Jason saves Tyna

A Robotoid prepares to attack

Mala confronts Tyna

The Whirlwind Pyramid



Rage of the Robotoids

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 70
Airing Number: 78
Script Completion Date: Unknown
Episode Completion Date: 1/12/79
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To force an agent to lead G-Force to their demise..

..To find out why a group of evil robots have been attacking people on Earth.

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G-Force finds itself the unwilling victims of evil Robotoids bent upon their destruction!
"Aroot, Glad you're not people!" (Keyop)
Can G-Force escape the terrible fate Zoltar has planned for them at the hands of these devilish devil-dolls? Are they fighting a losing battle against a foe that is not flesh and blood?
"How are we supposed to fight against machines?" (Mark)
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Susan calls 7-Zark-7 with the news that an unidentified object is hurtling towards Earth and 7-Zark-7 pinpoints Metro City as the spot where it will land. Chief Anderson dispatches G-Force to find out what's going on. Outside the city, Jason sees a taxi cab on a mountain road when a group of robot mannequins descend and attack it. As the driver and a young woman named Tyna try to run away, the driver is hit and Tyna gets backed up to a cliff. Jason jumps out of his car to rescue her as the robotoids force her over the cliff’s edge.

Back at Center Neptune, Jason and Mark get into a heated discussion about Tyna. Mark is suspicious of her being out in the middle of nowhere in a taxi. Jason tells him to give her a chance and is upset that Mark seems to think everything is all her fault. Jason goes to visit Tyna, but before he can get to her room, he sees a nurse attacked by the same ring weapons that the mannequins used. He stays back to see what will happen and sees Tyna exit the room. Jason admits Mark was right to keep an open mind about everything. Jason follows Tyna down to a waterfront area and calls Mark. But his transmission is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a group of robotoids who knock him out. G-Force rush to the area and separate to find Jason.

Princess chases a robotoid into a junkyard and it overtakes her. Tiny is flying over the city in the Phoenix when he notices Princess bike. He lands to see where she is, and is quickly trapped by more robotoids. He manages to alert Mark and activate a direction finder before he’s knocked out. Inside the Spectra base, it is revealed Tyna tried to escape from Spectra, but they’re holding her parents captive and Zoltar’s sister Mala is forcing her to cooperate.

Mark and Keyop are looking for the rest of G-Force, when they’re trapped in a room. Tyna reveals the rest of the team is being held captive and she sends a squad of robotoids after Mark and Keyop. The two manage to free the rest of the team and they are able to form a Whirlwind Pyramid to blow he robotoids away. Tyna tries to escape, but Jason catches up to her and she tells him Zoltar will destroy everything to get them. G-Force barely get out of the base as it blows up.

7-Zark-7 explains that Tyna was only working with Spectra in order to save her parents. Mark and Princess pay 7-Zark-7 a visit to tell him they all got home safely. 7-Zark-7 then informs them Tyna's parents were able to escape the Spectra slave planet and make it to the friendly planet of Tolak. Mark and Princess leave to tell Tyna the good news.



Name: Robotoids
Type: Robot Mechanisms
Body Shape: Humanoid
Origin: Planet Spectra
Sighting: Planet Earth

Weapons: Energy rings, gas and rocket hands
Flight Capable: Yes
Crew: No
Status: Destroyed

These mannequin-like, human sized and female-shaped robots were able to join and transform into a variety of attack configurations. They were able to shoot glowing rings of energy from their fingertips that could burn people badly and cause damage to objects they touch. They left behind a substance that was traced to Spectra. They were also able to emit a gas to knock people out. Finally, they were able to launch their hands at targets. G-Force was able to destroy the Robotoids with their individual weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and finally with the Whirlwind Pyramid.

Zoltar's sister Mala is seen for the second, and final, time



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