What are Dr. Gregg's intentions?

Mark pretends to defect to Dr. Gregg

Mark, trapped in an electronic field

Mark rescues Amanda

Dr. Gregg reunited with his daughter



Defector to Spectra

Written by: Unknown
Alternate Title: None known
Production Number: 79
Airing Number: 76
Script Completion Date: Unknown
Episode Completion Date: Unknown
Preview / Trailer: Preview
Credit Version: B
Title Card Version: B
Official episode synopsis

..To force Dr. Gregg, a Federation employee, into spying for Spectra..

..To contact Dr. Gregg and learn his true allegiance.

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One of Center Neptune's most trusted agents turns out to be a defector! Will G-Force find a way to stop their friend from selling out to the enemy aliens from planet Spectra?
"It's Zoltar! We can't let him get away this time!" (Princess)
"All right!" (Mark)
Can Mark, the commander of G-Force, stow away in Zoltar's spaceship and remain undiscovered long enough to rescue the daughter of the security agent?
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7-Zark-7 finds evidence of a Spectra spy at the Intergalactic Federation Headquarters building. Their own Dr. Gregg has been acting suspiciously and Security Chief Anderson notices him plant a recording device on one of the Federationís computers. In an effort to determine why heís helping the enemy, Anderson and G-Force come up with a plan to tell Dr. Gregg that Mark wishes to defect to Spectra as well.

Mark contacts Dr. Gregg and the two head for Gregg's house. There, Mark sees a picture of the doctor's daughter, Amanda. Gregg says he hasn't seen her for three days and it suddenly all clicks for Mark - Amanda must be in Spectra's hands and they're forcing him to help. As Mark sits to ask more questions, Gregg pulls a gun on him and hits a hidden switch in a bookcase which surrounds the couch with an electric force field. Gregg then takes off to meet with Zoltar.

G-Force follow Gregg's car downtown. Outside one of the buildings is a car that Keyop starts to play in. When he puts its gearshift into "G" the whole seat lowers into an underground Spectra base. In the base, Gregg gives Zoltar the Master Code he's stolen and Zoltar tells Gregg to eliminate G-Force. Gregg thinks being turned traitor is bad enough, he doesn't want to be an assassin as well. But Zoltar threatens to end their deal and Gregg is afraid he'll never see his daughter again. He takes a gun to go after G-Force.

Mark offers to help get Amanda back and Dr. Gregg gives in. When Zoltar runs by, Mark gives chase and stows away on his escape craft. When Zoltar gets to his other base, Mark sneaks out and rescues Amanda. He gets back to the escape craft, but Zoltar is already there. He drops a time bomb and takes off with the Master Code. Mark and Amanda are able to escape the base. Gregg tells G-Force the Master Code he gave Zoltar was set up to erase as it ran, so it is useless.

Dr. Gregg and Amanda are reunited and take a train home. Amanda is restless thinking about Mark. When she gets up to go to another car, Mark is there waiting for her. But she knows he must have someone else in his life and Mark doesn't want to encourage her due to his duties to G-Force and his affection for Princess. Amanda seems to sense this and she walks by him without saying another word.

Spectra has an elite guard division

Mark has feelings for Princess and confirms them by not encouraging Amanda



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