Tiny and Keyop laugh at Doriarity

Electra, Professor Doriarity's horse

Spectra double-crosses the Professor

Setting out to destroy the cyborg horses


Mad New Ruler of Spectra

Written by: Harry Winkler
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 21
Airing Number: 4
Script Completion Date: 6/21/78
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Trailer
Credit Version: A*
Title Card Version: A
Official episode synopsis

..To destroy Earth's largest energy park with Doriarity's cyborg horses..

..To rescue Professor Doriarity from planet Spectra.

Tiny and Keyop have some time off so they've gone to an Obstacle Horse Race. While there, they meet an old man who predicts a run-down old horse named Electra will be the winner. They laugh at him, but when the horse displays astounding abilities and actually ends up in the winners' circle, they think something strange is going on. They're not the only ones - two Spectra agents have been secretly watching the old man and the proceedings from the crowd.

Back at Center Neptune, Chief Anderson informs G-Force that the old man in question is actually Professor Hugo Doriarity - one of the world's leading research scientists. He's come up with a way to build cyborg animals and control them remotely, which would be just what Spectra would be looking for. Chief Anderson tells G-Force that they have to pay Professor Doriarity a visit.

But before they can arrive at the Professor's cabin, he is kidnapped by the two Spectra agents and taken to Planet Spectra. When G-Force get to Doriarity's home, they notice he is gone and Mark finds a Spectra radio beacon that one of the agents has dropped.

Meanwhile on Spectra, the Great Spirit and Zoltar tell Doriarity they need his expertise in building cyborgs for their own purpose. Doriarity, being an ambitious man, sees an opportunity and he tells them if his talents are so valuable, then he should be made the leader of Spectra in place of Zoltar. The Great Spirit immediately agrees to these terms and he is now the new leader, much to Zoltar's apparent irritation. Finally Doriarity has something he wants more than the money he made with Electra's winning race; power.

G-Force sets off for Planet Spectra in order rescue Professor Doriarity, not knowing he is now willingly working with the enemy. When they arrive they see that herds of cyborg horses have already been built and are being controlled remotely to test their destructive powers. Mark, Jason, Princess and Keyop sneak into the Spectra base and discover Doriarity talking with Zoltar.

Zoltar and the Spirit have just informed Doriarity that his cyborgs are going to be used to attack a major power facility on Earth. Doriarity balks, saying this wasn't what his cyborgs were created for and as leader of Spectra, he won't allow it. Zoltar laughs at him and reveals that now that they have the horses, they don't need him any more. His leadership was just a trick so the Spirit and Zoltar could get what they wanted.

Zoltar presses a button which causes powerful energy beams to emanate from the Spirit's viewscreen. The energy knocks Professor Doriarity out, just as Mark and Princess enter the chamber to confront Zoltar. Zoltar laughs and tells them they're too late as he escapes in a hidden rocket. Mark and the rest of G-Force get Doriarity out of the base and convince him to tell them how to destroy the horses before they can be loaded for their trip to Earth.

G-Force successfully set the self-destruct buttons on the horses per Professor Doriarity's instructions, and the Professor uses his remote control to detonate them while they're still on Spectra. G-Force and the Professor safely return to Earth.



Name: Cyborgs
Type: Mechanical Monsters
Body Shape: Horses
Origin: Planet Earth
Sighting: Planet Earth, Planet Spectra
Weapons: Electric charges and brute strength
Flight Capable: No
Crew: Yes, single riders if needed
Status: Destroyed via remote detonation

Developed by Professor Doriarity on Earth, Spectra made a deal with him to use his cyborg technology. These remote-controlled horses looked normal at first, but were able to shed their tails, replace their ears with antennae and change their color to appear white with yellow eyes and a red Spectra symbol on their faces. Their primary methods of attack were through firing powerful electric charges from their antennae and kicking things with their powerful legs. But they could also be filled with explosives and detonated from a distance. They also each had detonation buttons on their necks, which after pushed, could be triggered remotely by Professor Doriarity.

G-Force is able to travel to Spectra if necessary

7-Zark-7 had a Grandfather named 4-Zark-4

7-Zark-7 likes all animals, especially dogs, and thinks he'll ask for one to keep him company in Center Neptune

Note: Two versions of this episode are known to exist. As with Siege of the Squids, this alternate version was used to explore the best way to deal with the series' music. This time, pieces of Bob Sakuma's score were re-edited within the program, appearing in different spots than they originally did in the Gatchaman version. The producers were trying to see if the small library of Japanese music they were supplied with would be sufficient to bridge the quiet spots and editing gaps. Obviously the answer was no, which cleared the way for Hoyt Curtin's score to be commissioned.

The alternate version of this episode was released on videotape by Longman Video in the UK in the mid-1980s.

*The alternate version of this episode also appeared as a bonus item on an Australian DVD box set in 2004 with credits from the pilot.



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