultimate weapon, the Fiery Phoenix. Activating the mode, the Phoenix is transmuted into the appearance of a massive flaming bird. The heat it generates is enough to free G-Force. Its use places G-Force under tremendous stress but their Cerebonic implants enable them to survive the ordeal. The best news for the team is that the Vitalumous has also survived and has fallen into the ocean where G-Force will be able to retrieve it.



Name: Space Terrapin
Type: Giant Mechanical Monster
Body Shape: Terrapin (Turtle)
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Disintegrators and brute strength
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: Yes
Status: Destroyed via self-destruct

The Space Terrapin first appeared on Earth to steal stores of Vitalumous. Although 7-Zark-7 reported it as a "radio-controlled attack monster," it did carry commander and a large crew. It had a large drill on its nose, and its weapons included a Prismatic Reflector/Disintegrator laser system fired from the sides of its head, and brute strength. Its armor was impervious to rocket attacks from ground forces. It had the capability to burrow underground and could fly via rockets in its arms and legs. It was equipped with an escape ship, which was used when The Spirit ordered its commander to set the Terrapin to self-destruct.

Each member of G-Force has miniaturized Cerebonic implants

Tiny's last name is Harper

Keyop is special and different because he was manufactured in a laboratory

Note: This is the very first episode of Battle of the Planets, and as such, many ideas were later changed from the way they were used here. For instance 7-Zark-7's reverberating voice effect, 7-Zark-7 having to help G-Force to transmute and taking a full twenty-four hours until G-Force is able to resume their normal shapes after using the Fiery Phoenix, were all abandoned in the regular series.

Note: The pilot script was completed in January, 1978 and the pilot was completed shortly after. Following test screenings, additional work including re-writes and other small tweaks, took place through mid-April.

**This episode has been shown at different times with its original pilot credits and also with credit version B.



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